During last night’s game at the KC Stadium, Liam Rosenoir was taken off on a stretcher and ended up in hospital following a collision with Lloyd Sam.

The challenge, which Simon Grayson quite rightly describes as an “unfortunate accident” has brought fury from the Hull City boss who had this to say;

“It was a shocking challenge, a bit of a coward’s challenge.

“I am not happy with it all as he led with the arm.”

Regardless of whether Lloyd used his arm or not, these kind of challenges are commonplace in football and I’ve seen much, much worse ones in every single game so far this season. It’s unfortunate, but football is a contact sport and from time to time, people will get hurt.

If this was David Batty booting someone and walking off with a smile on his face I could understand Pearson’s comments, but there was clearly no malice involved in the challenge and I’m sure Lloyd Sam feels bad enough about the unfortunate incident already without Pearson slandering him in the press.

Lloyd Sam has shown the kind of professionalism Nigel Pearson could learn from by not only refusing to rise to the Hull City manager’s childish rant, but by contacting Rosenoir to offer his apologies and ensure he’s OK.

The Hull defender said he knows the challenge was purely accidental and that there was no hard feelings between himself and Sam. Whilst he remains in hospital receiving treatment, Rosenoir is said to be recovering well.

We wish him all the best.

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  1. Peter

    It was still a bad challenge! I would expect that there was no malice when Ashbee ‘elbowed’ Becchio (though would be funny if there was as Becchio is always elbowing), but it didn’t stop Leeds pathetically posting pictures everywhere. Sad.

  2. Jim

    It’s funny how short Pearson’s memory is, as I recall, earlier in the season in the Hull/Leeds clash at Elland road, Ian Ashbee through a very deliberate elbow in the face of Luciano Becchio.

    He didn’t have as much to say about that incident obviously. No class, Im quite proud that we have such a level headed, calm and collected manager rather than a joker like Pearson.

  3. Nasty Jim

    I seem to recall dull fans having a good old laugh at our boy becchio when he copped for ashflea’s elbow in the face…he became a hero overnight for doing becchio.
    Karma..can be a bitch at times!


  4. Andy Flynn

    Hope Rosenoir is alright, but Pearson can get bent.

    Rosenoir will show understating having snapped Greg Cunningham’s leg in two as he know accidents happen.

    The opposite manager Erikkson showed some class commenting on this incident:

    Pearson, who rightly defended his player at the time, has no class and should retract his comments. Hopefully he will regret making these comments.

    Best wishe Liam

    • Tiger Tiger

      Andy Flynn
      You make a good point about Rosenior and the tackle he made.
      Rosenior though is not making the comment.
      As for Pearson, I heard the interview and he did not say it like that.
      He said he had seen teh video and the lad did lead with his arm.
      Pearson is the one Manager who would not get bent out of shape.

  5. Andy Flynn

    Stupid iPhone corrections and fat fingers above. Apologies for spelling and grammar!

  6. Robbo

    Sam has previous at our place. He got a red for an incident a few years ago. Grayson is making him out to be an angel – he isn’t, he is a nasty, petulant piece of work.

    that said, I thought was accidental last night and Pearson should calm down.

  7. Joshy

    I don’t recall Sam being a malicious player at all. Pearson is a mind game scumbag and always will be

  8. Richard

    With the human body designed the way that it is it’s damn near impossible to run, jump or adjust your balance without raising or swinging your arms. The problem is that referees have to decide whether an arm or an elbow was raised or swung deliberately. With all the cameras showing every contact in slow motion these days what may well be a perfectly innocent challenge can look dreadful. At the end of the day I think we have to give players the benefit of the doubt either that or send every player except the keeper out in a straight jacket. MOT

  9. Mark

    It was a nasty challenge lets be right you dont jump with your arm going sideways into someones head and neck and knocking them out cold for 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!…

  10. Lambrettaman

    Grayson banged on about Ash on Becchio, you lot had video clips all over the place.

    Pearson was upset about one of his players being put in hospital, hasn’t mentioned it other than immediately after the game(no video clips).

    No whining about FA enquiries, no whining about double standards.

    Pot black kettle calling.

    Daft cunts.

    • Mark Richardson

      think the difference is that the videos showed that the challenge on becchio was quite clearly deliberate, whereas the one Sam did was accidental. Either way, your opinion on the matter is moot, since you’re an idiot with nothing valid to add. Ever.

  11. Colin

    I just watched the Hull highlights (LUTV) and I don’t mean to be funny, but from the angle I saw, it did look a bit of a nasty challenge. If that had been Batty making that challenge, it wouldn’t have been classed as accidental. Benefit of doubt and all that, but hmmmm, if I’m honest, I’m not so sure you know.


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