Keith Southern

The Blackpool Gazette are claiming Keith Southern is currently in talks with Leeds United.

The 29-year old midfielder was a key figure in the Blackpool side Simon Grayson managed but has since fallen out of favour with Blackpool promoted to the Premier League.

Southern’s current deal expires in the summer meaning he’d likely be available for little or no fee, or that Blackpool may be willing to allow him to see out his contract on loan at Elland Road. Simon Grayson has also stated he wishes to strengthen the midfield, so whilst the rumour has yet to be confirmed by either club, this one does seem to have it’s merits.

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  1. Dje

    Blackpool, famous for a one-man team dynamic midfielder, wanted by one and all.

    But this aint ‘im.

  2. Arnie

    Looks like one of our type of signings!
    Out of favour, nearing end-of-contract and therefore cheap.
    LUFC has shown a shocking lack of ambition in this transfer window. Such has been the dearth of activity, I was pinning my hopes on a bloke who hasn’t actually played for two years – Michael Johnson from Man City.
    We can’t even make that happens, it seems! Still we’ve bought their seventh choice keeper so he can come and sit on the substitutes bench and not get a game.

  3. Gryff

    Agree with @djedjedje
    It looks like we’re on the verge of signing a Prem quality keeper, and this lad isn’t exactly unproven in the CCC: He was one of THE Blackpool players last season.

    This is his profile at the BFC site:

    Name: Keith Southern
    Nationality: English
    Date of Birth: 24/04/1981
    Height: 5′ 10″ (178cm)
    Weight: 12st 4lbs (78.09kg)
    Clubs: Everton
    Position: Midfielder

    Keith Southern epitomises everything about Blackpool, with a will-to-win, a determination to succeed and a never-say-die attitude.

    The tough tackling box-to-box midfielder has been an integral part of the Seasiders’ fortunes for the past seven seasons, and that is likely to continue in his eighth campaign.

    Initially arriving on-loan from Everton in 2002, Southern has improved season on season in the tangerine colours and was rewarded with a new deal towards the end of the last campaign.

    His partnership alongside Charlie Adam in the second-half of the season was pivotal in the Seasiders’ results.

    A knee-injury ruled the midfielder out of the Tangerine’s opening Premier League fixtures.

  4. Dje

    Surely a loan signing for this player would suffice ~ even if it covered 100% of his wages so essentially we would be taking him off Blackpool’s wage book for the remainder of the season, the remainder of his contract.

    I just think that if we are genuinely ambitious enough to push for the Premeirship then it is needless to offer a longer contract to a player who’s level seems to be the Championship. Considering we have spent the day clearing out players at the club who are felt not to be of a high enough standard, it just seems daft being too eager to replace them with players of a standard we aim to exceed n the near future.

    Having said that, I’m sure he can do an ample job in this league, so welcome! (…if he joins).

  5. Craig

    I’m pleased with the way the day is progressing. A good amount of deadwood has been cut away, the addition of a quality ‘keeper who’ll serve us well when Higgs’ contract expires, and the possibility of a player Larry knows well and will be able to slot right in to his best position.

    We don’t need lots of additions who’ll unbalance a team with good spirit who are playing well together at present. I’m still hoping one Johnson out and another Johnson in though.

  6. Gryff

    I think the lad was unlucky not to figure in Holloway’s plans this season (injury part of that). He’s had a hand in 9 of their matches now this season despite missing a string through injury so he’s hardly failed the step up to the Prem. He’d be a safer bet there than Kilkenny or BJ tbh.

    It’s true that it’s not a really ambitious signing, but then we’re hardly going to spend £35k p/w wages and a £5mil transfer fee for somebody established…

  7. lorimerhotshot

    Know bugger all about him to be honest. In theory what we need but I can’t judge standard.

    Was (am?) also hoping for Michael Johnson. Fat and hasn’t played for ages but does have some class that hopefully can still rise to the surface.

    And whatever we keep being told about improved defence, it’s still pretty crap. I can’t wait for Kis and hope he’ll be okay but probably won’t have time to get up to speed.
    And hope Naylor stands slips on a banana in training and ends in his career.

    Still, with all the savings we’ve made with cancelled contracts and loan-outs, we have at least been able to get in a reserve goalie…

    After all, Simon said he was only interested in strengthening.

  8. Jason Hardcastle

    Southern looks like a right bruiser lol would love to see him crippling kris commons or some other over confident prat that just needs a good smashing. Sign him up!

  9. lorimerhotshot

    I agree with Craig that good to have got rid of some of the deadwood. We’ve had too much of it, especially in certain areas.

    Hope that this guy is what we need. Still wish we’d invest further back though. Of course can’t pay a fortune but we have freed quite a bit and i think we need to put it back in. Perhaps it’s happening as we speak.

    There’s even been a rumour about Andrew Johnson. Wrong end of the field though and potentially far too confusing for commentators and listeners alike.

  10. Ash

    Any more news on any other Leeds transfers or LOANS, I will be a bit disapointed if we don’t sign any one else, MOT

  11. Dje


    Lol ~ bit harsh on Commons! Anyway, he’s at Celtic now, so we’ll have to go some to get a chance for the (potential) new lad to give him something to think about.

    • lorimerhotshot

      I doubt it too. Just a rumour from someone claiming to have overheard a couple of execs at ER etc. Probably wholly unfounded.

  12. trueyorxman

    Should we sign David Speedie to play alongside David Gonzales (sorry but this is a really quiet TDD for Leeds so far isn’t it?)

    • Craig


      Very clever – It would be quite a departure in team formation to have two goalkeepers though! Retired strikers do tend to put on the pounds so maybe he’d help make the goal smaller.

  13. Gryff

    @craig apparently some SkySports thing on Twitter tweeted it. No idea if it’s genuine but it follows from a Blades forum announcing a tip about him earlier today.

    Hope it’s true. Desperately hope it’s true!

  14. Dje

    I’d be surprised if Collins is going. Not because he is any good, but because he is on the bench each game, so he’s not exactly out the squad.

    But if Collins is off to Sheffield United then we want cash, not any loan deal rubbish. And we’d better be bringing in a central defender too.

  15. Gryff

    @djedjedje true, and I’d want another centre-back to make up the numbers. But how many games have you seen Collins perform in for us? Like Bessone, he started virtually every game and like Bessone, he’s been very poor and was dropped in late October never to return for more than a game at a time.

    We’ve got O’B, Bruce & Bromby. One other lad and we’ve got a very strong centre-back IMHO.


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