William Shakespeare said “In time we hate that which we often fear” and who are we to argue with one of the greatest minds his time?

With that in mind, The Scratching Shed brings you a compilation of those who fear Leeds United the most. Enjoy!

  • TSS

    Before anyone asks, I was messing about on back-end and lost the original post. :-(

    • TheReaper08

      @TSS Are you sure it wasn’t because you were upset at colin having a go and in a bizarre kiss and make up episode you re-posted without his comments ?

  • trueyorxman

    We al know they should be known as Soccer Club United of M********r! Far more apt

  • Jon MacLean

    ………. Who’d join me at Elland Road to make into a chant – Only to falsify their stupid chant? :D

  • Christopher Gee

    ‘That arena, that screaming mob…. ‘

    No, not Shakespeare but reportedly Boothroyd’s thoughts on his visit to ER tomorrow. Hope we can live up to all these expectations….

  • richard

    Made me smile that, i knew we were famous but not that much.

    • TSS


      Tip of the iceberg mate. There’s at least another dozen clubs that sing that regularly, but finding a good mix amongst all the Scum videos (of which there are hundreds) was difficult.

  • richard

    It makes me larf more when you hear shitty league 1 teams singing it, it brings a whole new meaning to the song `who the fukk r u`.

    • TSS


      That’s why added the likes of Bradford and FC United of Manchester (although, I guess it’s fair they hate us being ex-Scum).

  • Nasty Jim

    LOL :-)


  • mr zanzi

    Funny to see and hear that they all are afraid of us
    M O T