Andy Robinson has left Leeds United by mutual consent.

Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson leaves Leeds

The 31 year old midfielder has been short of first team opportunities for the past year or so, his last league start coming in May 2009. After joining the club in 2008 Robinson made 50 appearances for Leeds, scoring seven goals.

The former Swansea man made very few appearances for Leeds last year but nonetheless played a vital part in our promotion. Some of you may remember his wonder goal against Millwall for Tranmere Rovers, where Robinson spent the end of last season on loan. This goal ensured Leeds stayed above Millwall and in the second automatic promotion place. Had we been able to beat Charlton on that day we would have secured promotion without the last day drama.

Robinson was told to find a new club at the start of the season and he will now be able to join someone new on the 1st of January. The club says it is a chance for Andy to further his career.

Despite being surplus to requirements, I’m sure he’ll be missed (at least by the pie shops of Leeds).

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  1. trueyorxman

    He had 10x the talent of a certain ‘Premiership bound’ Bradley Johnson tho’. Not his fault Leeds tempted him with a nice big contract to entice him back to League One then never use him. Good luck to the lad I say

  2. LSD&2Es

    I always liked Robbo and he’s been the top scorer in the reserves. Better than Johnson IMO.

    Shame, but if it frees up some wages for Bates’ Directors Xmas Party, all the better ;)

  3. md

    Think he could at least have been tried in Johnsons role this term. We probably had to pay him some kind of severance deal to leave early anyway.

  4. Christopher Gee

    Stylish crowd pleaser but with no pace he always looked a bit of a luxury item

  5. Mike

    It is this nasty vindictive streak in larry that makes me distrust him.
    What the hell did he do wrong.

    • Craig


      If you look below Mike I think you’ll find your answer. Only 11 players can play in the first team and it doesn’t take a vindictive streak to decide that Robinson isn’t up to wearing a Leeds shirt as a result of his unprofessional behaviour.

    • TSS


      I think that may have come across a little harsher than intended. I have nothing against Andy, but he appeared to be clinging on at Elland Road as long as possible on a bumper pay deal that must have been costing us a fair few quid while he brought a carbon footprint to the reserve carpark.

  6. Will

    or me, “Robbo” comes across as a disgrace of a “professional” footballer with no obvious pride in being fit enough for his job.

    Quite how he can be defended is beyond me.

  7. Paul South Wales

    What rubbish will, he is one of those players who’s always carried a bit of weight, as he did with Swansea, and was in the team of the year when they went up. He still bangs in goals in the reserves but was binned by Grayson for whatever reason, as for good riddance, don’t get that one, he gave his all in the stiffs but still didn’t get a look in. The wages element is good for Leeds as was a big earner (apparently), but I feel a bit for him.

  8. Mike

    As I remember he was Captain of the team of the year and left after getting promoted because he wanted to play for Leeds, just because Larry didn’t like his face should he give up his contract?

  9. AcresLeeds

    It’s good that he’s gone and I say that simply because it has been abundantly clear that Grayson does not like and/or will never play him.Unfortunately for Robbo he never really did himself any favours with his start for us when he first joined although, imo he has subseqeuntly been treated harshly by Grayson who hasn’t given him a sniff despite scoring goals for the reserves.

    Thankfully, we didn’t pay a transfer fee but,we have still ‘lost’ a lot of money on him by way of signing on fees and top wages.To compound that I suspect that he would have been paid a handsome bounty to tear up the remainder of his contract so it’s not really something that we as Leeds fans should be rejoicing about.

    I wish him luck but not when he may face Leeds with thefor the opposition.

  10. Chris

    I wish him well but he has no place in our squad which is built on talent and hard work. People criticise Johnson hitting row Z with 10 shots each game. IMHO Robbo was even worse. Couple that with poor fitness and not great tackling ability and I can see exactly why he is not Grayson’s type of player.

  11. jibb

    Robbo was a great talent and crowd pleaser but after assurances after his first season that he would come back fitter & lighter, he didnt, also i remember him getting fined multiple times last season for things like turning up late to training & wearing flipflops in the team gym. seems to me like he knew he was on a big wage and couldnt be bothered / didnt care about working hard and getting into the team.

  12. Will

    As jibb confirms, he didn’t earn right to play due to a lack of poffessionalism.

  13. Mike

    I suppose you can also see exactly why Prutton also was not graysons type of player too!


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