With great wealth, comes great arrogance. Case in point, the Manchester City blog ‘This is our City’ that today suggests Leeds United fans are as arrogant as the Scousers and the red part of Manchester (well… Kent mainly, but you know what I mean!)

The quite frankly remarkable post asks why Leeds United fans have not been humbled by our epic fall from grace and ‘an extreme lack of success?’ Yes, that’s right Leeds fans. This is the same Manchester City that last won a trophy some 34 years ago, and who haven’t won the League title since the late 1960’s (Little Leeds United meanwhile have managed that particular feat three times since then, the last being 1992).

Whilst I’m sure Manchester City’s barren run will come to an end with the seemingly endless supply of money they have at their disposal, us little Leeds United fans will always bask in the knowledge that all our trophies have been achieved without the help of some oil-rich Arab. Much like Chelsea, anything Manchester City achieve will always be worthless as far as I’m concerned.

The same writer has also taken exception to a Leeds United fan suggesting Becchio is better value for money than Carlos Teves. Clearly lacking a sense of humour, the writer fails to realise the comparison is not only meant in jest, but is also a great compliment to Carlos Teves, in that other clubs wish for their players to be compared with such a world class player.

To be on the wrong end of such an attack from supporters of Chelsea is one thing, but I’d expect City fans to be more sympathetic to Leeds United’s current situation. For one thing, City also spent years living in the shadows of their rivals and also adopted a similarly defiant attitude to what we show today. Moreover, City should understand the attitude shown by Leeds United fans is not individual to us as a club, but indicative of all northern people. It’s the defiant ‘us against the world’, fiery northern attitude you can expect to find in almost every city north of Birmingham.

I can only reason that This is our City is written by a 15 year old with a crayon, oblivious to the history of Manchester City having jumped on the glory hunting bandwagon quite recently as the multi-million pound players came rolling in. Manchester City have always been a club I felt quite an affinity towards due to a mutual hatred of Manchester United, but if this is an example of an average 21st century City fan, I think that affinity may be as far behind us as Man City’s own taste of humble pie.