It seems everywhere you look nowadays people are starting to stand up and take notice of Leeds United’s winged-wizard, Robert Snodgrass.

His invaluable contribution to Leeds’ promotion push last season, and continued brilliance in 2010-11 has now earned him recognition at International level whilst his displays in the big cup games against Premier League opposition had the national media drooling.

All this attention has some Leeds United fans worried that a big offer may come in from the Premier League and that Robert Snodgrass’ head may be turned by the flashy cars, country mansions and sordid sex scandals.

This Leeds United fan however, has no such concerns.

From day one Robert Snodgrass has shown nothing less than total commitment to Leeds United. The occasional interview he’s given shows a player delighted to be at a club with a history like ours, and one who is determined to leave a legacy at Elland Road that immortalises his name alongside other Scottish greats such as  Strachan, McAllister, Bremner, Lorimer and Gray.

Unlike most players nowadays, Robert Snodgrass isn’t a man motivated by money. His career matters more to him than any sum of cash a club can throw at his feet, as he showed at the very start of his career when he turned down an apprenticeship with Celtic in favour of hometown club Livingston.

The money wasn’t as good, but the young Scotsman felt he had a much better chance of breaking into Livingston’s team, than he did Celtic’s. Right he was too, going on to make almost 80 appearances for the Scottish side, before moving South to Elland Road.

It was this Daily Record interview in 2009 that quashed any fears I may have had that Snodgrass would move on just as quickly as he’d arrived;

“This club doesn’t forget the legends who played here – they stick by their traditions.

“Eddie [Gray] and Peter [Lorimer] are still in and around Elland Road and I chat to them all the time.

“When I had a spell out of the team they told me to bide my time and be patient.

“Gary [McAllister] was also great and told me all about the city and club. It feels great that I’m now part of that history at Leeds.

“That’s why I’m determined to help them get out of League One and back to the Premiership. We have stability now and the club is going in the right direction.”

Snodgrass knows he’s part of something much bigger than the League One club he joined. Being part of the team that restores Leeds United’s Premier League status will guarantee his name is forever associated with the great Scottish players that have been integral to every successful Leeds United side since the Revie era. And to quote the man himself – “This club doesn’t forget the legends that play here”.

There’s very few footballers that think not in terms of currency, but of the legacy commitment to a club and fans can bring you. Snodgrass is one of the rare few that fits that mould and his comments this week only reaffirm the faith I have in Leeds United’s latest Scottish hero;

“They gave me my chance down here.

“If the club ever wanted to get rid of me then that would be up to them but I’ve got a contract here and I’m staying put”