Andy Hughes

Hughesy leaves with our best wishes

Andy Hughes has left Leeds United to join Scunthorpe on an 18 month contract with the option of an additional year. The 33 year old utility man spent three and a half years at Elland Road and played a part in the 15 point deduction season. The move gives him an opportunity for regular games.

Having played in nearly every possible position for Leeds, during a time which has been one of the most difficult in the club’s history, Hughesy has always given his all to the cause. Even as first team opportunities have become limited for him, he’s still been an example of a model professional with a love for the game.

Though it took time for him to work his way into the hearts of fans, his bare chested celebrations last May has Leeds clinched promotion are firmly etched in the memory. Andy made 139 appearances for the club and though he was quick to admit he was by no means the most talented footballer his honest hard work was always appreciated by fans.

Despite his limited impact this season, Hughesy will certainly be missed. He heads to Glanford Park with all our best wishes and thanks for being a great servant to the club for the last few years.

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  1. TSS

    Good post Tim. Always gutting when a fans favourite leaves – reminds me of David ‘Jesus’ Prutton – but I’m sure every Leeds United will wish him all the best at Scunthorpe.

  2. Ron

    Sadly, it is often men like him who are forgotten when the good times return. I wish him all the very best and thank him for giving his all when this great club was on its knees.

  3. Dje

    Yeah, you can tell from the official LUFC site’s write-up about his departure that he was a favourite in and around Elland Road. Sad to see good loyal servants to the club go, but that is football, and life.

    Hopefully the wages we’ve now saved on Grella, Hughesy and Michalik’s contracts can go someway to bring in a player or two ~ even if they are only loanees.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they have someone new imminently lined up to announce.


    • TSS


      Grella already back at Leeds. His proposed move to the SPL was blocked because of Scottish football rules not allowing for a player to have loan spells at two different clubs in a single season.

  4. barondeepockets

    Not the most talented, but shows what you can acheive by making the most of your talent through hard work. A fantastic positive attitude which i imagine made him popular with fans and team mates, and unlike many more gifted prima donnas prepared to wait for his chance to play anywhere and take his chance.

    The bear chested picture on promotion day is a fantastic momento to keep him warm when the time comes to look back on his career.

    GOOD LUCK to Andy in all your future pursuits!!!!

  5. Ilkleywhite

    Always commited and brave, could play (and did) in most positions, sorry he has left, but I also feel a move would be good for him also, Scunny is a bit different to Leeds, and if he had played against us last week, we probably wouldnt have got 4 goals so its a good move for Scunny as well

    All the best Andy, thanks for your contribution at Elland Road, you always were a fans favourite and when you come back you will always get a great reception


  6. Andy Nattan

    Signed the day we got our bollocks cut off, and gave 100% until he did the job he’d signed to do – taking us out of the third division.

    Can’t fault his work rate, attitude or commitment. No legends are made in League One, but Hughesy’s a hero as far as I’m concerned. Fantastic servant to the club, and I wish him all the best.

  7. les irwin

    fantastic servant to the cause not many would have come under the circumstances he did, not one of our technically gifted players but for a player who gave 100%every time he wore the shirt. we owe him as fans quite a bit, iam sure all the fans wish him well its a good signing for scunny who in my opinion will go down

  8. Chris from Wakey

    Can’t we send the Bessone and hope they don’t notice?
    Good luck Hughsey – a legend for work rate alone.

  9. The tash master!!

    Finally we are getting rid of the dead wood that are happy playing in the ressies picking up there high wages! Yeh we can say hughsey was a caracter around the club but he wasn’t really any good so am glad to see the back of him we want are club back in the prem, we need quality players not DEAD wood!! Good luck but good ridance!!!!

    • Arthur graham Currie curler

      Ive been a Leeds fan since I was born into the legend that is LUFC in 1965 – I’ve watched Lorimer to Hughes ….. and Im happy to mention those names together .the Prat above ‘tashmaster’ who wrote that about Hughes should be barred – Hughes was a giver not a taker – GO ON Andy – you deserve all our respect and have it from anyone who knows our club – come back anytime – you’ll get drinks on me anytime …. MOT

  10. Billybigbiscuits

    Farewell hughsey, you were always 100% committed, and the club joker (not sure about dancing ability) if medals were handed out for effort, you would have a cabinet full. Good luck whatever you do.

    Andy Hughes I salute you.

  11. richard

    A jack of all trades, master of none but did well in any position he was asked, which is a lot harder than people give him credit for.

    Top bloke Hewwwwwwwwwwsaaayyyyyy!!!!

  12. Andrew Peel

    Really sad to see Hughesy leaving, what a legend! He’d have run into a brick wall for Leeds and that’s why he’s getting all these messages of support/acclaim. I wish Leeds players were all as commited as him!

    Good luck Hughesy, you’ll be missed.

  13. sveifors

    Hughesy has been a big help for us during his period with us. His attitude makes an example of how to be a serious professional. Good luck

  14. The tash master!!

    @trueyorxman ur the cunt lad he’s SHITE, I no he was liked but I was one of many who think the same it’s my opinion if we wana go up we needed to get rid of the dead wood like grayson has done brilliant management!! Got to be krewl to be kind!!!!!!

    • TheReaper08

      @The tash master!! In order to appreciate where you are you need to appreciate where you have been. Hughesy was an integral part of our exit from League 1. A loyal player who would volunteer to play any position just to do his part for the team. He was not our worst player by a considerable distance and often excelled in the role he was asked to undertake.

      Hughesy leaves with the warmth and appreciation of most and I amongst the many am a tiny bit sad to see him leave.

      In a way I hope we get to play Scunny and Hughes within the next 18 months, I am sure at the stage he will get to experience the warmth the vast majority feel for him.

      Andrew Hughes – I thank you.

  15. trueyorxman

    @tash master, Look at the other comments u f**king retard. They all realise that if it wasn’t for the likes of Hughesy, who by the way f**king loves our geat club, we wouldn’t be on our way back up. Roll on the Premiership so we can fill the ground with idiots like you again, NOT!

  16. Loved them diamond floodlights

    Maybe your wording could have been kinder just a thought, 100% effort deserves some form of respect he did his best for our club on and off the pitch.

  17. Jason Hardcastle

    Sad to see hughesy go :( a true Leeds legend in my eyes never gave anything less than his all and would do anything for Leeds. Was my favourite player for Leeds and ill never forget him. He was the first player I ran towards at the bristol game and if he had a little more class about him I’m sure he’d be playing in the prem week in week out. See ya hughesy never forgotten mate and good luck with scunny MOT

  18. EYLeeds

    Not many players can be sure of a good reception when returning to Elland Road with another club, but Hughesy is one of the few who would.
    I actually think that his ability is vastly underated by many Leeds fans who just admire his commitment and effort. He had better players than him in his preffered central mid position, yet still held his own against the scum as a right foot midfield player at left back!
    Probably was about time he moved on, but certainly the expression ‘dead wood’ is disrespectful to the guy.

  19. saltburnwhite

    Sad news to hear hughesy going , great bloke wore his heart on his sleeve and you could tell he really enjoyed playing for the club…good luck son!
    well this is the 4th player to go or be released , i am expecting a BIG signing in the next few weeks , grayson is obviously offloading players to reduce the wage bill , why would he be reducing the wage bill? well i can only come to the conclusion that a player is coming in at the highest end of our wage structure , same calibre of signing as scmeichel.
    this is educated guesswork but grayson has released:
    robinson 7k a week!!!
    michalik 5k a week
    hughesy 3k a week
    darville £800 a week
    amdy faye 5k a week
    this has freed up an estimated 20k a week!!!!!
    watch this space…..i bet hes got a good one lined up ! fingers crossed

  20. the tash master

    yeh i agree that he was a nice guy, but to be honest he really wasnt good enough, to be successful in football you cant have players like that in my words DEADWOOD!! waste of wages. I cant believe a championship club has taken him i would say he is league 2 player no disrespect but have a reality check for fucksake!!! in football you have to be ruthless, i do respect the guy for playing out of postion though thanks alot for the effort but time to move on!!

  21. the tash master

    @saltburnwhite i heard that lubo was on 10k a week so that frees up a bit on the wage bill!! also we have been linked with chimbonda in the last hour!!

  22. TheReaper08

    @djedjedje Judging by the quality of the previous posts I would say that’s exactly who.

  23. Hugh Fox

    Sad to see him go, always gave 110% wish all players would have the same attitude as him

  24. the tash master

    lol yeh didnt no he had signed for them. I read it on a website that we was linked with him!

  25. the tash master

    @jasonhlufc you fuck off i am entitled to my opinion!! and i just dont think he is good enough to get no were near are starting 11 never mind the bench, it was time to go!!!

  26. TheReaper08

    @the tash master Do you often have that feeling of loneliness ?

    Looks like your on your onw with this one.

  27. kev

    good luck andy all the best for the future,played along with prutton,douglas,helped the club when we were on our knees !!

  28. Doug

    Hughesy is a good honest pro who gives his all not the most talented for certain but he also knows and admits it, took a risk joining Leeds but you can tell from his interview that he’s gutted to be leaving he should leave Leeds with his head held high and I for one will always welcome him back as he’ll always be Leeds to me. Hope one day to say him behind the scenes at ER one day. I think it’s a good move for Hughesy and the team as he was going to drop down the pecking order and he knew it. As for tash you may be right about Hughes capabilities on the pitch but he was respected by the rest of the players and the staff, show some respect to Hughes on his departure your comments would have been more appropriate for Blobinson and at least one player I can think of in the current squad.

  29. trueyorxman

    Thank god Chimbonda signed for QPR he’s DEADWOOD, a League 2 player at best who wanted £10k a week, waste of wages that lad.

    • Dje


      Lol. Nice use of capitals, but sadly your spelling is too proficient, and there was a distinct insufficiency of swearing.

      B- could do better.

  30. Colin

    Firstly, I’m not siding with anyone. I only post my own thoughts, whether they’re wrong or right.

    But the fact is that Hughes is gone and he wasn’t a great player when he joined Leeds. He was on his way down but his heart kept him going. But from when we signed him, he was only going one way – downhill.

    There’s no way he could get a gig in a Leeds shirt anymore. And that’s proven by him joining a team that will get relegated. He’s a clever person. He’ll join Scunthorpe, they’ll get relegated and he’ll throw his hat into the ring next season as their next (player) manager.

    Have a pop at Tash Master if you like as I also feel his comments were a little OTT, but his sentiment is true, and Tash is as entitled as anyone to make a comment. I know what Hughes did for a destitute and desperate Leeds – he was brave and I praise him for that, but he also got paid good money for it. He got a year’s contract out of Leeds this year, when in reality he wasn’t good enough to get it.

    I will always respect Andy Hughes but I do think that the love-in from some posters is equally OTT. Hughes was a relic from a dark dark time for Leeds. But we’re in a very different place now.

    • Irving08

      Did you hear him in conversation with Eddie Gray today ? If not, it is repeated at 9am tomorrow morning and extracts before the match. I urge you to listen – it is one of the most intelligent and honest interviews I have heard from any sportsman in a long, long time. I suspect that Mr Hughes will be back at Elland Road when he finishes playing and completes his degree course. The man is bigger than football.

    • TheReaper08

      @colin Good post, that’s you and Tashy in one corner, the rest of the known universe in the other.

      If you listen to his interview he admits he is not a great player that is not really the point. The point is he represents a bygone era when players were honest, tried hard for the club and not for the £80k and were grateful for a game.

      Is it right and proper to have a love in for a limited player who gave everything every single game, or for a player who in my opinion has only really started to play since his contract negotiations came up ? And I think we all know who that is.

      • Colin

        @TheReaper08 Fair enough, but Hughes doesn’t represent the bygone era. Players in the 50’s and 60’s are the true heroes – worked like machines, playing through injuries and then thrown on the scrapheap. Nobby Stiles at his height, one of the greatest players in the world, was on £70 a week, which is about £900 in today’s money. What was Hughes on? £2,000 a week maybe?
        Andy Hughes is a good guy. But let’s not paint him as some sort of footballing martyr. A team full of Andy Hughes’ would gain respect, but it wouldn’t get you promoted. It would get you relegated.

      • Dje


        It’s a minor point, but I think a team full of Hughes would get you mid-to-low-table but avoid relegation. You can see why Scunthorpe are furtively interested in signing him.

      • TheReaper08

        @colin I appreciate what you saying about players from the 50s/60s but I am comparing him to todays footballer. By using the word represent I am referring to attitude. If you haven’t listened to his radio interview with Eddie I would. He is the kind of player who was proud and grateful to play for Leeds and said it’s never been about the money (remember he was one of the few to agree to sign at the start of our troubles).

        I don’t think he is a martyr, in fact I actually agree it was the right time for us and him to part ways. He leaves however with his dignity, my respect and a whole lot of best wishes from most of us.

  31. Horsforth white

    I could remember Hughsey for loads of things but I think I’ll try mainly to remember the last meaningful thing he did for Leeds (& all of us) namely a fantastic full stretch last ditch tackle down the far end at The Emirates in the closing minutes – good ol’ Hughsey

    Hope he reads all these comments – except for a couple of course

  32. Gryff

    Yes i’ll certainly miss the vague awareness of someone called Andy Hughes at the club.

    He even got subbed on, sometimes!

  33. Si

    All the best Hughesy, you are a true pro and you will be missed…

    Bradley Johnson – take note

  34. The tash master!!

    @colin maybe I was Ott but I only want the best for our club, yes he was a nice fella and all and he admired he wasn’t the best footballer but I just think we shouldn’t of give him another year contract, in the end it’s just been a waste of wages that we could of used on someone else! Also thanks @colin good luck hughsey

  35. Mike

    Not often I disagree with you @colin but I cant nod my head to a single point you make here, having a bad day are you?
    and to say that an ignoramus who never went to skool is entitled to an opinion is silly, he hasn’t the intellect to formulate an opinion.

    I will cause a ruckus now by saying I think this is just Larry getting rid of anyone he didn’t sign, any good or not. There are a couple that he signed that should have gone before a hard working honest footballer who always gives his all. Thanks Hughsey

    • Dje


      Sure, he didn’t sign Hughes, but he did offer him a new one-year contract. If he wanted rid (because, bizarrely, he hadn’t been the one to make the ‘first move’) then he certainly had his chance and no one would have complained had he let Hughes go at the end of the season.

      @ the tash master!! As to Hughes’s one year contract extension, I think it was a tactical decision to see how well or bad we’d do once newly promoted in the Championship. OK, it’s turned out fine and we are looking at Playoffs/ Automatic promotion, but if it had gone tits up then surely you’d want a reliable, give-it-all, versatile (ie. positional perhaps more than skillwise) fighter on the pitch in the form of Hughes than someone new who looks out of their depth and ill-fitting to the new side (say, Bessone)?

      So it has turned out good for Leeds and halfway through the season it has mutually been agreed that it is best for Hughes to go elsewhere, and best for Leeds to save on their wages / look to spend these wages better elsewhere. To me that is an ideal situation and it has been swiftly resolved without need for expensive ‘mutually terminated contracts’ or the player to sit it out in the reserves collecting his wages.

      I just don’t understand why you’d want to kick an old pal who is essentially shaking your hand and wishing you well as he wanders off over the horizon by calling out after him “YOU WERE ONLY EVER DEADWOOD AT LEEDS!’


  36. richard

    Hughesy was a good player, not the best but he wasnt in any way a liability to us.

  37. lufc83

    really sad to see hughsey go, top man who always gave his all, a leeds legend in my eyes, really hope we get to play scunthorpe again at some point cos hell get a brilliant reception. good luck andy

  38. Irving08

    In his interview, Hughesey said that he was a Manchester lad, but that Leeds was the best city he had lived in. He also recognised that Leeds people will always appreciate a player who gives his all. These two statements alone are enough to elevate him to membership of the Leeds United pantheon.

  39. trueyorxman

    @tash master. 50+ comments, 99% in support of Hughesy. I stand by my original comment

  40. the tash master

    i really dont care what you all think he has gone and wont be missed football wise!!!! yeh probally a nice fella to have around but hat doesnt win you promotion having a nice fella around does it???? yeh maybe i was a bit OTT with my 1st comments, but i just think that he shouldnt of been offered a new contract and should of been realeased at the end of last season go out on a high after beating man u and winning promotion.

  41. EYLeeds

    The travelling support were singing Hughesy’s name at Portsmouth yesterday and they are the real judges of how a player is regarded.
    Don’t think anyone is suggesting it is a bad footballing decision to let him go, but he has earned the Elland Road faithful’s respect and there is no justification to slag him off.
    We always stand by our own, and Hughesy is one that will always get a great reception.

  42. Dave Smith

    ‘nice fella to have around but that doesn’t win you promotion’ one sentence, ‘should have gone out on a high after beating man u and winning promotion’ the next sentence. Obviously you can have a nice fella around and win promotion. Try not to be so obnoxious in your next posting tash master. You cunt.

    Thank you and good luck Mr Hughes.


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