The FA Cup minnows at Sold Trafford

A dreadfully slow news day today for Leeds United, with the only real story being on-loan centre-back O’Brien saying he doesn’t expect his deal at Bolton to be extended beyond the summer. Maybe we could swap him for Johnson in January?

Anyway, what I did happen to stumble across was an early Christmas message left for us on YouTube by everyone’s favourite glory hunters from Kent. This particular showing of affection took place during ManU’s League Cup Quarter Final hammering at West Ham, so maybe it was deja vu of their FA Cup failings the previous year?

“1-0, at the Beckford end…”

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  1. Nasty Jim

    Ha ha ha bless the plastic manure fans – dont think they will ever get over us doin em in the fa cup….love it!

  2. Dirty Leeds Blog

    you’ll be amazed (actually, probably not) how many of the scummers don’t realise the “34 years…” part actually refers to Man City as opposed to ourselves. The amount of times I’ve had that sung at me in the pubs in Grt Manchester is ridiculous. The best moment being when one particularly brainwashed scummer decided to work out the date in which the song referred to and asked me what tinpot trophy did Leeds win that year?

  3. Tommy

    Haha i get that too. I live in a town where there are alot scummers and they sing it and i just laugh and say they havent got a clue. O and i mention the cup game haha


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