Leeds United chief executive Shaun Harvey has insisted that planned redevelopment of Elland Road will still go ahead, although he does concede that England’s failure to land the 2018 World Cup will delay progress.

The plans – which can be viewed here on the KSS Design website – would involve expanding the stadium to a capacity of 50,000, whilst also adding hotel, retail and leisure facilities around the ground.

The re-designed Elland Road has drawn considerable criticism from Leeds United fans who see the plans as ‘papering over the cracks’ and have described the square design as void of creativity.

I have to agree with the general consensus that the plans are extremely poor in design. They look like something thrown together by a German child with a Meccano set – highly practical, but lacking in aesthetic beauty.

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  1. West Stand Rebel

    I would just like some decent toilets in the West Stand that can be used without having to queue for ages or elbow the next guy out of the way whilst trying not to pee down his trouser leg. And honestly there are only 2 toilets available if you want a crap! Can we just get the basics right before worrying about 50k super stadiums.

  2. Craig

    I think the biggest problem is health and safety – can’t you just imagine the lemming-esque sight of hoardes of drunken fans falling over the edges to their death? ;)

  3. Christopher Gee

    Why worry. We’ll be in the Premiership and sold to an overseas billionaire before these plans ever get off the drawing board.

  4. saltburnwhite

    I think its a good thing that if we are to increase capacity and upgrade facilities , that we do stay at Elland Road Stadium , there is nothing worse than these brand new soulless flatpack stadiums . all the same . we should all do our best to keep these stadiums and upgrade them not demolish and have identical stadiums for everybody …pointless! grounds like leeds’ , evertons , villas will stand out if we keep them , and they will become the mecca for true football fans when the fixture lists are released at the start of each new season , and give them the chance to visit a real football stadium

    • Colin

      well said – and let’s also keep the original names rather than rebranding as Walkers, DW, Emirates, St.James Park@sportsdirect.com or whatever it is.

      A few little problems though:

      1) We don’t have enough money
      2) We don’t own Elland Road

      I can sort of understand building conference facilities that bring in money, but what’s the point in developing a stadium that you don’t own?

      Isn’t it about £20m to buy back Elland Road? If it is, then we won’t find the cash for that anytime soon, even if we are promoted to the Premier League.


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