We all know Leeds United’s influence spreads far and wide, but even I was surprised to see a group of South Korean schoolchildren reciting some of our favourite terrace anthems.

Credit goes to Nick Wade for his self-serving abuse of the South Korean educational system. We salute you, Nick!

  • trueyorxman

    Looks like they’ve got a good Korea in front of them!!

  • Craig

    Classic – let’s raise some sponsorship to get the lad on the left who doesn’t know when to stop to ER!

    • TSS


      As a replacement for Killa?


      Worst joke of the month award secured I reckon.

  • Richard

    Brilliant clip TSS

    Leeds fans here, leeds fans there………………MOT

  • trueyorxman

    Wonder if they’ll ever get the chance to watch ‘Reeds pray at Errand Load’?

  • Matt BB

    I think bates has been practising Korean for some time.
    Bi M Cheep, Pay M Lo..

  • Teacher of the decade