Kasper fumes at bad referees

Kasper Schmeichel has attacked the referee that denied Leeds United a clear-cut penalty in the 3-3 draw to Portsmouth yesterday.

Speaking on his Twitter account, Kasper Schmeichel said he was “sad, sorry and depressed” after Leeds surrendered a two goal lead to the formerly Premier League, Portsmouth. He later went on to take a cheeky swipe at the match referee David Webb, for his part in the defeat tweeting;

“All the best to the 2 teams with that ref next game…”

Meanwhile, Simon Grayson admitted he too thought it was a penalty. Speaking to the Yorkshire Evening Post, the Leeds United manager said that he asked David Webb about the incident following the game and the ref said he didn’t think it was a penalty. The Leeds manager went on to defend the Leeds fans abuse of the referee saying that;

“Our fans are knowledgeable and they wouldn’t give the referee the stick he got coming off the field for no reason. I’m not going to say how good or bad the referee was. I’ll just say I thought our fans were right.”

Even the Portsmouth manager had sympathy with Leeds United fans saying that the game was too big for the inexperienced Webb.

Whilst Leeds United will have to accept the defence was a bigger problem than the referee, it’s frustrating that twice in three days Leeds United have suffered as a direct result of hopeless refereeing. Four points to the referee.

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  1. Tim Campbell

    Two almost identical games within a space of a few days – amazing!! Whats galling is that not only did we give 2 goal leads away twice, but we finished strongly in both games and perhaps the rub of the green has gone against us decision wise. Only plus point is we are still unbeaten; but with cardiff and middlesborough up in the next two a minimum of 4pts is doable

  2. Gryff

    All part of the rich tapestry!
    Considering relegation didn’t look to be completely ruled out at the end of October, i’ll take a biased ref & 1 point in the occasional match…

  3. Marc Butterworth

    I am suprised to hear people talking about “Must win” games at this point in the season. I would have gladly settled for mid table this season so anything above that is a massive bonus for me. I dont think we have ANY must win games this season. We are sitting in fourth spot, on the back of an 11 game unbeaten run and STILL the fans insist in heaping endless amounts of pressure on the team by imposing “Must win” games on them.

    Jees, will we never learn?

  4. Dewi Powell

    As bad as the ref was, it wouldn’t have mattered if Kasper had communicated to O’Brien for the last goal.

  5. Irving08

    Dewi…I agree – O’Brien was put in a very difficult situation. Not to worry, they were a good side with talented players, bags of spirit and great fans, in short, a bit like us !


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