TSS is this week featured on Crystal Palace fanzine, Five Year Plan.

Alongside Five Year Plan’s views on Saturday’s 2-1 win for the Whites, you can also read a few paragraphs that author James Daly asked me to contribute.

Click here to read Five Year Plan’s match report.

4 Responses

  1. Bill

    Would agree we deserved the win but also I dont see Palace going down, so who….Preston, Scunny and …….?

    Once again I thought yesterday was a cracking match, great day out and 3 more points = :-)

  2. les irwin

    intresting to read bradley johnsons remarks in telegraph and argus to be fair he is right if anyone has read it noone knows the situation behind the scenes he says he wants to stay so we have to take that .booing him is not the answer ,neither is bates slagging him off in his programme notes we can agree or disagree but palace seem to get better when he went off on saturday .lets for once as a group get behind the lad and make him stay he has said publicly he wants to stay thats good enough for me and leeds have offered him a new deal so they must want him to

  3. Craig


    We scored two goals after Johnson went off and Eddie Gray was of the opinion that Johnson had a terrible match before he was withdrawn.

    His comment in the YEP is classic: “When I came, I said I wanted to get Leeds out of League One and I’ve done that… I’m not being big-headed…”

    OK so I’ve been judicious in my editing but I really think Johnson has an over-inflated view of his talent (the reason he shoots at every conceivable opportunity?) and is now realising that there is no queue of Premiership sides waiting to sign him up. Let him go I say. He is replaceable.

  4. Des

    Johnson had a terrible game, that was for all to see who attended on saturday. Not even his most diehard supporters could contest that.
    He is league 1 quality at best.


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