Aidy White loaned to Oldham

Leeds’ left sided player Aidy White has joined League One side Oldham Athletic on loan until January. The winger has been gradually making a name for himself in the Leeds United side over the last couple of years, making 27 appearances since his début in 2008.

A lack of fitness has halted Aidy’s progress so far this season however and Simon Grayson revealed he would look to send him out on loan to gain match fitness and experience.

It’s unclear as to what position the 19-year old will occupy at Oldham, but after starting his career as a left-back, Simon Grayson did reveal earlier this year that he thinks Aidy White would be better suited to a position on the left of midfield.

International round-up

In other news, Max Gradel will have to wait a little longer to make his Ivory Coast début after missing out in their 3-1 defeat to Poland last night.

Davide Somma meanwhile, did get his first cap for South Africa in what must have been a somewhat bitter-sweet moment for the striker. South Africa lost 1-0 to the USA, but Somma still managed to shine for Bafana Bafana and was named man of the match by American sports network, ESPN.

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  1. Matt BB

    We seem to have a rising star on our hands in the shape of Somma, and tis pretty incredible when you think about the amount of rejection he has had in his career, not making it in the MLS, being rejected by the USA National team, and then being farmed out to Lincoln with a view to a transfer.

    Hopefully he’ll continue to develop as an all round player, as there are still a fair few facets of his game that need to improve, goalscoring not included!

    I’m glad white has gone out on loan to Oldham, I think its a good competitive level for him, and hope that he develops as a winger, he reminds me of a young kewell, hopefully he wont then complete that butterfly to caterpillar transformation that old Harry did.

  2. Si

    See Bradley has refused his contract and is now on the transfer list – good riddance

  3. Shez

    Beckford scenario all over again isn’t it, except he’s not as important as Becks, so best get a good transfer fee and send him packing. Can’t blame the clubs stance on contracts, but why announce it on the website, is it not better kept in house (or are they playing the player…or more importantly the agent…at their own game?)

  4. Dje


    Playing the player, IMHO.

    I doubt anyone will come in with money for Johnson in January, but might offer him a Bosman contract.

    Johnson and agent will probably then sit it out to see what is what come April: ie. are the teams interested in him likely to be promoted to the Premiership (us included?) and if any Premiership team is interested, will they avoid relegation?

    I find it hard to believe that an ‘establishment’ Premiership team would have any interest in Johnson, and to be honest I think our contract on offer to him is better value for him than it is to us. If he went for free – ach, meh.

  5. Matt BB

    yes I suspect someones had their head turned, and based on the tabloids given johnson is a scoring midfielder (well lets be honest 6% of the time he shoots) he is probably seen as a bit of a prospect by the sh1tty end of the PL.

  6. Si

    I am sorry but the man is an idiot! Who is going to want an “at best” lower half of the Championship footballer other than a lower half of the table Championship club.
    The man is deluded, stick him the reserves and let the dick head rot -its an insult to the football club and i am glad we didnt or wont offer him more money. Be ready for a rough ride Bradley you fool

  7. Dje


    I disagree about sticking Johnson in reserves – largely as I don’t see his decision not to sign a new contract that important to LUFC; so why over-react? Chances are it’ll only create disharmony in the camp with those who feel sorry for him and giving Johnson every reason to bad mouth Bates/ Grayson/ LUFC.

    As long as he is willing to put in the effort as usual, and the manager still sees tactical reasoning to play him, then play him. He’ll be in the shop window now so expect potentially great performances (well, great effort and even more ridiculous amount of shooting from range). Besides, there is every chance that his agent might suddenly bolt turn and come calling for a new contract in March when we (possibly) look good money for a shot a the playoffs. So why shut off all avenues of eventually so soon?

    AS to him being a dickhead. Yeah, maybe. He might only have been offered a year extension on the same rate of money he has been on in League One. In which case you’d feel a bit f***** over by it. We simply don’t know.

    Having said this, it is a risky strategy that Johnson + agent is taking. Already Grayson will be mulling over what new playing formations and tactics are going to work best post-Johnson. The scouts will already be dispatched to find a replacement too. So come January we could see a new face, a new formation, and Johnson kicking his heels for a few months on the bench.

    That is still a few eventualities to materialise before ditching him form the starting XI, mind.

  8. Si

    Point taken – i am just peeved that one of our less gifted players has the gawl to refuse a contract which I am sure is better than the one he already has, it has to be. He is rejected one and then been given another offer and rejected that one as well. Pisses me off but you are of course right!!

  9. mikelufc

    If a man says he is going to sign unless we offer more money now then he should not be be allowed to take a place that could be occupied by someone who does want to play for lufc.

    If it is quietly pointed out to him that refusal to sign will result in him taking the same job of robinson, not got one, not in the shop window,losing match fitness, etc he would have to be thick to continue on the present course so fuck him. Nunez should take over, he WANTS to play for us.

  10. Dje


    Again, we don’t know whether it is the length of the contract or the rate of pay on offer that has stopped him wanting to sign. In any other job – and it is usually the capriciousness of the boss and company with all the calling cards – when you are told that your contract / temping job is not going to be renewed you are still expected to turn up the next day and do exactly the same job you are doing. You aren’t relegated to make the tea and sweep the yard. But you are likely to look for replacement work elsewhere as quick as f***. Why should it be different in football?

    As to Nunez playing Johnson’s position, I can’t see how. They play entirely different positions and entirely different games. That is just an excuse to bemoan Nunez not getting as much minutes on the pitch as you rate him for and how little you rate Grayson’s decision to withhold this (possible) talent. A case for playing Clayton or Bruce instead – or simply sticking with the holy trinity of Faye-Howson-Kilkenny in the middle of the park seems more sensible.

    Personally though I would stick with Johnson in a recently winning formula and welcome the wages and opportunity to replace one positional player with a better quality one in January / next Summer. So no need to add a measure of vitriol to the current recipe, IMHO.

  11. Mike

    I fail to follow your logic so cannot respond.
    And you dont seem to think that Nunez could replace Bradley so we dont agree on much do we? :-)

    Except that I dont rate Graysons decision to withhold this (possible) talent.
    In fact as you may have guessed I don’t rate Grayson much at all, he is too vindictive, happy to destroy players confidence and maybe even careers for his own satisfaction, just my opinion you understand.
    But what goes around comes around, let’s wait and see.

  12. Dje


    Yeah, I think I missed out a verb in one of my sentences. I was trying to say that when it is agreed that a contract is not going to be renewed in any ordinary place of work that present contract is still expected to served out until the final date (unless some other mutual agreement can be arranged). You expect Johnson, Grayson, Bates and Co to be professionals and still give 100% regardless. So I can’t see any good grounds to drop someone who is currently in the 1st XI of a winning team on the back of todays contract/transfer listing debacle.

    Nunez is essentially played as a striker for Honduras. For all his last teams he has played as an attacking midfield/forward centre. He could replace Howson in his new liberated role, but to ask wee Nunez to play a defensive /physical role in place of Johnson is completely unproven that he can play that role at best.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about Johnson and never have particularly rated him. If he went on a free would be fine. But I am interested in continuing our momentum with the same XI personnel when either possible or best desirable. So I’d say stick with Johnson if he is going to put in the effort and sell / replace / drop come the new transfer window.

    • TheReaper08

      @djedjedje I love it when people compare football to what others would call real life.

      Fact is one of two things could have happened here. Either his head has been turned and an offer of a new contract elsewhere has been agreed, or he speculates that he can do better on the open market.

      If it’s the former which I suspect then he should be banished to the ressies at best, if he has secured a deal elsewhere then it makes no odds to him if he performs for Leeds. If it’s the latter the there is some justification for still playing him play as he attempts to convince prospective new employers.

      Personally he is now an unsettled player and potentially a bad influence so I wouldn’t play him full stop.

      • Dje


        Well, you still have to try and hang on to the over preened and ego driven coattails of the modern day footballer to try and bring a bit of reality to it all…

        I think the former case is called ‘being tapped up’ (or ‘taped’? Lol) and I am sure Leeds will be doing its investigative due diligence to see if anything (ie. legal compensation – always a delight for Bates) has been untoward.

        The third case, is that he was offered a one year extension – as Bates and Grayson know he is Championship quality at best – and Johnson is actually a born again Yorkshire man and wants to commit long term to the club. A romantic narrative, and unlikely this is true. But we don’t know the in’s and out’s of it.

        Grayson managed to get enough out of Beckford after he knew he was not going to re-sign for us last season, so I can see it not being a problem for Grayson to deal with Johnson – who I think he genuinely gets on with.

        If we had a ready made option to replace Johnson with, week in week out, then I’d agree and say drop him. Sadly our midfield has long been under numbered, and Clayton now out on loan only suggests that Johnson is still in the squad.

        I just cant see why we need to deliberately unsettle and create a bad influence in the camp when Johnson really isn’t that important to the future of Leeds United. If he underperforms and looks disinterested, then drop him, if not then see what’s what. So that is the same as any other footballer in the squad then.

        Having said this, I’d find a replacement in January and replace him the second the new guy comes in.

    • Dje

      And you don’t want to perpetuate a winning formula? sure, it’d give you a good reason to blame Johnson, Grayson, Bates etc. but it’ll get us nowhere.

      Face it: Norwich are good side who operate through a dynamic and combative midfield; we are away from home; and we have done well recently with 4-5-1.

      So, we will stick with 4-5-1.

      Who are you going to play as the central three in the midfield? If Faye is fit then you could go Kilkenny-Faye-Howson. But Even if Faye is fit, he is still only good for 60 minutes, so who are you going to bring on in his place? Clayton is now on loan, Bruce is untested (and never did that well at Ipswich as a defensive midfielder), your beloved Nunez is entirely unsuited to the position. So who else have we? Hughes who is L1 level at best, and Bromby who cant even get a game in our goal-leaking defense. IMHO, that leaves Johnson for 90 minutes or 30 minutes – I don’t care -at least he is combative and physical (unlike the others) n the middle of the park.

      Let’s face it, if Rooney can publicly question his club’s ambition, and endanger their financial future with his ridiculous wage demands and yet the club, country and fans can apparently fine that completely acceptable, then we can accommodate an over-inflated and deluded ego for a few months until we find a suitable replacement.

      Sometimes you have to stand up for a principle. This one is too lowly and simply not worth it.

  13. Mike

    This next game we are up against Norwich who have a manager with balls an he knows all about Leeds United, I fear the worst unless we spring a surprise or two.


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