Andy O'Brien

O'Brien is the first Leeds signing of the transfer window

Andy O’Brien is set to become the first signing of the January transfer window for Leeds United.

The Bolton defender has been on loan at Elland Road and, despite two own goals against Portsmouth, has generally performed well, providing a calming influence on the Leeds back line.

O’Brien will join on a two-and-a-half-year deal once his current loan deal is up after Tuesday’s match against Cardiff. It was the Welsh club that were the biggest obstacle in securing the deal, offering O’Brien an attractive deal which led to reports suggesting he would be heading to Cardiff instead of Leeds. However, following talks with Simon Grayson and Ken Bates, O’Brien has committed himself to Leeds and should be in the squad for next weekend’s trip to London for the FA Cup 3rd round tie against Arsenal where his Premier League experience could prove vital.

Leeds boss, Simon Grayson, has since stated that he wishes to add more new faces to the squad. He claims to have a number of options and the backing of Ken Bates should the right opportunity present itself. With speculation rife about who could be heading in and out of Elland Road, we will just have to wait and see what moves Grayson and Bates will make in the transfer market.

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  1. Tim Campbell

    Would agree with simon today that it was definitely a point won after a stuttering performance

  2. Kaiser Chief

    Undeserved point but battling in the end. 12 unbeaten not to be sniffed at IMO! Very happy o’brian has signed! A step in the right direction for Leeds he’s a quality player with top flight experience.

  3. Colin

    fair enough, he scores more than mccormack, but do we really need another goalscorer? Only joking! Sounds like grayson has a plan to bring in some players – be interesting to see who comes in and just how much cash is shelled out.

  4. Paul South Wales

    Went up today, couldn’t have picked a worst game for a 7 hour round trip, but it could have been an even longer journey home had we not nicked a point at the end. It just didn’t seem to fall for us today, we’re going to get games like that, at least we’re still unbeaten. Our wide players never really got going, or any others for that matter, Johnson did some good things and lots of bad things, passes never got to their intended destinations, and we had very few attempts on goal considering we’re the top scoring team in this league. No one had a good game really. The one thing I will say is, Grayson’s instilled a fighting mentality into the team and this was prevalent to the death. Cardiff are having a nightmare of late so now is the time to pounce. MOT

  5. les irwin

    fantastic finish by becchio why are we not starting with sam .andy obrien is a fantastic permanent signing alright it was an unlikely point at times but at least we kept going til the end we were flat today for 90 mins .points dropped over this festive period i feel albeit a point gained today mccormack who i like needs a goal and to be fair my grandmother would have scored that today but id like him to get a run as i would paynter but he cant play em all whos happy with our position over all then me for 1 hands up the rest

  6. steve underwood

    It seems like we just ran out of steam today so a point won,Not sure who else we should sign woodgate seems a strong rumer,but how many games would he play,a better option would be killgallen we not sure wat bromby did wrong played well against QPR then dropped for me he is better than collins.One thing today with grayson playing hughes at left back wat message does that send out to bessoni and parker that a bit part right footed midfielder is better than reconised left back

  7. Ron

    O’Brien has earned a deal for mine, but don’t agree we need him for 2 and a half years? In reality, if we are promoted, he won’t cut it in the Prem or else Bolton would be keeping him. I agree on the earlier comment re. Lloyd Sam. He was one our best attacking players in the first quarter of the season and created a spark today, albeit in a flat performance across the park. Happy to give McCormack more time and it sounds like Grayson will give him every opportunity given the outlay to sign him. Feel our bench is potent going forward, especially with Watt nearing full fitness. Whoever we sign, I am just happy we have a manager and a chairman who appear to be chums. This division is wide open and I am encouraged they are going after promotion. Consolidation is for minnows. MOT

  8. EYLeeds

    O’Brien is a good signing at this level and it’s a shame Kisnorbo isn’t playing alongside him – that would be a good partnership.
    We were just flat today and the atmosphere in Elland Road didn’t help to raise the players. Can’t believe we were outsung by the smoggies. Not sure whether the chavs in the away end were being ironic about singing Leeds is a shit hole!

  9. Bill

    Boro came and went all out to stop Max and Snoddy, often having 3 on Snoddy. That stopped any supply and coupled with a generally tired performance led to a frustrating afternoon. Yet to see it on telly but I think a cracking finish by Becchio.

    Bad miss by McCormack that had it gone in may have finally cleared a few hangovers.

  10. mightywhite83

    why the hell is collins playing at centre halve??? bruce is better and bromby is beter than both of them. now weve signed obrien id like us to show some intent and sign woodgate and smith…obrien and woddgate surely would be the best pairing in the championship…and as for the smith debate he was forced to go to salford united as they were the only ones willing to pay the money upfront for him rather than in installments and as for the argument about hes not good enough did anybody watch newcastle last season??? he was there captain and their drive in midfield also one of the main reasons they went up.

    also wats happened to somma??? he must really be questioning why he signed a new contract and i dont blame him.

    on a positive note tho we are in a really good position for automatic promotion…..IF?! simon grayson gets the right men in for the final push.

  11. steve underwood

    just heard that cardif are signing parkin from preston thats all we need before tuesday.I cant see wat grayson see in collins god help us against aresnal lets hope we sign decent centre half

  12. Tim Wilsom

    Late nite and hangover meant I missed the first half on telly, seems I wasn’t the only one, terribly flat and some desperate attacks on goal, McCormack ?? Was good to hear O’Brien had signed and the late goal was all it took to get the head bangin again, and wake the family from their slumber. Seeing how I only caught the last 30 mins I watched the Boro game from earlier in the season on the dvr. Agreed, Sommas gotta be a little dumbfounded

  13. Paul South Wales

    McCormack will come come good guaranteed, my mates are all Cardiff fans and were gutted to see him go. I think we’ll do Cardiff Tuesday, and the talk is he’s only got a few games left to turn it around. I don’t think Bellamy will play Tuesday, and Boothroyd is a doubt. Although if pie-man Parkin is drafted in he prove a thorn in our side. I Bet Clarkes are rubbing their hands at the thought of big Jon coming to town!!!!

  14. Paul South Wales

    Typo “will come good”, and Jones only has a few games to turn it around. Note to self proof read before pressing submit

  15. Mike

    Dont bother about the typos Paul, TSS doesn’t, neither does his oppo MSG.
    We got the message, Parkin will mess with us again unless Larry has a cunning plan that lets us get back to first principles.

  16. TheReaper08

    Good news this, he obviously has the class and experience to lead the back line. It was also refreshing to hear that he attended the meeting with Bates with just his Dad, and he was able to negotiate a good enough deal to persuade him to ditch an attractive counter offer from Cardiff, perhaps he should have a word with Bradley Johnson.

    As for McCormack he is a good player who has been starved of game time, he will come good.

  17. TheReaper08

    @craig I don’t disagree with you, absolutely priceless. They took it in jest and negotiated the deal they wanted. O’Brien didn’t have to pay any agents fee either so he is a wealthier man.

    I wonder if all the people saying you should never go into a meeting without an agent ( defending poor Bradley ) are of the same opinon now ?

    • Colin

      I think this display of Ken’s “professionalism” shows every reason why you definitely need an agent to deal with this idiot.

      Crack a fat joke and then use the f-word – the man’s a prize arsehole.

  18. TheReaper08

    @colin Or he read the situation well, gelled with both player and Dad sealed the deal and we now have a PL centre back. The player has the deal he wants and isn’t paying any unnecessary fee’s to a leech agent. I will let you choose but I think in this case the mere matter of fact speaks for itself.

    • TheReaper08

      Oh and the simple matter that Bates is rather rotund himself and O’Briens dad was not only able to laught it off but put him back in his box with his own retort should say enough (and Bates took it all in his stride).


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