Honduras International, Ramon Nunez single-handedly tore Lincoln City apart in a Leeds United reserve game this afternoon, netting every goal in a 4-1 victory for the Whites.

Despite the lack of first team action Nunez has received since joining Leeds United in August 2010, Simon Grayson has continually insisted the attacking midfielder is a part of his plans as he continues to impress in his regular appearances for Leeds United’s second team.

Following his impressive performances for the reserves, and a Most Valuable Player award in the Central American Cup earlier this year, Leeds United fans have continued to question the lack of first team action Nunez has received at Elland Road. Today’s performance will do little to quash calls for him to be given more chances in the starting XI.

Elsewhere today, Aston Villa youngster and Scottish International Barry Bannan signed on loan with Leeds until the end of the season.

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  1. Dje

    Lol. It’s sort of embarrassing when he didn’t even get on the bench when Johnson was suspended against Swansea and so we chose not to have any central midfielders on the bench at all. And we lost 3-0.

    Absolute respect to Nunez though, what a lot of patience!

  2. Chris from Wakey

    Playing Nunez at Swansea was a nothing to lose situation and he should have had a go. Playing Bromby in place of Bruce on Saturday was a good idea that worked. Playing Bromby in place of Killkenny as central defender filling the gap between the back four and the midfield might stop teams coming straight through us. And if Bechio tires and ought to come off – like he did on Saturday – Jonny Howson could go forward and let Nunez play alongside Johnson.That still props up the defence and leaves us a good attack.

    Only a thought or two, but Bromby looks as though he could play a little higher up than centre half and sometimes Killkenny seems a bit weak if we’re getting pushed about a bit.

  3. Arthur graham Currie curler

    Nunez – will shine when hes ready – soon eh !

    Young Bannan is quality – good move for end of season loan and possible perm signing come June – good move Larry

  4. badras

    I think nunez will get is chance in the not too distant future. he maybe our lethal weapon in the playoffs .he should really of been in team yesturday but we had to make sure we got the win. no risks can be taken at this time of the season .maybe shef utd game if we win preston and ipswich

  5. Gryff

    Nunez is a good forward. Not a midfielder like some believe. Either way, he’s more deserving of a place in the first XVI than Kilkenny, mcCormack or Paynter.

  6. lorimerhotshot

    I still can’t understand why Paynter’s there at all. So he scored a lot last season. From what I’ve seen of him at Leeds he’s a lower league slow, lumbering heavyweight with little skill on the ball – and those are the good bits.

    Not that I’m being nasty or anything.

    I know he hasn’t had that much time on the pitch but he’s certainly had too much, plus Nunez is the sort of player who could come on, we could keep Becchio on and still be fluid rather than becoming a rigid 4-4-2 because Payner can’t run.

    Well that’s that off me chest.

    • Dje

      I think we signed Paynter because he was free – so cheap competition for Becchio.

      I reckon Paynter would have scored as many or even more than Becchio did against Doncaster if he had started. It was Paynter’s sort of match – headers, low shots, and tap-ins.

      Paynter could do fine against lower teams such as Doncaster, and offer the chance to rest Becchio. Only we were so re-soundly beaten by Swansea that Grayson knew that he couldn’t possibly let slip against Doncaster on Saturday – and therefore had to play and keep Becchio on until the 75+ minute when it was finally likely that we’d get three points. Missed opportunity.

  7. Mike

    As jeD sys it is difficult to fathom Larry’s thinking when in the absence of BJ he cant even make the bench, this lad could have turned the Swansea game on it’s head.

  8. saltburnwhite

    fantastic news about bannan!!! you know what this means hopefully , dont you!??
    Hopefully he comes in for the woeful kilkenney , i cant see him fitting anywhere else in the team , bannans a playmaker , ‘apparently’ kilkenney is our playmaker , so im hoping he slots straight in in place off that whinging little git!

  9. Tim Campbell

    I feel so sorry for Ramon Nunez who has got his head down and by all reports played very well in the reserves. Unlike other players he has not whinged or complained but knuckled down and got on with it. He desrves his chance in the 1st team and I for one hope he does well when he gets it. Barry Bannan is a great signing which could just possibly swing that 2nd automatic promotion spot in our favour!!

  10. Matt BB

    Nunez is definitely someone (like Clayton) to consider putting on the bench, he might turn a game, though I disagree Mike – he would have turned the swansea game on its head? i think a fully magiced up Harry Potter may have struggled to get us playing, remember we had Gradel slogging his guts out and Somma, and they on their own couldnt do it.

    Its hard to see where he might fit in, perhaps his role is as understudy to Snodgrass and when he starts to flag bring him on on the wing? Either way its not really fair on him to string him along this way he is obviously a player of some talent.

  11. Sunnyleeds

    The four goals netted by Nunez in 60 minutes illustrate that we have not been using our squad players to the max. It is crucial to use all your assets at the opportune time especially when the difference between teams at the top is so delicate. Nunez deserves a 30 minute stint on the field today or next Saturday.

    Let us make the best of the squad players. Against Swansea we should have made three changes in the last 30 minutes when we knew that the game was already beyond us, and most of the players on the field were below par.

  12. Gryff

    Although I’m not sure I saw Kilkenny complete more than 3 passes. So if Nunez had played in place of Kilkenny, he perhaps could have bridged the gap between Howson, Becchio & Somma?

    It would have been a dangerously attacking lineup, but it definitely would have seen the game change a bit because instead of losing the ball each time, we would possibly have had our own attacks that would have left Swansea with less time for theirs?

  13. Matt BB

    Not having seen Nunez play it is hard to judge where he would be best positioned, but its rare for aclassic centre midfielder to score three goals, and it seems more likely he is an attacking type midfielder who can play as striker, so similar to Howson, as opposed to a missing link between the strikers and midfield.

    And theres the problem – I wonder if Grayson actually knows where he’d fit in?

    As said I think hed be best employed as a pacey, and tricky player to bring on at the end of a game when the opposition are already tired from chasing around snodgrass and gradel, who is capable of finishing.

    • Gryff

      I watched him at the WC without any specific interest in him, and then in most of the CAC matches.

      He played both conventional midfield and as the leading forward at various times throughout each match. He tended to play reasonably in central midfield. His passing is good and encourages a fast-paced, contintental/central American style of play as opposed to the old-fashioned “hold up the ball and allow the defence to re-form” style that seemed to reach vogue with Heskey entering Capello’s plans. Playing as a Kilkenny-esque playmaker I’d say he has the passing ability easily, and the obvious eye for a killer ball that comes with being able to play as a striker himself. His speed also adds a flavour of Max Gradel to him if he picks his moments.

      All that pretty much sums up the situation. He’s a very gifted young lad, even if he can get slightly lost in midfield at times (possibly something to be worked on by a midfield specialist coach). When he’s on form he can slot into Kilkenny’s position in our squad and give the benefits of having Howson in the team. Howson’s benefits tend to be a flair going forward and a reasonable defensive responsibility that Kilkenny lacks. Nunez fills the former but he can’t defend so he’s not a Howson replacement.

      He can also play as a forward and this is where he’s deadly. Every time he was moved up front in the CAC he wreacked havoc with the opposition defences. These back lines could be small, given the competition, and weren’t necessarily to a brilliant standard, but the young lad showed a brilliant touch and looked every bit Gradel & Snodgrass’s equal while finishing just as well as Becchio.

      Played between a forward like Becchio and a box-to-box midfielder like Howson, Nunez could look for space and use his lack of size and abundant speed to find it and to get into gaps during counter attacks. It’s the kind of a role made perfectly for a lad who can pass well, finish well, and run well.

      But… he’s not worth a place in the team? :p

  14. sparkx

    I think Nunez is a victim of how well we’ve performed in the attacking
    sense so far this year and Grayson is still trying to justify Painter’s involvement. He’s seemingly going to keep giving him playing time until he finally hits the back of the net! Could be a long time at this rate.

    I’m a little unsure about the whole midfield thing at Swansea and the signing of bazza. Why have we brought in a 21 year old on loan who probably has little wish to sign permanently thereafter. Shouldn’t we be using and developing our own squad for the longer term?

    We already have an ex premier 21 year old midfielder who could be called back from loan as well as McCormack who can play in midfield in a more attack minded role and Nunez probably deserves a bench place at least!

    If we signing loan players to reach the Holly Grail then none of the fring players will likely ever play for us in the prem when we get there if they’ve not ever been developed in the first team in the Championship…

    If they’re not good enough why do we retain them and pay their wages? if they are good enough we should bloody well use them?!

  15. sparkx

    one thing is for certain. If you want the manager to notice you… four goals would just about do it nicely!


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