Snoddy foaming with rage at Bell-end-amy

After the brilliant ‘who needs Cesc Fabregas, we’ve got Robert Snodgrass’ song echoed around Elland Road during our FA Cup exit to Arsenal Wednesday night, it struck me that our favourite Scotsman is more than deserving of his own song.

With that in mind, I called the Leeds United fans on Twitter into action and started a #songforSnoddy campaign to gather suggestions. Now, I can’t claim to the pioneer of this effort, as I’ve since discovered both WACCOE and the Marching On Together forum have also tried to come up with songs worthy of our Scottish maestro.

So, between the efforts on Twitter, the threads on WACCOE and MOT (and I’m sure many other forums besides) we have an abundance of suggestions, some of which are a little too generic and tired – like ‘…only one Robert Snodgrass’ – and others that are quite frankly, dreadful. However, there is the odd little gem in amongst these suggestions that with a concerted effort from fans, could prove to be a terrace favourite for years to come.

Here’s a few of the highlights from Twitter so far;

@cornb33fmckeith“Na na na, na na na na na, na na na na na, Snodgrass…” (To the tune of Hey Jude by The Beatles)

@julieannekittSnoddy, Snoddy, Snoddy… Ahh… Ahh… Ahh… Ahh… Ahh” (To the tune of Ruby by The Kaiser Chiefs)

@Steve_Richie – “I’m so excited, we’re Leeds United. Snoddy’s gonna score a goal, and I think I like it…” (To the tune of I’m So Excited by The Pointer Sisters)

There have been many more suggestions besides that you can see on the Twitter hash-tag and forum links above, but I also want to throw the doors open for further suggestions on here. We’ll give you all a few days to sharpen your pencils and blow the creative cobwebs off your brain, then put the suggestions that gather the most support to a vote and try to lead a united effort to get the best song echoing around Elland Road.

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  1. Tim Campbell

    Defno one of our essentials in the 1st team. His close control of the ball is a joy to behold; and though he has’nt the blistering pace of a ‘Walnut’ (cot), his great footwork gives the opposing defenders a torrid time. On a side issue nice to see the youth team progress against Crewe the other night; looks like we have a few gems coming through

  2. RoystonLUFC

    how about reviving the Amazing Grace song? This only requires one word: “Snodgrass, Snodgrass, Snodgrass, Snodgrass…”

  3. Shez

    To the tune of Lord of the Dance..
    “Snoddy, wherever you may be, you’ve got the skill of Lionel Messi, you’re shots as good as Robin van Persie and you’ll take Leeds back to the Premier League.”


    (To the tune of Vierra wooah)
    “Snoddy, woooah, Snoody wooaah,
    He comes from Scot(er)land
    He cost us 50 grand!”

    And finally
    (to the tune of we all love leeds)
    “Robert Snodgrass, Robert Snodgrass,
    a Scottish lad, he’s f**king class!”

    “Robert Snodgrass, Robert Snodgrass,
    Give him the ball, he’ll score a goal”

    Or (again to tune of we all love leeds)
    “We all love Snodgrass, we all love Snodgrass, We all love Snodgrass, we all love Snodgrass”

  4. Shez

    And in ode to his celebrations at Arsenal

    (to the normal tune of “give us a wave, give us a wave”
    “Snoddy, Snoddy give the Leeds wave, Snoddy, give the Leeds wave”

  5. Shez

    Just thought of one more…on fire today!

    “Snoddy, wherever you may be, you’ve got the skill of Lionel Messi, it could be worse you could be French, warming Arsenal’s substitute bench”

  6. Dje

    OK, to the theme of ‘Top Cat’ (young’uns might have to look it up on Youtube):

    The most effectual Snodgrass!*
    He’s a Scot, he’s a snip, he’s in the Championship.
    He’s the most shit hot,

    For those struggling with the rhyme and rhythm, the original lines (although I used the majority of the second verse as it fits better) are:

    Top Cat!
    The most effectual Top Cat!
    Who’s intellectual close friends get to call him T.C.
    Providing it’s with dignity.

    Top Cat!
    The indisputable leader of the gang.
    He’s the boss, he’s a pip, he’s the championship.
    He’s the most tip top,
    Top Cat.

    *The second line is pinched from the first verse – as really Leeds’ fans just want to shout ‘Snodgrass!’ rather than long lines of verse. Traditionalists might favour the ryhme of the second verse throughout, so you could use”

    ‘The indisputable feeder of the goals’
    ‘The indisputable reader of the game’
    or the original: ‘The indisputable leader of the gang’

    • Chris

      Sticking with djedjedje’s masterful Top Cat riff:

      The most effectual Snodgrass!
      He plays delectable football for the LUFC
      He’s Scotland’s answer to Lionel Messi

      The most effectual Snodgrass!
      He plays delectable football for the LUFC
      He’s the best midfielder you’ll ever see

  7. Jay


  8. Andy Flynn

    What’s wrong with Snoddy, Snoddy, Snoddy
    …………Oi Oi Oi
    Snoddy, Snoddy, Snoddy
    Oi Oi Oi

    • TSS

      @andyflynn Too generic and rarely gets going properly. Not like Luci’s, Matteo and Radebe’s song.

  9. Kevin Hird

    to the tune of whispering grass…

    don’t try and tackle our Snodgrass
    he’ll twist and turn and then go
    Robert Snodgrass he’s the best he’s proper bo.

  10. Kevin Hird

    robin hood tune…

    Super Snods, Super Snods
    running down the wing
    Super Snods, Super Snods
    beats 2 men then ping
    crosses it in
    Becchio heads Leeds win
    Super Snods, Super Snods, Super Snods

  11. Kevin Hird

    to the tune of “bring out the riot gear cos leeds are here..”

    You must be fucking blind!
    Craig Levein
    Craig Levein

    You must be fucking blind!
    Craig Levein
    Craig Levein

  12. Leeds92

    Snodgrass Wooah,
    Snodgrass Wooah,
    He put’s defenders on their arse,
    cos he is fucking class,

  13. andy

    That is what he’s called,
    Better than Pele,
    When he’s got the ball,
    He’s come here today, to cause a melee,
    And run circles around you all.

    To the tune of Colonel Bogey March….(Hitler’s only got one ball)

  14. DAPPY

    Snoddy, Snoddy …Here he goes again…My My,… how can you resist him.

    To the tune of Abbas Mama Mia. A little bit wussy, I know, but I think it may catch on?

  15. Nasty Jim

    He’s Here.
    He’s there
    He’s every feckin where
    Rob snograsssssss
    Rob snodgrassssss

    Repeat 3 times

    Shit.but its all i can think of in this rather drunken hour

    ;-))) MOT

  16. Phil Townend

    You are my Sodgrass
    My Robert Snodgrass
    You make me happy
    When skies are grey
    Blah, blah, blah…….

  17. Colin

    The problem is that it’s difficult to get Snodgrass into any song.

    Tom Jones – Green Green Snodgrass of Home:
    Tom: “It’s good to touch the green green grass of home”

    At Elland Road: “It’s good to touch the great Snodgrass at home”

  18. Colin

    MC Hammer – You can’t touch this…

    “Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh (fans go on for a long time to the opposition fans) you can’t Snod-grass”


  19. Bill

    adapt the Steve Gerrard song from the scousers:

    Rob Snodgrass, Snodgrass
    He leaves them on their arse
    He’s LEEDS, he’s f@cking class
    Rob Snodgrass, Snodgrass

  20. marc zane beckwith

    I have to say if it was to go to a vote @djedjedje the tc song probably shows you’ve missed your calling in life and would get my vote!

    leftfield! :)

  21. Dje

    Ta @sparkx! Glad to see my wasted childhood sat in front of the TV watching cartoons finally came to some use!

  22. Mark Billings

    To the tune of Que Sera, Sera…
    He’s number 23, he plays for LUFC, in the Scotland squad he should be, Robert Sno-o-deeee

  23. Mark Billings

    Rolling with @djedjedje ‘s idea but going down the road of one of my childhood cartoons…

    To the theme tune of the Flinstones…

    Snodgrass, meet Rob Snodgrass
    He plays for mighty L-U-F-C
    From the town of Glasgow
    He’s gonna rewrite history

    We’ll be back with English football’s elite
    Through the courtesy of Rob’s two feet.

    When you’re watching Snodgrass
    You’ll have a yabba dabba doo time.
    A dabba doo time.
    You’ll have a gay old time.

    It gets a lot sketchier by the 3rd bit (if it wasn’t sketchy already) and for a chant it’s a little long (in terms of getting it off the ground) but I never said it was going to be anywwhere near as good as @djedjedje ‘s one!

  24. Mucker

    To the tune of Jimmy milner is brazlian;

    Robert snodgrass is Brazilian
    on the wing he’s f*cking brilliant
    he would sell for 50 million
    Robert,Robert snodgrass

    alternatively,to the tune of good thing by fine young cannibals;
    he’s quick and strong
    du du du du du
    this his song
    du du du du du

  25. Sanchez

    He’s our own Lock Nessy…
    He’s better than Lionel Messi..
    It’s Snodgrass… It’s Snodgrass

    Craig Levin…
    Has never seen…
    Our own Lock Nessi…
    who’s better than Lionel Messi…
    It’s Snodgrass, It’s Snodgrass!


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