In the post-match press conference following the Leeds United and Arsenal FA Cup tie, Bradley Johnson told ITV how he ‘scores goals like that every day in training.’

Unfortunately for Bradders, Simon Grayson is also present at these Thorp Arch gatherings and has a much different take on events, later joking that ‘Bradley shoots like that in training, and most of them end up in Wetherby’.

Feel free to draw your own conclusions, but from the amount of efforts I’ve seen heading towards the M621 on matchdays, I know who I believe.

Anyway, since they don’t come often enough, let’s enjoy Bradley Johnson’s wonder-strike again…

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  1. Whiter

    An absolute screamer! Johnsons goal gave us something to remember.
    I hope Johnson signs, he might not have great vision or a more constistant long shot but he makes up for that with his work rate and physical prowess, has age on his side too. I can’t see why Johnson wouldn’t keep maturing in time for the premiership, he seems to be a prutton type character in the dressingroom and training ground, he’s settled in very well now and I wouldn’t expect any of the Leeds players to want him to go? Any thought?

  2. henry vincent lewis

    Bradley has been playing to his maximum for us recently and I am glad that Simon s keeping him to the end of the season (unless we get a ‘big’ offer).
    He is strong and has a lot of stamina and determination.
    I am not sure he is good enough for the Premier League and am surprised at all the supposed interest.
    It must be his agent?
    I cannot fathom it?

  3. Horsforth White

    I think Brad’s a good central midfielder.

    I DO understand all the prem interest & I DON’T understand all the Leeds fans who don’t rate him, unless it’s opinions formed from when he helped out at wide left & left back

  4. Chris from Wakey

    BJ has been playing well and suits the centre midfield when he’s got someone like Kilkenny or Howson alongside him. His work rate of late has been excellent and in spite of his many odd passes we should attempt to keep him. Uncle Ken should get the cheque book out unless Bradders is really taking the piss with his wage demands. We’re doing well and have a real chance of promotion this time if we continue to play like we are doing so I think it’s time for Mr B to relax a bit on the pay structure. Based on Wednesday night if we went up we’ve a real chance of staying up and I would guess it’s a lot cheaper to keep the players we’ve already got (or a few of them) as opposed to lashing out for has been prem players.

  5. les irwin

    fair play to bradders that goal had it been scored by fabregas or arshavin would have not been off our screen that was a good a goal as you will see anywhere and to be fair thats 2 long distance in 2 games the problem with all those goals by any player is they are either WORLDY’S or bouncing off some poor geazer in the crowd
    grayson is also right that since he went on the transfer list he has played some of his best leeds football and if he could stay beyond the season and carry that form most weeks he would turn out to be a very good player
    just had to laugh though based on his post match interview its clear that our bradders in his spare time plays the x box (other games consoles are available ) rather than doing an open university degree course
    keep up the good work bradders

  6. henry vincent lewis

    According to Bradley he was not offered as much money as others in the squad, so I don’t think he wants to get more than the other players?
    At the time he was not playing too well, but we know Simon rates him!
    What we don’t know is if Simon rates him as a premiership player?
    If he does, we should make him an offer on a par with the better paid players in the squad.
    Transfer window is quiet for us but maybe, the players we may bring will answer some questions.
    Or not!

  7. Tim Wilsom

    As stated two in two games, albeit the first took a deflection. Things may be looking up for him, hopefully we won’t be looking up so often

  8. Irving08

    Personally I didn’t like SG’s comment. Why belittle Bradley with a comment that implies that Bradley’s strike against Arsenal was a fluke ? Why not let the boy enjoy the plaudits for a stunning strike rather than pull him down ? Dare I suggest – as the son of an inner city Leeds man, though not myself born in the city or county – that there is something a bit Yorkshire in this not letting someone ‘get above themselves’ – particularly if he comes from London ? Come on, don’t begrudge praise where it is due, Simon, especially in connection with a player who, when he learns to play within his limitations, is one of the rocks on which our Premier future will be built. In addition to a song for Snoddy let’s find a warm, friendly and, if you like, humorous one about Bradley ‘the greatest shot in the North’……

  9. Andy Flynn

    Is Grayson not allowed to crack a joke?
    If we can get him secured within the wage structure it makes sense. He’s good enough as a squad player in the premiership based on recent performances, but i thin he has peaked and can’t see him improving much further. But, even if surplus to requirements next season we just sell him to another prem or championship club. He’s worth nothing in the summer.

    Good luck to Andy Hughes by the way. Hope he’s not missed to much on the training ground. Just what Scunthorpe need!

  10. Colin

    Question here and I would like someone to educate me.

    How does Bradley Johnson make that shot happen. I’ve watched it time after time and I can’t work it out.

    He hits it with his left and it flies off his boot, but almost immediately after the ball leaves his boot, he is standing on his left foot. How is that possible?

    I can understand if he had his right foot on the ground, using that to control his body and hold his weight and he hits it with his left. But he doesn’t. He’s almost moving side ways like a crab, waits for the ball, he’s in mid air and hits with the left. But where did he get the power from? How do you generate that sort of power when hitting it with your foot but you don’t have your weight on the other foot?

    Answers please!

  11. Colin

    Oh and by the way Leeds, give him a new contract, because if we don’t sign at least 1 quality holding midfielder in the next 10 days, then we’re screwed if he gets injured, as we have ZERO cover for that position.

    Am I the only one thinking that if I were in charge of QPR, I’d offer Bates £500k for Johnson (he’d take it), just to destroy Leeds’ chances of auto promotion?


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