Thanks to Peter Ottaway from (@forest247blog) for taking part.

Ryan – We last met way back in August, when we drew 1-1 at The City Ground. Has much changed for Forest since then?

Peter – Yes and No. It was hard to judge where we were in that game, being so early in the season and what with us being such slow starters. A month or so ago I’d say everything has changed but we are in such indifferent form that, like then, the season is so much up in the air. As a team barely anything has changed personnel-wise, but by golly have players’ form dipped and waved since then. But all that said, we took 1-1 happily then and I’m sure most would take that again on Saturday. So maybe we have come full circle.

Ryan – With 8 games to go, we are both occupying the last 2 play-off spots. Do you think Forest can hold on and how do you rate your season so far?

Peter – I think we can hold on for sure.We have players coming back that we have sorely missed for the last few weeks and we have struggled. It’s how quickly these players get back to form and mainly Guy Moussi in midfield, because the midfield has been lightweight of late. The squad is largely the same as one that made the playoffs last year and one that has sat in the top 6 for quite a while this season and these players don’t suddenly lose ability over night. But we need to get a winning mentality back and fast, as we also have Norwich soon and Burnley.

The season has been as expected till recently, slow start, getting better and better till we look invincible before imploding in the new year. It’s what we do now, so most of us aren’t too shocked at the way form has dipped. If we miss the playoffs though this season has to be written off as a disaster, as most fans looked at the  state of play in August and thought this has to be our year

Ryan – Would you fancy your chances of getting to Wembley and which team would you least like to meet in the play-offs?

Peter – Ha, asking a Forest fan about our chances in the play-offs after our history with them is never going to be met with positivity. I think most people are aware with our play-off implosion against Yeovil, and then Blackpool last year. Just getting to Wembley would be a nice progression on recent history. And I really wouldn’t want to face anyone in the play offs. I’d have chosen Blackpool last year, we got them, and history speaks for it self there. I don’t want to face Leeds at all in them, because of personally knowing a number of Leeds fans who would be unbearable to know if they beat us (even more so at Wembley). Me and my mates I attend games with decided on Norwich the other week. For no other reason than we bare them no ill will if they do beat us. Everyone else I wouldn’t want to go up either for a multitude of reasons. Cardiff I’d hate to play, but we have done a double over them this year, so I’m sure they’d turn that on us.

Ryan – Who should we be looking out for in your team on Saturday?

Peter – Honestly, that’s anyones guess right now.We are so indifferent, with so many main payers misfiring I wouldn’t know who to tell you.You have to say Earnshaw is always a lively dangerous player, but he’s been poor lately. Our defence and keeper have been sharp most of the season, but they are hardly players to lookout for. Even the reliable midfielders have been poor lately. McGugan is capable of winning a game by himself if he plays well. Majewski was somewhat of a fans favourite but he’s been appalling this season. Anderson is a winger who can neither cross or beat his man. Big Dele Adebola has been looking good lately though. If Moussi is back, hopefully him. But he’s been out for 2 months.

Ryan – The Championship 2010/11 – 3 up, 3 down?

Peter – Up, well QPR are as good as promoted already, and then 2 of the rest, who all seem intent on slipping up and handing it to the others. I think maybe Swansea, and then Norwich. I simply can’t see it being us, I can’t bring myself to say Cardiff, plus I don’t think they will. I wouldn’t rule out Leeds per se, I’m just not convinced you can do it. But in the play offs who knows. It really is a cliche but it’s a complete lottery.

Down, I don’t think you can look beyond the current bottom 3. I don’t see any of them getting out of the drop zone. As bad as Palace are, Preston, Scunthorpe and the Blades will not be better and will go down.

Ryan – If you could sign one current Leeds player for Forest, who would it be?

Peter – I’ve been a bit of a fan of Howson for a couple of years now,so probably him. We could do with a reliable goalscoring midfielder. We also need a striker , but I don’t rate Becchio to be honest, just something about him. Either him or Snodgrass anyway. We don’t need a keeper or a defence, unless you want to sell us a left back, we are in dire need of a long term solution there instead of loan band-aids.

Ryan – Finally, what’s your prediction for the game? I’m going for a 1-1 draw.

Peter – I think it’d be a safe bet to say 1-1. I can never predict a defeat for us, I just can’t physically type those words out on my screen. SO I shall share the prediction of a draw, because I can’t see us winning it either. Sorry to sit some firmly on the fence.