United youngster Aidy White has returned on loan to Oldham where he spent the last couple of months of 2010. White played five games for Oldham, scoring two goals in a fixture schedule that was heavily hit by the weather.

White re-joins Paul Dickov’s team until the end of the season with an option to extend the loan should Oldham reach the play-offs. Simon Grayson sees the move as way for White to gain some first team experience which could be beneficial for his future at Leeds.

White, who Grayson sees as an attacking winger rather than his original full back position, has been hard pressed for opportunities at Elland Road and, with his well-documented troubles with nerves when playing for his childhood team, the move to Oldham is a chance for him to impress regularly at a competitive level. In his few games at Boundary Park at the end of the last year, White showed his natural pace and skill on the ball to claim his first professional goal – a brilliant solo effort.

Hopefully Aidy will continue to improve and hone his skills and return to Leeds a more rounded player.

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  1. Dje

    Interesting to read that Oldham considered him a bit of a utility player: left back, right back, fine on either wing, and even a central midfielder!

    Here’s hoping that he can nail one of those positions.

  2. Matt BB

    White really needs to beef himself up, he is one of those who looks so slight that a mere guffaw from a starling on top of the east stand would send him tumbling.

    Good to know he is developing though, and I see him as a traditional winger, like eddie lewis. If and when Gradel and or Snodgrass are snapped up by a prem team he’s going to get his opportunity.

  3. TSS

    Good piece Tim,

    Not sure he needs to ‘beef himself up’ as a winger @MattBB because any additional weight added will surely have an adverse affect on his speed – which to me, is his biggest strength.

    I’ve caught a bit of Oldham’s highlights and seen the two goals he’s scored, and he does look a lot better suited to an attacking role than he ever did a defensive one. I also saw Aidy play as a youngster and had never considered him a defensive-minded player, so the switch further forward was an obvious one.

    Anyway. he needs games and Oldham will give him that so a positive move I reckon. Still think he has a place in the Leeds United team at some point in the future.

    • Matt BB

      @TSS what on earth do you mean? Leeds need an obligatory porky winger? Robbo, Steve Stone, understnad we may be in for Kris Commons..

      Seriously though look at gareth bale, hes benefited from a filling out a bit since being a young whipper snapper at southampton, still think whitey needs that strength, agree on his gosls for oldham he looks excellent.

  4. Colin

    Takes time for some players to find themselves. I hope Aidy does that when he’s in a white shirt. There’s something familiar about a player that eventually found himself after originally being classed as a LB, but was more attacking. 2 words…

    Gareth Bale.

  5. Dje


    Good comparison with Bale. And to think that only last season Redknapp was talking about giving up hope on Bale as a Tottenham player. It could have been a very expensive decision.

    • Colin

      @djedjedje I’d like to think that Dickov might actually know a player when he sees one and he’s willing to keep trying and testing him out to see just what he’s good at. But to do that, he has to find out what he can’t do and work it out from there. ie. make mistakes and then work on that. And that’s something I don’t think Grayson did with Howson. I think he found out Howson’s true attacking skill through luck more than judgement. I think that MacAllister knew what he was doing with Delph – he was better at that sort of thing. Grayson for me is a good man manager, but not a developer of young talent.

      I rate Aidy White, I really do. I think Ben Parker is a good player, technically superior to White but I don’t think he’s got that star quality. Aidy has potentially got it. Just got to find a way to tap into it and let him find his game. And he has pace. An abundance of pace.

      I’ve said before that I’m no fan of Ashley Cole, but he is fast and he terrifies the opposition on the wing. If a fully developed White (pushing forward) took on a Ben Parker, then I think White would win hands down.

      Is Parker the next Ian Harte? No. Harte never had pace, but he had skill to make up for it. I don’t think Parker will ever reach what Harte achieved. White on the other hand is a different player. Potentially he could be great.

      The future LB/LM is White.


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