With great wealth, comes great arrogance. Case in point, the Manchester City blog ‘This is our City’ that today suggests Leeds United fans are as arrogant as the Scousers and the red part of Manchester (well… Kent mainly, but you know what I mean!)

The quite frankly remarkable post asks why Leeds United fans have not been humbled by our epic fall from grace and ‘an extreme lack of success?’ Yes, that’s right Leeds fans. This is the same Manchester City that last won a trophy some 34 years ago, and who haven’t won the League title since the late 1960’s (Little Leeds United meanwhile have managed that particular feat three times since then, the last being 1992).

Whilst I’m sure Manchester City’s barren run will come to an end with the seemingly endless supply of money they have at their disposal, us little Leeds United fans will always bask in the knowledge that all our trophies have been achieved without the help of some oil-rich Arab. Much like Chelsea, anything Manchester City achieve will always be worthless as far as I’m concerned.

The same writer has also taken exception to a Leeds United fan suggesting Becchio is better value for money than Carlos Teves. Clearly lacking a sense of humour, the writer fails to realise the comparison is not only meant in jest, but is also a great compliment to Carlos Teves, in that other clubs wish for their players to be compared with such a world class player.

To be on the wrong end of such an attack from supporters of Chelsea is one thing, but I’d expect City fans to be more sympathetic to Leeds United’s current situation. For one thing, City also spent years living in the shadows of their rivals and also adopted a similarly defiant attitude to what we show today. Moreover, City should understand the attitude shown by Leeds United fans is not individual to us as a club, but indicative of all northern people. It’s the defiant ‘us against the world’, fiery northern attitude you can expect to find in almost every city north of Birmingham.

I can only reason that This is our City is written by a 15 year old with a crayon, oblivious to the history of Manchester City having jumped on the glory hunting bandwagon quite recently as the multi-million pound players came rolling in. Manchester City have always been a club I felt quite an affinity towards due to a mutual hatred of Manchester United, but if this is an example of an average 21st century City fan, I think that affinity may be as far behind us as Man City’s own taste of humble pie.

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  1. Ellie The Elland Road Elephant

    “I can only reason that ‘This is our City’ is written by a 15 year old with a crayon.”

    So why engage with it, instead of just ignoring it?

      • timm

        @TSS I think you need to give that lad some lessons in how to run a fans forum? He’s getting slaughtered over there! To say his article is wide of the mark would be an understatement! But at least we got the right to reply. I can’t tell you the number of times i’ve tried to post on scum sites & not made it past the moderator. Early Jan this year seems to ring a bell?!

  2. blueyorkie

    As a City fan I read the article written by a Leeds fan and criticised in a City blog. Frankly I think the guy who wrote the blog completely misunderstood the article on Becchio, when i read it I expected to see a comparison of him and Carlos, no such thing was written. Don’t judge us because of a misguided article.

  3. Andy Robbo

    I am a blue and even i read that post with a bit of a puzzled expression.

    Thing is – there are just too many blues on the defensive at the minute. No one likes their true love being pillored by the press so mercilessly.

    I agree with Ellie the Elland Road Elephant – i read both positive and negative stuff about my club, agree with very little of it and then forget about it.

    Peace and love

  4. Armchair White

    On the whole I don’t have any beef with Man City fans. It must take some character to stick by their team and endure all that insufferably smug self satisfaction that comes out of the other half of their city. And they stuck by there club when they were down at similar depths that we’re recently experienced – even getting bigger gates (although to be fair they went there in far better financial shape, were not there for long, and didn’t have to pay Ken Bates prices).

    This is though the third silly swipe at us from Man City fans that I’ve seen in the last week or two, which, I suppose just goes to prove that there is an exception to every rule.

    Then again, as a Kent based Leeds fan, this post is also the 2nd swipe I’ve seen at Kent, just today, and just on this blog…..

    • TSS

      @Armchair White

      Haha. No offence intended. I’m pretty sure you weren’t sold on Leeds United due to glory – You were grossly misinformed if that’s the case.

  5. CiTyBlUe

    Heres something new for you all, heree I am that very City fan from This is our City.

    You Leeds fans can have your opinion on me but I can honestly say to me it will amount to nothing if all it is, is a flame.

    The fact I know atleast seven Leeds fans personally speaks for itself when two of them are quite disgusted with the way their fans act quite frankly, I have to agree when the other five act the way they do.

    The fact a few City fans disagree does not make me wrong and that is entirely upto them but the truth is, they do not know the thick of it.

    It is not the first time Becchio has been compared to Carlos Tevez and to even compare them both is idiotic, I would suggest looking for the older article and then make your mind up.

    You mention the fact we have not won anything for the past 34 years only you have no need as I am neither arrogant or self righteous and every long serving City fan will without any doubt know what humble means.

    Clear case people not liking to hear some truth from time to time, I can point to quite a few Leeds messageboards with incriminating material but feel no need to fuel the subject even further.

    • timm

      @CiTyBLUe Don’t take this the wrong way mate, but you’re article is poorly written & looks badly researched. Could you point us in the direction of the earlier comparisons? Just so we can get a sense of balance?
      I understand your enthusiasm for wanting to run a site devoted to the club you love,but you have to plant a seed & then leave it open for debate. I have no idea how old you are? But I’d put you at around 14?
      Whilst I admire your effort,I think it might be time to leave it to the grown ups?
      I would love a link to the earlier articles which draw direct comparisons between the great grafter that is Becchio & the true world class talent that is Tevez though? Surely I cant say fairer than that?

    • Chareose

      You know 7 leeds fans and some are idiots, therefore we all must be ??? You live in a very simple world mate dont you lol Every club has its element of idiots because they reflect modern society as do footballers who cheat and dont show loyalty to their clubs. Does every man city fan look like Liam or Noal gallagher then ?? your all living in moss side ????!!! no you arnt…. same can be said about leeds fans ( note i feel like im talking to a 5 year old explaining this and im writing this with some sarcasm….)

  6. Max.

    The fact the writer kicks off with a comment about Leeds should be more humble having dropped into League 1 is the most bizarre, given Man City’s history – demoted to same division 1998 (first ever former European trophy winner to go down to third tier), came back up via play-offs (this was before the era of points deductions) the following year.

    Nobody’s given us a free, taxpayer subsidised stadium, either. And you’ll find very little adverse comment on that blog, given all comments need to be approved.

    BTW, TSS, that’s barren, not baron.

  7. Max.

    BTW I think the recent linking of Becchio to Tevez is more to do with them having been in the same youth setup in Argentina and Becchio being a mate of Tevez. Becchio raised it in recent interviews and suddenly they’re linked in people’s minds. I don’t have any real complaint about city but at any given time you’ll find *someone’s* supports being prats, and Leeds’ support on the web makes it more likely that we’ll get dragged in (remember all those little club sites in League 1 making up stories to pull web hits from Newsnow? Just ignore them).

  8. Gryff

    “The fact I know atleast seven Leeds fans personally speaks for itself when two of them are quite disgusted with the way their fans act quite frankly, I have to agree when the other five act the way they do.”

    To me this read surprisingly similarly to: ‘Some of my best friends are black’

    Clearly this is a case of some dustbin cleaner who doesn’t have the intelligence to distinguish between serious analytical commentary and a tongue-in-cheek exaggeration!

  9. SR

    So you are basing your opinions of a whole club on one small personal blog!!?? Come on!!

  10. CiTyBlUe

    Max max max max max, I approve more or less every comment apart from the meaningless flames and oriental spam, take another look at all of my articles and you will realise that.

    If you cannot swallow even one opposing fans opinion then your in for one hell of a ride if you gain promotion.

  11. Melon Man

    As a Blue working in Yorkshire, got to say all the Leeds fans I know/meet are more than humble about their club, and generally wish City well in our battle against the Evil Empire in trafford!
    I know the work of the author of the piece, and I also have to say he is a true blue, but prone to go full on in his defence of City, which is more often than not justified.
    This time however, having read the article in question, I think he’s got the wrong end of the stick, although only he can confirm this.
    Best of luck to leeds, maybe next season we’ll see Tevez versus Becchio round one!

  12. CiTyBlUe

    Melonman, your absolutely on the mark when you say I hold back no punch and sometimes its is not the best trait to have but I refuse to change. It is probably why I have not been endorsed by our club as when it comes to journalism there is no such thing as freedom of speech generally.

    Like I said on my blog, I never said Leeds were a smal club, I never said City were bigger yet quite a few Leeds fans have flamed me with comments like who’s bigger than who etc.

    There has been more than one article written on becchio/Tevez mind, TSS only chooses to pickup on one of them which is very convenient.

    Nice one.

  13. TSS


    It should also be noted that TSS doesn’t moderate comments either and has allowed you a forum in which to argue your point and provide links to the afore mentioned articles.

  14. john treacy

    short memory you have across the pennines.jim barron,and bob stokoe put your trophies down to pure bribery

  15. CiTyBlUe

    A good suggestion to create a forum for my blog but there are a few factors that go against a one man band.

    There are enough forums around for City fans without me adding another, if a City fan or any other fans wants to air their opinion then they can do so, all I require is the ability to moderate to a point where I can sift out the spammers and flamers who bring meaningless and useless comments to the fold.

    Is that a bad thing or what?

  16. TSS

    @John Treacy

    Allegations that were never proven and probably stemmed from jealousy. A poor campaign from the London and Manchester based press to undermine the achievements of dirty Leeds. We were never liked and have been subjected to such absolute nonsense throughout the last half century.

    That’s beside the point anyway. The point of this discussion is that one of your own bloggers is so void of a sense of humour, that his teddy went straight out of the cot when a Leeds fans compared Becchio to Teves. He then brought hypocrisy to a whole new level as he called Leeds United arrogant despite having won nothing in years – clearly failing to realise Man City’s trophy-less run stretches much further back than Leeds’, and that his own team have not exactly been humble in recent years. “This is our City” billboard being an amusing, yet fitting example.


    I wasn’t suggesting you create a forum. The definition of the word forum is an open area where people can discuss their views. In the above context, I meant I’d allowed you to reply here without moderation or undermining your views.

  17. CiTyBlUe

    Excuse me TSS, I never called Leeds United arrogant, I could some Leeds United fans arrogant and there is a difference.

    I think you need to get a grip of yourself chap, only now my blog is being spammed with comments from Leeds fans stating how big you are and how small City are, if anyone are hypocrites it is you lot.

    Think I have said enough and wasted enough time here.

  18. TSS


    For “now my blog is being spammed with comments from Leeds fans stating how big you are and how small City are”

    Read “now Leeds United fans are on my blog pointing out the sheer hypocrisy of my own post”

  19. KarLLL

    Just wanna say that this makes for great reading and this is why TSS and CiTyBlUe go to all the effort for their forums. Keep up the passion and the works on both sides lads.

  20. Gryff

    Feel sorry for the kid now, actually.

    He’s pushed on trying not to admit he completely misconstrued the article and now he’s got nowhere to go!

  21. Max.

    On the fact that even the most meaningless spam gets approved on that blog, I have to admit I was wrong. For example, the last comment is:

    “Wolves dressed as Sheep”

    … from someone called CityBlue. Not entirely sure what that is meant to mean but it does show the very low threshold for comment approval. So, I fully take back the implication that the city blog in question is filtering out drivel.

  22. WAFLL

    I’ve got it, finally, after all these years.

    That bird thingy on the citeh crest, is, in actual fact the legendary Oozlum bird.

    ….. I’ll sleep a lot better tonight.

  23. rickylufc

    i Left a comment lads, i said nothing about whos bigger and whos smaller so we’ll see if it goes up. it my own eyes it wont.

    Have to laugh at him though for creating such a stupid piece of quite frankly shit.

  24. Mike

    Plain to see theres not much to write about today, leave the lad alone with his fantasies.
    I have said before that TSS and MSG are the same due to their appalling spelling but I know for a fact that is not true, one id really MSG and the other is DW :-)

  25. Colin

    Man City are the perfect example of one of those clubs that are so dull that they spend most of their time moaning about other clubs rather than talking about their own. Man City hate scousers, Man United, Leeds, Londoners…yawn.

    Leeds United are bothered about Leeds United and that’s all. End of. Doesn’t really matter whether Leeds are Premier League Champions or bottom of the 4th division. We’re Leeds United and that’s all that counts.

    I don’t have an issue at all with Manchester or either of it’s teams. It’s actually a pretty good city – one of the best in the country in fact. But I’m not a Mancunian and I don’t live in Manchester so I’m not really bothered about what goes on there.

  26. All white on the night.

    Well, as the old saying goes. City blue is a really well balanced chap. He has a chip on both shoulders.

    Shame though that he gave in before providing those links to the previous blogs that so blew wind up his arse.

    I suspect that just like his seven Leeds supporting friends they don’t actually exist.

    Poor little boy.

  27. Simon Donnelley

    Leeds based Manc Blue here…

    Never found the Leeds fans to be arrogant. Quite the opposite, in fact. More self deprecating and simply love the club.

    Sadly missed. Hope that there is a quick return the big time… Good luck

  28. J4ckBl4ck

    MAX said “Nobody’s given us a free, taxpayer subsidised stadium, either. ”

    See this is one of those myths put out by the rags that everyone seems to swallow. Fact is nobody gave us a
    stadium either, one of the conditions of COMS being built was that it had a sustainable use after the games.
    We were needing a new stadium and came to an agreement with Manchester City Council and the Sports Council that we would take over the stadium and pay for it’s conversion to a football stadium, which we duly did. Part of that agreement was that we give MCC a proportion of the ticket reciepts each season as well as allow the stadium and to be used for the benefit of the community during the off season. To me and most City fans this is a perfect arrangement and one that other clubs should consider. Yes we got a new stadium out of the deal but Manchester got a great facility and a hefty wedge each year to be used for the benefit of the community as a whole. It brings Manchester City FC and the City of Manchester closer together. To the extent that the two feel like one and the same. Rather than burden taxpayers with a white elephant , the dome anyone ? Manchester City council and football club came to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Seems like good business to me. Incidentally, I quite like Leeds and would love to see them back in the Prem.

    • timm

      @J4ckBl4ck That’s a really good point that you make. I think it’s something which more councils should be looking at. I’m a Leeds fan from North Yorks, & my wife is from Chadderton. She rides at Manchester Velodrome every 2 weeks, & it’s a fantastic facility. It’s refreshing that something that was built for an event is then given over to the Community. I’ve no doubt that Leeds would benefit from a ‘City of Leeds’ complex which incorporates a state of the art stadium with a velodrome etc. Unfortunately, we have a council that historically has no interest in it’s football club,so i’m not holding my breath!

    • WAFLL

      I’m pretty sure that most other cities across England would love a state of the art stadium built, one that could be shared with their city’s football team and the larger community. The problem is other cities wouldn’t get the funding from Whitehall for such a project.
      The City of Leeds couldn’t even get funding for a tram (Supertram) and now finds itself scrapping in a losing battle for the Tbus at a considerably reduced cost, so forget a new stadium.
      How are those extension’s to metrolink going by the way?

  29. Camaac

    Read the first couple of paragraphs of this then thought: just don’t rise to the bait. As a Leeds fan since 1970 I suspect that the vast majority of City fans who have been around that long will be holding their tongues until they see silver and will wait for a Premiership before they start to clear their throats properly and even then it won’t be us in their sights.

  30. Andy

    hmmm i like what TSS is saying, but i also like what City Blue is saying, which is best? only one way to find out…………………..FIIIGHT!!!!!

  31. CiTyBlUe

    Cammac, as a City fan since 1975 I am well within my right to point out some truth, pity you lot find it hard to swallow and just shows how pathetic you really are.

    I have a little laugh at your expense and you all whine and biitch about it, the fact that you make out your all squeeky perfect and that your all only ever interested in your own club stinks of one huge lie.

    Since I published the article that wound you all up I have been inundated with comments and emails from Leeds fans claiming City are a nobody soulless club and that Leeds are far bigger and better and how they are going to prove so when they are promoted.

    If that does not stink of arrogance then what does and it only goes to prove how two faced you all are pretending to like City when under all the misty clouds you think the same way every other opposing club thinks.

    One or two city fans may think diferently to me but it is hardly every single one of them is it, like I said before I dont care if one or two City ans think otherwise as I stick by my opinion.

    That will explain my Wolves dressed as Sheep comment for you.

    Have a nice day!

  32. TSS


    You really need to move on mate. You embarrassed yourself and your team by posting something riddled with inaccuracies and overloaded with hypocrisy.

    Your initial rant was because someone compared Becchio to Teves. Instead of understanding the tongue-in-cheek angle from which it was written, you instead decided to post an article that was ridiculed and torn apart by not only myself, but a wide audience of Leeds United and Manchester City fans.

    Rather than accepting your own stupidity and apologising for the ill-judged post, your own stubbornness has led you to persist in a pathetic and unwinnable attempt to turn the tables. All the while, you’re simply making yourself look like even more of a clown and giving fans even more ammunition to poke fun at you.

  33. CiTyBlUe

    Get a grip TSS I am no more wrong than you are right and my article was on the ball, the fact that the article writing Leeds fan wrote Becchio and Tevez’s name in the same sentence smacked of idiocy and the fact I have been plastered with emails and comments from Leeds fans claiming Leeds are bigger and better than City only prove my point that you all hide behind the web of lies that you hold some kind of affinity with us.

    The fact we both hate United bal blah blah etc when in all honesty your no different from any other clubs fans.

    Wolves dressed as Sheep, wheres this wide audience of city fans?

    All i see is one or two son, get a grip.

  34. TSS


    The Leeds fans have done nothing but state facts to you, that you have struggled to accept.

    And as for Becchio/Tevez – Why anyone would see that as anything less than complimentary is a mystery. I’m pretty sure Tevez hasn’t thrown his teddy out of the cot. Just because you can’t spot humour when you see it, it doesn’t mean you should throw a strop and then spout a load of nonsense on your blog.

    I’d ask that you point out the part where I was wrong about anything (and indeed, you were right about anything), but figure it’ll be the same as the links we have continually asked for that you still haven’t provided. It’s all very good running your mouth – then having the front to call other people ‘keyboard warriors’ – but if you can’t back up your points with evidence, then your blog will continue to be ridiculed.

    Ever heard the expression ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen?’ Wise words…

  35. Sammy

    @CityBlue I’d still like to see those articles of Leeds fans slagging Tevez off months ago?!? Carlitos is a bit of a ledg in my eyes. Particularly because if the way he left scum utd. MOY

  36. CiTyBlUe

    I am guessing you love the sound of your own voice TSS, as for my blog being ridiculed well you really need to buy yourself some smelling salts or something.

    I don’t feel I have to back up my article as your fellow Leeds supporters have already provided us with enough evidence to confirm that you are infact exactly what I said you were.

    A bunch of wolves dressed as sheep pretending you have an affinity with us only you all think your club are still as high and mighty as you did in the past despite your fall from grace.

    Also confirming that under all the blah blah you think the exact same as every other clubs fan that have a problem with City.

    • TSS

      LOL. Talk about kettle calling pot. How many comments have you posted now after “proving your point?”

      By failing to back up your article with solid facts, you’ve undermined the entire thing. That makes it no better than the average Daily Mail story, heavy on stereotypes and full of wild conjecture.

      Go away you sad little idiot.

  37. CiTyBlUe

    Sammy, I would have to sift through every link on newsnow for the past month just to find it as my pc’s are wiped clean using Ccleaner amung other utilities so my activity is only recorded for a short time which means I cannot retrieve via my browser.

    Forgive me if i choose not to spend hours and accept I feel no need due to having been supplied enough evidence from upset Leeds fans.

    • AussieWhite

      For: ” my pc’s are wiped clean using Ccleaner”
      Read: “Sir, the dog ate my homework”
      Read: ” I haven’t really got anything to back up my quite ridiculous article”

      End Of.

  38. Sammy

    Well if u can’t prove it I really don’t believe it. I’ve got my own blog and have been a follower of a lot of Leeds blogs for years now. TSS is a personal fav!

    The most recet becchio/ Tevez blog u refer to is a bit of banter and you need to accept a lot of what u blogged about is wrong and injustified. Thankfully myself an other Leeds fans aren’t narrow minded enough to take it out on all city fans but as usual the small minority (u in this example) are wrong!

  39. CiTyBlUe

    Sammy do you seriously think I care about what you and other Leeds fans think, while we are at it do you also think I care whether you find my blog good or not?

    I could not care less about any of the above or about whether you believe me or not, just to show how much I care ill make this my very last comment so feel free to carry on with your friends.

    • timm

      @CiTyBlUe Please pack it in mate. I’m being totally serious here. I’ve no problem with City fans. If you see my reply to a fellow city fan re what a great example Manchester council have set with your stadium & the Velodrome you should realise that i’m a fair person.
      I suspect you’ve read a headline & put 2&2 together & made 5? There’s no comparison being made between the 2 players. Surely you can’t have a go at someone for mentioning 2 players in the same headline? If the local Leicester paper says ‘Matty Fryatt hopes to outshine Tevez’ before the cup tie,will you be running a piece on how arrogant Leicester are? I don’t think you need me to tell you that us Leeds fans are well aware that Tevez is a superior player to Becchio mate? Although i don’t happen to think that Tevez is 150 grand a week better! We can all see what’s happened here, you’ve failed to research the story before jumping in with both feet. Leave it alone now mate & learn from it.

  40. Mark R

    Well said Timm.

    Talk about a storm in a tea cup.

    Talking of tea …. time for a cuppa .


  41. Chareose

    i actually quite liked man city until i read this…………ask yourself why leeds fans react ??

    Same reason you are reacting mate, we all love our clubs, now fuck off and get a life please :o)


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