In a year that saw Leeds United finally escape the clutches of League One, there have been many players worthy of critical acclaim. Jermaine Beckford’s goals against Bristol and Manchester United will never be forgotten, but having left the club for Everton in the summer, he will not be considered in this poll.

Player of the year titles are won and lost on consistency, and The Scratching Shed’s will be no different. For inclusion, each player will have been with Leeds United throughout the entire year and will have featured in the majority of our games. Not only does this exclude the now departed Jermaine Beckford, but will also emit fan favourites such as Andrew Hughes and Patrick Kisnorbo due to their lack of time on the field.

Taking the above factors into account, we were left with just five contenders for this years title. You can vote and comment below now.

Who do you think will win the Yorkshire derby?

  • Leeds United (82%, 365 Votes)
  • Draw (7%, 31 Votes)
  • Sheffield Wednesday (11%, 51 Votes)

Total Voters: 446

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35 Responses

  1. Lowfields

    Becchio for me… his goals in April galvanised our promotion efforts after a very dodgy spring, and in our first season back in the Championship, they have propelled us into the Play-Off spots.

    A tireless, unselfish centre forward in the Mick Jones mould – and a very decent, humble guy too, by all accounts.

  2. Howard Bartle

    Howson gets my vote narrowly over Beccio and Snoddy. People always when talking about the final game of last season about Beckford but Howson’s contribution in that game was just as important. This season he is improving all the time. Beccio is having a great season to date. Snoddy was terrific last season but after missing the start of this season he is just running into form

  3. Matt BB

    for me the player of 2010 isnt on the list, Jermaine Beckford, scoring at old trafford and then banging in the goals that saw us promoted this Year – why isnt he on the list TSS?

  4. Colin

    Becchio was completely eclipsed by Beckford in League 1, and he’s our top scorer this season because he’s the only striker that starts regularly in our 4-5-1 and yet everyone’s voting for Becchio. Urrrgh.

    And I know the name of the one person that voted for Neil Kilkenny…

    It’s Neil Kilkenny.

  5. Lowfields


    From January to the end of the season – i.e. 2010 – Becchio got 11 league goals, including five in April, and was in the L1 team-of-the-week twice.

    Beckford, in the same period, got 9 league goals, and was in the L1 team-of-the-week once.

    I’d they the comparison holds up pretty well. In fact, I’d argue that in 2010, Becchio’s contribution was perhaps greater.

  6. Lowfields


    “Is there a better contribution than embarrassing Scum?”

    Yeah… helping your side get promoted to the Championship and repaying the fans and the manager by sticking around long enough to make sure they stay there.

  7. TSS


    Don’t kid yourself. Becchio would leave in a similar situation. All our players, with the possible exception of Howson, would do exactly the same.

  8. Lowfields

    Why didn’t you include him the poll then??!?

    Again, Becchio is still here and he’s now scored 10 league goals in 19 games (Allan Clarke’s ratio with England, by the way) to help us to 6th. What’s Jermaine Beckford done for Leeds in the last six months?

  9. Tim Wilsom

    Split decision but Becchio snatches it with his contribution thus far this season

  10. Gryff

    Agree with you 100% @TSS in re: Beckford/Paddy/Hughes.

    One man I would have voted for (that I can understand not making the list!) is Max Gradel because although he’s had his ups and downs, looking back on last season he almost single-handedly carried us at times during that abysmal new year. He’s also been a very exciting player for us in quite a few matches this season.
    As I said, I can understand him being omitted given the rules.

    I voted for someone, but in the interests of democracy I shan’t name him. I will say this: he’s rumoured to have cost less than Berbatov (and also rumoured to have scored more goals!).

  11. White to the core

    Someones already been hammering the xmas sherry by the looks of things either that or eating amsterdam xmas cake. 5 people seriously believe Bradley Pele Johnson to be our player of the year. In Santas words ho ho ho ho ho ho friggin no!

  12. Matt BB

    @tss well yes i.admit it to begin with, but i posted anyway. by definition irrespective of where he is now he remains the most important player of 2010, so why omit him? it kind of invalidates the exercise? why not a player of the season poll?

    • TSS

      We had a player of the season poll at the end of the season. This is the end of the year – different time frame.

  13. Matt BB

    and my vote there would probably go to becchio, comfortable in the championship, hard working and looks like a 20> striker this year.

  14. EYLeeds

    Got to be Snoddy for me. Very rarely has a bad game and gave Beckford and Becchio the ammunition by creating chances out of nothing. Has that extra bit of class that makes him stand out.
    Howson second.

  15. les irwin

    just thought i would say that as tss said all our players including howson would leave if their contracts allowed them to and a prem club came calling and yes for more money .just like we have moved for money in our careers
    back to the poll JOHNNY HOWSON FROM THAT 5 his time as captain was our best run last season one of the youngest in the squad he carries his captaincy responsibilities well ,and he does get better weekly although when he is bad, he is bad ,sadly people will not see past becchios goals football is more than that .as for beckford although he has left in 2010 he played for us for 5 months (jan-may) he will have played for everton fewer so he could be included for 2010 and should have got 100% of the votes in his last game asside from his goal he did really well as captain

  16. Mike

    No contest, it is definitely Johnny.
    He is destined to be a legend, not many lads that young could carry the weight of Captain and he does it brilliantly (mostly), Captain for life (career anyway. And when we talk of Becks goal against scum… is age counting against me or was it set up by a brilliant cross from…..

  17. Colin

    Totally agree with @number1inyorkshire @mikelufc Jonny Howson should be the winner. Most consistent player and the most versatile as well and captain also.

    The only thing I would add is that I don’t think Jonny, Snodgrass or Schmeichel would leave Leeds for a Premier League club, for a number of reasons – if Leeds are to get to the Premier League, then the team has to be built around these players – they know it, Grayson knows it and the board knows it. There’s unfinished business for these players – they’re going to get better and better. And this is the key point for me – those players would rather be gems in a Leeds United team than also rans in another PL team. They would get a very good wage in a Leeds PL team, earning over £1m in their lifetime playing a game they love at a club they love. And as the “gems” they get first pick on the sponsorship deals for being Leeds’ shining lights and that’s where the big money comes from – you know – sports drinks, appearing on sky/netflights etc. webpages.

    And while I’m at it, I’ve forgot one other name as well – Simon Grayson – he ain’t leaving Leeds for anyone. The only way he goes is if he gets sacked. He’s all over the BBC – on radio reports/clips on the website, sitting on the Football Focus sofa etc. Name another English manager that is known as “better” than Grayson – what are the options? Redknapp, Yes, Hodgson, okay…anybody else? No. Grayson knows the game and he plays it for sure, but he does genuinely love Leeds, but I think he tries to detract from that because I think he knows that one day he might be forced out and he can’t be seen as too affiliated to Leeds.

  18. Ron

    Snoddy for mine. Although I understand the admiration for Jonny and Becchio, Snoddy is the only player certain to play at a higher level in my opinion. Came back from a lay off and never missed a beat.

  19. Colin

    Oh come on, Becchio’s now got more than the rest of them put together. Who’s in charge of these votes? FIFA?

  20. TheReaper08

    @colin Are you Howson’s dad ? I can sense your disappointment, even through the internet.

    • Colin

      @TheReaper08 No I just want to throw some plaudits out there for a player that one day will be playing in a white shirt for England as well as a white shirt for Leeds United.

      Good to have you back Reaper, I thought you might have gone awol through too much work again :)

      • TheReaper08

        @colin Good to be back. I will be a little hit and miss at the moment and it is indeed work related. I finished a secondment last week & my old job no longer exists so I am trying to make myself useful until something comes up.

        Anyway enough about that, I voted Becchio for his tireless performances which have now also been accompanied by a good spread of goals.

      • TSS


        Thought it had been quiet! ;)

        Couldn’t see beyond Snoddy personally. The lad always gives everything for the team, is entirely selfless and has produced some of the greatest moments of football I’ve seen this year.

      • TheReaper08

        @TSS Subsitute quiet for boring ;)

        I wouldn’t argue with Snoddy or Howson as I can see the contribution and would understand why someone might vote for them. I am disappointed not to see Andy Hughes on there as he has become a bit of a favourite of mine. Ok, I understand the you have got to be playing and this season he has only featured a couple of times but what an attitude. How much better would football be if every player approached the game the way he does.

      • TSS


        I like Hughesy too. I like that he’ll play anywhere on the pitch, and always give it everything he’s got (however unsuccessful he may be). He had an excellent game this weekend too.

  21. martin

    Hi, I´m a big Leeds fan from Argentina, my vote is for Becchio, not because he is from Argentina, just because he have a great finish in this this time of the year, scoring a lot of important goals.
    Maybe if Snoddy play some more it coul be… And Howson are doing a great job to! I hope Jonny could be the next+500 player and the next “one club men” leading us to Premier!
    Thank you!
    Sorry for my bad english.

    • Colin

      @martin a very happy MOT Hello to you from Essex, England!! You’re english is fine with me.

  22. martin

    Thank you Colin! I have a Blog in spanish lenguage about Leeds United, it`s called “Spanish Leeds” you can visit! but it ´s in spanish!

  23. Gryff

    Nice to hear from Argentina, @martin! :-)

    @colin I was tempted to vote for Howson, but during our bad spell (that lasted months) in the Spring I can’t honestly say I thought he was in good form. His performance at Old Trafford was of course excellent and if he plays like he has done so far this season throughout 2011 i’m sure he’ll win it next year!


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