1. Swansea City are pretty good – Well, it’s either that or Leeds United are worse than we’ve been giving them credit for. A 3-0 demolition job of Leeds at the Liberty resulted in a full-scale inquest amongst the Whites faithful. The unanimous verdict was that Leeds United simply have no idea how to defend. Hardly a revelation, but demonstrated spectacularly over the last three games.
  2. Bradley Johnson – not so bad after all – It took a red card against Barnsley and a one match suspension for the Leeds United fans to realise that Bradley Johnson is our only central midfielder that knows how to tackle! It seems that when he isn’t firing 50-yard shots into a drunken supporters face, he’s actually doing the gritty stuff that ‘luxury player’ Neil Kilkenny simply can’t be bothered to do…
  3. Bates states the obvious – Following the defeat to Swansea, Ken Bates this week revealed that Leeds United are conceding too many goals and that draws aren’t as good as wins (who’d have thought it?) during his regular narcissistic rant on Yorkshire Radio. You have to wonder why he doesn’t manage the team?
  4. 2,500 season ticket holders vanish! - The early renewal figures showed more than 2,500 people decided not to renew their season ticket, despite the fact they’ll have to pay considerably more if they’re waiting until the end of the season. They’ll also have to pay more than ‘considerably more’ if we’re in the Premiership as all prices are of course*subject to change. Ken Bates ignored the fact that the substantial hike in prices doesn’t make up for the drop in numbers, but there’s a perfectly executed rant on Bates’ false economics on the latest TSB Podcast so we’ll let those guys handle this one.
  5. It’s all Academic really – The highly anticipated arrival of our new Academy Chief was a somewhat uninspiring one as Chris Sulley was sent in to repair the Thorp Arch cash dispenser. Want to find out more you say?Well, head over to his very own self-promoting website for a completely unbiased look at his background, successes and erm… successes…
  6. Snoddy was/wasn’t player of the month – The Football League this week decided that Robert Snodgrass was a contender for the fans player of the month award. They’d clearly not seen him play during February as Snoddy had his most inconsistent month of the season. He won regardless of that as the sheer number of Leeds fans distorted the voting. Unconvinced by the Football League’s Award, we decided to launch our own. Congratulations to February’s winner – Max Gradel.
  7. Stroppy Grayson defends poor form – Wondering who to blame for the poor form of Leeds United lately? Well it seems you can have free reign as no one at Leeds could actually care less. Simon Grayson has this week defended everything from his failure to bring in new players, his attacking philosophy and his God-awful defensive record – and if you don’t like it and feel Leeds may be out of the race for promotion “well, so be it…” says Simon Grayson. Talk to the hand, the face ain’t listening…
  8. The loan arranger – Weeks upon weeks of speculation carry on as it was revealed every player Leeds United were targeting is now unavailable. Whose fault is that you ask? Well, Simon Grayson and Ken Bates have both distanced themselves from blame so according to standard Leeds United fan protocol, next up on the blame list is The Football Association. It’s a damn conspiracy I tell you…
  9. Robbie comes out of the closet – In honour of Leeds United (not so) great Tomas Brolin, Robbie Williams has piled on the pounds, donned a Leeds United shirt and pretended to play football for his latest publicity stunt. Simon Grayson has denied he’s made an offer for the out-of-contract PR machine.
  10. Are you a fan of Brian Deane? – We end this week on a lighter note with this remarkable tribute to Brian Deane (Credit goes to Viva Rovers for the find);



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  1. Dje

    Says it all about the quality of the week when the highlight is a Brian Deane Tribute song.

    • TSS

      I’ve just sent Deano a message on Twitter with a link to it. I’m sure he’ll love it just as much as we do.

      I say love… It’s actually been stuck in my head so long now I’m considering hunting down the lad who made it to get revenge.

      • Dje

        Lol. I’ve just been emailing it to loads of people.

        Actually with singles sales being so low for the music charts these days, I reckon the Leeds faithful could easily make the Deano song No.1!

      • TSS

        It seems Deano googles himself as he was already aware of the video. He described it as a ‘rock track’ which I felt was giving it a little too much credit…

  2. Gryff

    Ken Bates: narcissistic is definitely the word!

    “You have to wonder why he doesn’t manage the team?”
    Oh God, you’ll give him ideas!

    ““well, so be it…” says Simon Grayson. Talk to the hand, the face ain’t listening…”
    Actually, can’t say I blame him. He’s made many mistakes, as have the players, but it can’t be easy trying to manage Ken Bates’ regime when most of the fans got used to the football that ‘living the dream (and the decade-long hangover)’ with Ridsdale, and an excellent reign of Howard Wilkinson brought to the club.

    Thought the Academy manager is exactly the kind of signing we needed. Yes, he seems like a very accurate spoof of Gus Hedges from Drop the Dead Pony, but that said he does have experience at high quality academies, as compared to our last bloke who wandered in from… York City or Scarborough?

  3. number1inyorkshire

    another thing we have learned this week , is that we are being entertained.According to the daily star Grayson ,will not give up on his attacking philosophy in the name of entertaining us the fans .


    Wasn’t entertained much against Preston , Cardiff ,Barnsley and Swansea to name a few .
    When it goes wrong boy does it go wrong

  4. Mike

    Well No.1 lets hope we are entertained today and it is the start of a revival although the thought of the playoffs gives me the shudders.

    • number1inyorkshire

      well we were entertained albeit heart pounding at times ,can’t believe we went in at half time 1-1 .we should of at least been 3/4 – 0 up.

      we have had to score a minimum of 3 to win at home again and had it not been for a good save from Kasper from sharp it could have been 4 .

      we missed a bag full of chances and 10 would not of flattered us .gradel scoring 2 missed a further 3 ,2 were 1 on 1 .
      jonny howson was excellent today ,so too was Johnson in fact a good all round performance .

      who said it was easy being a leeds fan ,but at least other results went for us today for a change .

  5. Colin



    COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!


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