It seems everywhere you look nowadays people are starting to stand up and take notice of Leeds United’s winged-wizard, Robert Snodgrass.

His invaluable contribution to Leeds’ promotion push last season, and continued brilliance in 2010-11 has now earned him recognition at International level whilst his displays in the big cup games against Premier League opposition had the national media drooling.

All this attention has some Leeds United fans worried that a big offer may come in from the Premier League and that Robert Snodgrass’ head may be turned by the flashy cars, country mansions and sordid sex scandals.

This Leeds United fan however, has no such concerns.

From day one Robert Snodgrass has shown nothing less than total commitment to Leeds United. The occasional interview he’s given shows a player delighted to be at a club with a history like ours, and one who is determined to leave a legacy at Elland Road that immortalises his name alongside other Scottish greats such as  Strachan, McAllister, Bremner, Lorimer and Gray.

Unlike most players nowadays, Robert Snodgrass isn’t a man motivated by money. His career matters more to him than any sum of cash a club can throw at his feet, as he showed at the very start of his career when he turned down an apprenticeship with Celtic in favour of hometown club Livingston.

The money wasn’t as good, but the young Scotsman felt he had a much better chance of breaking into Livingston’s team, than he did Celtic’s. Right he was too, going on to make almost 80 appearances for the Scottish side, before moving South to Elland Road.

It was this Daily Record interview in 2009 that quashed any fears I may have had that Snodgrass would move on just as quickly as he’d arrived;

“This club doesn’t forget the legends who played here – they stick by their traditions.

“Eddie [Gray] and Peter [Lorimer] are still in and around Elland Road and I chat to them all the time.

“When I had a spell out of the team they told me to bide my time and be patient.

“Gary [McAllister] was also great and told me all about the city and club. It feels great that I’m now part of that history at Leeds.

“That’s why I’m determined to help them get out of League One and back to the Premiership. We have stability now and the club is going in the right direction.”

Snodgrass knows he’s part of something much bigger than the League One club he joined. Being part of the team that restores Leeds United’s Premier League status will guarantee his name is forever associated with the great Scottish players that have been integral to every successful Leeds United side since the Revie era. And to quote the man himself – “This club doesn’t forget the legends that play here”.

There’s very few footballers that think not in terms of currency, but of the legacy commitment to a club and fans can bring you. Snodgrass is one of the rare few that fits that mould and his comments this week only reaffirm the faith I have in Leeds United’s latest Scottish hero;

“They gave me my chance down here.

“If the club ever wanted to get rid of me then that would be up to them but I’ve got a contract here and I’m staying put”

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  1. Arthur graham Currie curler

    love the guy – reminds me of that old class of player – honest and loyal … not many about like him … his footwork and ball control he reminds me very much of another brilliant scot winger – John Robertson – very similar in footwork and deceptive pace – quality both – MOT Robert

  2. Ranger

    Apart from the fact he’s got no pace and his delivery hardly ever beats the first man, the love in is a but too much.

    • TSS

      Christ, I genuinely thought Snodgrass was one of those rare players Leeds fans wouldn’t try and undermine and belittle. That was naive of me, I realise that now – even 30 a season goalscorers are lazy after all.

      Despite providing more assists than anyone else last season, plus burying a few goals of his own and making most of the full-backs he’s come up against look like Sunday league players, you’re honestly trying to put him down?

      I’d put your tin hat on…

    • leeds through and through

      you really do need to have a wrod with yourself, if you have something bad to say about snoddy then you clearly dont think highley of any player on are books because hes as good as it gets

  3. Ron

    I hope you are right TSS, but big money can affect even the most humble and grounded people. If we don’t get promoted, I won’t be shocked if Ken accepts a big money offer for the lad.

  4. Joey

    Snoddy is the best player we have, the most likely to succeed in the premiership.. i dont think ‘ranger’ has ever seen him play lol

  5. Andrew Smith

    Can’t believe he only got 18 months left on his contract , Give him another one quick…I think this RANGER may need anti depressents

  6. Arnie

    I think this is a tremendously naive view.

    If Leeds don’t go up there’s every chance he’s on his way.

    Either the club itself decides to cash in, especially given our habit of letting our best players run their contracts down.

    Or Snodgrass decides he wants out and slaps in a transfer request when the Premiership vultures begin sniffing.

    I haven’t seen any quotes from Snodgrass talking about a new contract or extending his current contract.

    Hope we go up and he sticks with us. If we don’t wouldn’t be surprised if we cash in.

    • TSS

      I do agree there’s a risk the club may cash in, but while ever Leeds United want him, I honestly can’t see Snoddy submitting a request to leave. I’ll eat my hat if he does.

  7. henryv

    His is a great player already and loves his time with Leeds.
    He knows he will get his rewards in due course and we are lucky to have him.
    Nothing seems to phase him and he plays without fear.

  8. Chris from Wakey

    If I were Snoddy I’d not get my head turned by flash cars and country mansions but if he wants a hand with the sordid sex scandals maybe he’d give me a call!!!!

  9. songster23

    Snoddy i a class player and Leeds should try the club to him he is only young and should be given a new contract asap at around 4 years.

  10. Mark R

    Snodgrass is clearly one of our quality creative players, and he’s shown he can perform against Premier League opponents.

    His stock is rising along with our team’s.Hard working, determined,creative and he’ll get better with experience.

    Let’s enjoy today and not worry too much about tomorrow.


  11. MOT

    Ranger is clearly not a Leeds fan so his opinion is worh sweet f.a.

    Snoddy is one of the few players, along with Howson and Luciano, that would make me feel devastated if they left. I haven’t felt like that about players since our Champions League days (when I knew no better!). A true legend in the making and as long as he is here then we have a fantastic talent on our hands.

    But and club owned by Ken is slave to the £ signs so I have no doubt in my mind that he will be sold this summer if the right offer comes in. What will be interesting though, is whether or not Snoddy decides to leave – I think he would choose his next club very carefully if the worst were to happen.

  12. Ranger

    Ranger is ca Leeds fan, and a season ticket holder of 30 years, I’m not doubting he’s a bad player, he’s probably our best player all I’m saying is he’s not as good as you all make him out to be.

    He does lack pace and his crossing 9 times out of 10 doesn’t beat the first man.

  13. Ilkleywhite

    Snoddy has always been liked by the Leeds fans, now I think he will border on the godlike, his very refreshing attitude and his commitment to the club is fantastic, modern players are normally only interested in making a buck, Snoddy isn’t bothered about money, he just wants to play football, which I might add, he most certainly can do.

    Snoddy plays with his heart, you can see it in his face when he runs down the wings, if he shoots and misses or the ball drifts wide, he looks in agony, total commitment

    He has stated publicly that he wants to stay until the end of his contract, he wants to thank the club that gave him a chance, he doesnt see any reason why he shouldnt be playing in the premier league with Leeds, other players should take note, this lad will be a world beater and he plays for us!

  14. Ilkleywhite

    Snoddy has always been liked by the Leeds fans, now I think he will border on the godlike, his very refreshing attitude and his commitment to the club is fantastic, modern players are normally only interested in making a buck, Snoddy isn’t bothered about money, he just wants to play football, which I might add, he most certainly can do.
    Snoddy plays with his heart, you can see it in his face when he runs down the wings, if he shoots or the ball drifts wide, he looks in agony, he has stated publicly that he wants to stay until the end of his contract, he wants to thank the club that gave him a chance, other players should take note, this lad will be a world beater and he plays for us!

  15. Old Billy White

    As previously said by others, he has lots of skill, turns fullbacks inside out. However it doesn’t always result in a goal or a chance, but that goes for anyone who’s ever played the game.
    I for one think he is a class act, I’m sure our rightbacks all feel the same, due to the amount of hard work he puts in helping out in defence. If he loses the ball, he works hard to get it back. He’ll do for me.

  16. Arthur graham Currie curler

    Ranger my old friend ….. Pint half empty man ….. bloody hell …one of the most gifted players at Leeds for donkeys years and you of all people if you ve been around as long as me should recognize that ….. Arthur graham Stachan and the Lad Robertson had no electic pace – but quick feet and mind – good footballers all ….. try half pint full – better way to live

  17. Bubiónwhite

    Reminds me of another Leeds legend who didn’t have lots of pace but could beat people with his feet and was, perhaps, the most skilful winger who was ever on the books … and one of, if not THE most loyal servant I can remember in over 50 years. The one and only Eddie Gray.

  18. l l l leeds

    feck it, ranger – let us worship our hero…

    nice run and pass by snodgrass for gradel’s goal by the way.

  19. trueyorxman

    People, read the headline above ‘…in the making’. Snoddys having a good run and is no doubt improving week after week but Ranger you’re right some of these comments are a little OTT. Since he joined Leeds this has been his first sustained period of form but if he’s the one (as Strachan before him) to drag us back into the PL then maybe we can start handing down the ‘Legendary/Godlike’ status to the lad. Thing is in this day & age it only takes a handful of decent games & goals to get yourself noticed by PL teams(Newcastles alleged interest in Gradel, for anywhere between £3-6M depending which rag you read, a few weeks ago bears that fact out). Lets hope Snoddys words (unlike Smith before him!!) are held true

  20. Colin

    What makes Snoddy admired is not his skill, it’s his tenacity – the way he runs and chases, often after lost causes. In that respect he is very similar to Beckham. A player that really works hard and non stop for 90 minutes stands out (that maybe a sad reflection of the modern game?).

    As others have said, I would like to see him on a new contract. having quality players on long contracts sends out a positive message to others considering joining Leeds.

    And here’s the key reason he won’t be sold – Bates. He’s a lot of things, but not an idiot. He wouldn’t even contemplate accepting an offer for Snodgrass. Why? Because if he does that, he’s had it. If people think that the Leeds fans don’t like Bates now, then if he sold Snodgrass, then he might as well just stay in Monaco. He’d get destroyed.

    Most chairmen would be tempted by a big offer. On this occasion, I’m thankful that Bates would be the exception. He wouldn’t take it.

  21. The Reaper 08

    Some of you people need to get a grip, just because Ranger isn’t sat in a dark room with his tool in his hand over the above article doesn’t mean he isn’t a real fan. Suggesting his opinon is worthless just beacuse you don’t agree with it is nonesense, he actually raises two very good points.

    Snoddy has been quality, so far. His comittment at this moment in time is admirable and I for one hope he stays a long time and continues progressing along with us.

      • The Reaper 08

        colin, I didn’t say I agreed with Ranger just that he raised two constructive footballing criticsms, one which is well known and that is lack of pace. The other is more open to debate which is what people should of done instead of knocking him and professing unrequited love for Snoddy.

    • TSS

      Yeah, some of the comments aimed at Ranger were a little OTT. I actually thought his pessimism and moaning proved he was a seasoned Leeds fan. In any stand at Elland Road every week you’ll find someone moaning about one player or another – whether it be Howson, Johnson, Beckford, Becchio… no one is immune from criticism it seems.

  22. Colin

    Oh and by the way, Robert Snodgrass is a legend already in my book.

    When a Leeds player says something like that, is it just me or does it put a smile on your face and make you think “Maybe just maybe, the troubles are behind us and now we’re really going somewhere?”


    The Eddie Gray comparison is spot on and history has shown us that we need a Scottish talisman in the team before we win anything.
    He does lack pace compared to some of the athletes in the Prem nowadays but I much prefer to see a winger beat a player with pure skill than knock it past him and win the sprint to the ball (Walcott?)
    Interesting that both new loan signings have commented today what an honour it is to play for Leeds and when we get back in the Prem we won’t have any trouble attracting good players over the some of the ‘dross’ that are keeping our place warm.

  24. Irving08

    Snoddy may even be more effective than Eddie G., with whose ball skills his bear comparison. He certainly has more ‘devil’ than Eddie, and scores more goals, too. His crossing though slightly lerts him down, though it is 90 mph, not Eddie , who is peerless in this department, which is why when he finally adopted 4-3-3, he was often Don’s first choice on the wing (though admittedly EG was too often injured at the time). Back to Snoddy, I reckon Man U. must be thinking very hard about him as a successor to Giggs. The boy is ‘class’. Please take us up Snoddy…

  25. trueyorxman

    Aside from Snoddy a little message to all those that said Killgallon should have rejoined Leeds & not gone to Donny: Check their results sinced he joined, laughable!

  26. Mark R

    Irving08..Irving ..say it ain’t so bud…

    The magic of Eddie Gray’s left foot was incomparable on the field of play. To suggest young Snodgrass may be more effective than Eddie..well I could never entertain such an idea about one of my boyhood heroes.

    Let’s see what a currently creative, determined and talented Snodgrass does with his career over the next 10 years for club and country.

    I sincerely hope he fulfills the potential he is showing at present and like many others see him as a key player in our march back to the top division.


    • Irving08

      Yep, I agree about the magical left foot and the waltzes down the wing. And sure Snoddy doesn’t have that. But Snoddy gets himself more involved in the game and more aggressively attacks the goal. Of course, Eddie was injured a lot in what should have been his peak years, so we rarely saw him at should have been his absolute peak. Let’s hope nothing befalls Snoddy.

  27. Mark R

    Football nostalgia …Eddie was a hero of mine…part of my chewing gum football card collection…unswapable in the playground…nevermind how many marbles were offered.

    As you say Irving, Snodgrass is probabley more involved in a different way in today’s game.In fact I’d say he’s an attacker rather than a winger. A different player – but a Scot and a left footer – so comparisons are inevitable.

    MOT bud.


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