This morning Leeds winger Robert Snodgrass appeared on Sky Sports’ Goal on Sunday program, where he talked about Leeds United’s dream of finishing second and regaining their Premier League status.

The Scottish winger talked proudly of playing for a club with Premier League facilities and a huge fanbase. He was full of praise for the Leeds United fans who he said played a great part in the teams success so far this season.

There was also a claim to fame moment for The Scratching Shed as a fan emailed the program to inform Robert Snodgrass that he’d been voted Leeds United’s best player since relegation in a poll conducted by ourselves. There was no specific name drop for TSS, but a proud moment nonetheless.

You can catch Robert Snodgrass’ interview over on the Sky Sports site now.

  • Colin

    Great Vid.

    NB. If you click on the full screen icon, it goes into a SKY Id page that you have to sign into.

    You don’t need to do this. To view full screen, just right click on the video picture, choose full screen and then click play and there you go!

  • Tom

    “Errrm, ya know, obviously…”

    Awesome player. Shit linguist.

    Interesting that the squad don’t see any one of them being a big name, no marquee players or anything. I’m guessing it’s got something to do with a few years of Beckford…

  • Paul South Wales

    Lol, yes urrrm you know (Eddie Gray’s favourite)and obviously there’s obviously. Football wise the guy’s a genius though and luckily it’s his feet not his diction that will take us up MOT

  • Paul South Wales

    Isn’t a marquee player one who plays in a big tent?

  • Colin

    Robert Snodgrass plays for Leeds Unitet


    • Colin

      And I love him and I like his white shirt. Good commitment, even out of hours!

  • Colin

    and TSS, he wasn’t that surprised. He knew about the TSS vote.

  • Jon

    Tom/Paul – Give the guy a break – I can’t imagine it is that easy coming onto live TV and giving an award wining interview – premiership salary, private speech coach and I am sure he will end up coming across like Beckham within weeks

    • Tom

      I wasn’t having a go, I love the man, he’s the first Leeds player i’ve put on the back of my shirt. Just made me chuckle was all.

  • Mark (Paris)

    Anyone else notice that on the write up they call the gaffer ‘Paul Grayson’? Evil twin brother?

    • TSS

      Yeah, I mentioned that on Twitter. Can’t believe they haven’t corrected that yet.