Sky Sports is reporting that Leeds United have beaten off competition from Blackpool for the signature of former Manchester United, Hearts and Hibernian player, Michael Stewart.

The 29-year old is currently unattached after terminating his contract with Turkish side Genclerbirligi following a dispute over missed payments.

Stewart’s career has been one involving several transfers and loan deals and the midfielder has struggled to maintain a lengthy spell at any club after falling out of favour or succumbing to injury.

His most notable spell was with Hearts where he made 87 appearances from 2007-2010 scoring 12 times and earning the club captaincy for his final year.

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  1. KarLLL

    @MinustheRobin yeah hes a midfielder but to be honest thats all i know all about him. Any1 else got any info? Seems like we’ve offered more than double what Blackpool have offered. Wonder what the hell kinda wages they are?

  2. Clarkeonenil

    He is a loon, will be suspended more often that Dougas used to be. The kop meatheads will love him.

    • TSS


      Haven’t you been craving a Batty-esque type player for some time now? Seems to fit the bill perfectly…

      • Clarkeonenil

        There is Batty and there is Loon! Stewert is ex manU BTW but his real issue is dodgy legs and dodgy temprement. Play Kilkenny first IMHO, if Stewart comes its a sign Clayton won’t be steping up….wonder who signed him…?

  3. Gryff

    Hearts still have him on their website:

    “An influential playmaker, whose fine form with Hearts earned a return to the international scene with Michael playing for Scotland against Northern Ireland in August 2008. The former Manchester United midfielder had been re-signed from Hibernian in July 2007 after first being with Hearts in season 2004-2005 on loan from the English giants. Michael has also played on loan for Royal Antwerp and Nottingham Forest but joined Hibs on a permanent basis from United in June 2005. He brings authority and leadership qualities to the team and is always fully committed. As a result, the Edinburgh-born playmaker was appointed captain for 2009-10.”

    Sounds like he could be worth a go. On a short-term contract there’s no chance of a Lubo/Robinson situation arising…

  4. Gryff

    From Jan 20th 2010:

    “MICHAEL Stewart has proved his true worth to Hearts by single-handedly transforming their season.
    Now Tynecastle chiefs have been urged to cough up the reward of a bumper new contract – because the loss of yet another inspirational skipper will leave a gaping void and set the club back years.
    Stewart is in the final six months of his contract and former Hearts star Allan Preston has watched in awe of the player’s contribution since slipping the captain’s armband over his biceps this term.
    Seven match-winning strikes from the midfielder’s eight-goal haul have been the difference between a relegation scrap and Euro challenge.
    Preston insists Stewart is a modern-day version of club legend Gary Mackay and, amid the myriad of foreign talent in Gorgie, the talisman remains a vital link with the fans at his boyhood heroes.
    That’s why Allan fears for Jambos if they allow their prize asset to bail out.”

    That said, Kris Commons was pretty good (but no more) and has walked straight into the best team in Scotland…

  5. Josh

    I’m a hearts fan so I know quite a bit about the boy… On his day when he’s up for it he’s great, makes key interceptions and drives the whole team forward. But on his bad days (around 50% of the time) he gives the ball away carelessly and is extremely hot headed. Good thing about him is that he always performed best in the biggest games. In my opinion he could do a job in the championship, but would be out of his depth in the prem! Hope this helps.

  6. Matt Stephenson

    Not sure about this one, seems like an accident waiting to happen.

    That said, if we were in for Southern (a Blackpool reject, that might be a bit harsh) and now we’re in for this guy (a Blackpool target) maybe we’re moving in the right direction.

  7. Dje

    I could have sworn that I’d read only last week that he’d rejoined Hearts – lots of “Great to be back at the club I love […and managed to cheat out of a £4.5m transfer windfall” etc.

    But I can’t fins the weblink so maybe it was all a dream after all.

    Just watched Grayson in the stands at Swansea watching Swansea v Cardiff. Maybe he was just checking out our rivals general state of play, but that Pratley had another good game in midfield for Swansea. I thought Ashley Williams looked good at centre back for Swansea too.

  8. Rob

    I’d heard a while back from someone quite well in with the swans that we’ve already signed pratley on a pre contract,cos he’s free at end of season.He’s not allowed to talk to anyone yet tho so it could be a gentlemans agreement for end of season.We shall see tho,not that we’ll sign anyone on loan till feb 26th anyway


    This guy sounds like another squad player which goes against what Larry has been saying. I hope the Pratley rumours are true because he always stands out as Swansea’s best player.
    Howson and Pratley would be a great central mid partnership.

  10. henry vincent lewis

    I will believe it when I see it.
    Not the quality of player Simon has promised us!
    We may not see any loanees for some time.
    When nothing happened in the transfer window we were told that loanees would be better anyway.
    Now, it seems that if we bring players in now they will not be able to play at the end
    of the season!!
    Simon now says we should maybe wait and see how the squad performs, and bring players in later!
    They knew all along the loan deals had a fixed time limit, so I wonder why they mention it now.
    We had no problem shipping 10 players out.

  11. Dje

    Anyone know if we have MacCarthy until the end of the season (ie. including any playoffs), or just until the end of the 46 league fixtures?

  12. saltburnwhite

    GEORGE McCARTNEY is here till the end of the season which includes play offs as the season doesnt end until they are completed. however i wasnt aware MICK MAcCARTHY was here atall…i thought he was a wolves!!

  13. Maroonshrew

    The player who has rejoined Hearts in Andy Webster.

    Im a season ticket holde for Hearts and for me, he isnt good enough for Leeds. That article i over flattering cos th Scottish prss are xenophobic when it is hearts due to our eccentric foreign owners. All of those seven match winning goals were from the penalty spot. Go on and look up a thread on him, or even start one, you will get honest opinions. He is capable but bad for adressing room and is famous for berating other players for their mistakes. He captained one of our worst sides in years and comparisons to Gary MAcay are crazy. Hde would just about make our bench now

  14. PoloW

    Mr. Grayson says no squad players and the first name that comes up after the window is a guy who needs an Anger Management Course and sounds like he is capable of playing at League 1 level. Apologies to Scottish Premier League but that’s the level of most the clubs there.

  15. Maroonshrew

    actually Polow, that isnt quite true. this isnt a debate about the SPl quality. Its a strange league, with players that could and will play in the Premiership but also players that would be average in league 2. ITslike takig all clubs n Yorkshire and throwing tem in the same league. Hearts are certainly a club that are Championship level and so whilst Stewat could play in the championship i just dont think he is what yo guys need ifoure ooking to press on.

  16. Maroonshrew

    apologies for my tying, my keyboard is a victim of Orange juice and a 4 yr old.

  17. Colin

    Sounds like another Michael Doyle and he was regarded as surplus to requirements.

    Re. Blackpool – how could they put a bid in for him? I thought PL teams had to have a 25 man squad that they could pick players from. Surely Blackpool have their 25 names already. If a PL team signs a player, they can’t just be drafted into the 25 can they?

    Are we going for this guy because Southern from Blackpool isn’t an option? I noticed he was playing on Saturday for Blackpool.

  18. Colin

    Grayson said in his press conference (one before last i think) that he was talking to 5 or 6 PL managers about loans. I’ll be interested in what comes out of those conversations.

    • Colin

      @MattStevie tomorrow i think, but the problem is that if you get a player now then due to the time limit (93 days?) then a player wouldn’t be available for playoffs. If you buy in last week of feb then a player is covered for playoffs.

  19. Mark Richardson

    then @Colin Larry’d do well to get one player tomorrow, and a couple at the end of Feb. I mean, we can survive ok till then but I don’t wanna go into the Norwich game without some insurance in the back line.

  20. PoloW

    Thanks maroonshrew for picking me up on my poor phrasing. Didn’t mean to suggest that individuals can’t make it in the top divisions here. Snodgrass is just one of battalions to disprove that. I wouldn’t like us to make the same msitake as Gordon Stachan, assume that because one can perform in the SPL they can do it in the championship (much tougher over a season). It seems we’re agreed that Stewart doesn’t have the talent to help move us on from a pleasantly surprising top 6 position

  21. Dje

    It’s just been announced that Stewart will feature as a trialist in a friendly against York City tonight at Thorp Arch. Apparently a French midfielder will be on trial with us too.

    That’s 90 minutes for Grayson to mull over whether he thinks either of them add anything to the squad, whether either of them are good enough for a top-six Championship team (and above?!). You can’t argue with that. If you trust Grayson and his judgement then what will be will be and all the talk of the Scottish Premier League’s (or French football?) lack of quality is beside the point.

  22. reiver

    Have we signed another Amdy Faye, another injury-prone player nearing the end of his career? Surely, if the club are taking promotion seriously, they could have done better.


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