Despite making just two appearances as a substitute, Ramon Nunez has been handed an extended deal at Elland Road that will seeing him adding to his impressive tally of Leeds United reserve team starts.

The 25-year old Honduran International was widely expected to depart when his short contract with Leeds United ran out at the end of this of this month, but Simon Grayson and the Thorp Arch staff must have seen something in him to agree to another four and a half months of wages.

Meanwhile, Leeds United continue to be linked with Manchester City midfielder Michael Johnson as Leicester City are added to the list of clubs believed to be in the race for his signature.

The 22-year-old returned to match action for City’s reserves on Tuesday night as he continues to recover from a serious knee injury that halted his progress at Man City.

Johnson has already admitted that Leeds United would be his ideal choice as it’s the club he supported as a boy. Whether his continual injury problems will deter Grayson from making an approach or not remains to be seen.

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  1. Dje

    I have to say that I’m amazed that Nunez and Leeds have agreed to extend his deal. I presumed he came to Leeds in the first place to mutually use us as a showcase to display his talents to lower end Premiership sides. Not getting match time with Leeds seemed to suggest he was utterly wasting his time and should jump ship as soon as.

    The fact that he disappeared from our subs bench only went further to suggest that he’d had a bit of a falling out with Grayson and was essentially using the Thorp Arch training facilities whilst his agent hawked him about other clubs.

    At least Nunez is match fit, so offers something to us during this campaign. Can the same be said about Michael Johnson?

    By the time the lad comes, settles down, gets up to being match fit (and he looks as if he has a lot of weight to lose too!) I can’t see much of the season being left to put him to any good use.

    Considering we are pushing at playoffs or better I just feel that if we are bringing in new blood then we need higher calibre players than we have already and who can make an immediate impact. Looking ahead to next season when we don’t know what division we will be in is far less important in this current transfer window. Sorry, for me I’d let Leicester or another lesser team chance it with Johnson and we should be looking elsewhere.

  2. Mr Arthur 'Currie' Graham

    agreed ….. I suspect Nunez – though skillfull and fit is not sturdy enough at the moment for midfield combative Championship football ? Johnson …. totally agree with the above. A FIT tough and skillfull midfielder from a strong ‘current’ midfield please ….the Clayton and Amdy Faye lesson should be learned

  3. Burt Kwok

    Higher Calibre players you would have to spend 10 million to get a player of a higher calibre than johnson.

    thats if hes recovered from his injury and its not certain he will, then getting him on loan would be an absolute no brainer. yes he needs to get fit hes only played 45 minutes but using him as sub to start he could be the man to get us into a promotion position towards the end of the season.

    unfortunately leicester want him and if they can outbid QPR than we have little chance of getting him unless he only wants to come here, fingers crossed.

    nunez should get a chance and showed in his cardiff appearance he has more to offer in terms of ability than badley johnson who should be sold

    • Andy Flynn

      Agreed burt. Especially if city pay his wages. Just take him on a part pay deal with an agreement that we will pick up more of his salary if he plays. Well worth a shot – this lad is class and not like we are going to find higher calibre midfielder!

  4. Gryff

    I like Nunez’s style. But Grayson seems to want lads like him, Gradel, Sam & Watt on the wings which proves a problem because Nunez is a pretty central player. I think he’d do a good job in Howson’s position if Howson was needed further back or was injured.

    But realistically, if Nunez isn’t playing sometimes with Kilkenny away, I don’t see what a 25 year old hopes to gain through playing reserves matches…

  5. TSS

    For anyone wondering, TeamTalk are saying we’ve extended his loan deal – this is nonsense, they haven’t checked their facts.

    Nunez is our player. He was never on loan at any stage.

  6. Bill

    Nunez still one for the future and not the here and now I feel, this gives Grayson more time to make a decision.

    We are very, very light for cover in midfield as it stands. I was expecting someone this week, still time I guess but I wish we could be more assertive in the market.

  7. Side Before Self

    Nunez is away with Honduras at the min and since he’s been here this is the second or third time he’s been on international duty. This could be one of the reasons he’s not been used that much as well as his lack of experience at this level

  8. Clive Sanderson

    Nunez looked a very good player on the few times he’s come on as a sub. I’m baffled as to why he has not been given more time on the pitch.

  9. Tim Campbell

    Still nobody in for bradley this transfer window – as for my man ramon, if we’re paying his wages I’d certainly be using him a bit more than he has been

  10. Dje

    I think Gryff is on the money with Nunez being a good cover / competition for Howson’s more forward and freer role. He can also offer good substitute options as he fits that odd winger/attacking-midfield/not-quite-a-striker sort of position that Grayson seems to like, ie. takeover from Gradel, Watt, Sam, McCormack or Snodgrass.

    I’m still hoping that we make a move for an established defensive-minded central midfielder as currently we have Johnson (transfer listed and could go the last hours of the transfer window); Kilkenny, who could be gone all month; and Howson who is better suited in more forward roles. After this we move into the world of infils – Hughes, Bruce, Bromby etc, ‘one’s for the future’ such as Clayton and Zac Thompson, and potentially overweight loanees using us to re-find their raison d’etre (Michael Johnson). That’s a bit thin on the ground and desperate for part of the football field that you really wouldn’t want to concede ground to the opposition and invite pressure on a barely settled and gently blossoming defensive partnership.

    So please Grayson, someone solid for the middle before needlessly signing yet another attacking-minded player such as Nugent!!

    • Dje


      Two teenage twins from the Academy. Nathan and Lewis (I think?). One’s a winger and the other is a defender – not sure which.

  11. Max.

    My suspicion with Nunez is that Leeds do what they very nearly did with Somma – get him for free, loan him out and then sell for a fee, having made a few bob. Nothing wrong with that, however.It does feel like a fair few players would have to leave or fall ill before he got a game in the first team. Note McCormack can also play on the wing.

    • Gryff

      @Max. Though McCormack also fits into the ‘overweight’ category.
      Can’t see him being favoured on the wing for a good few months…

  12. alejandra aguilar

    men all i have to say is that he is the best soccer player to me since i meet him he is like the secret weapon of honduras if you continued like that you can be like ronaldo or best than him you never know honey I LOVE YOU♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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