Call it karma

Our sulking about the horrendous foul Jay Bothroyd put in on Luciano Becchio, alongside Sky Sports’ replays and the media doing their part seems to have paid off – albeit, indirectly.

Bothroyd picked up his fifth yellow card of the season in Cardiff’s 3-1 win over Norwich City, meaning the high-scoring forward will miss the clubs local derby match against Swansea.

Of course, Bothroyd pleads innocence and blames the referee for picking on him. (Ever thought it might be karma, Jay?)

“My tackle against Leeds was highlighted a lot last week, but I went into that challenge with (Leeds striker Luciano) Becchio to win the ball, not to hurt him. I’m not that sort of player.

“I think that might have been in the back of the officials’ minds against Norwich because I didn’t touch their player.

“I’ve gone in to win the ball, their player has jumped up in the air and the referee saw fit to book me for that.”

There is an alternative way of looking at this Jay. Five yellow cards already this season suggests you’re clearly doing something wrong! Maybe you could try not flying in with potentially career-ending challenges and then maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t be in this unfortunate predicament?

With the Welsh FA powerless to absolve Jay’s sins, the striker will have to watch on from the stands – much like many of his victims.

  • henry vincent lewis

    “…their player jumped up in the air…”
    Can you blame him??
    He knew what was coming, TSS!!

    • TSS

      @henryv haha, never thought of that!

  • Mike

    Normally I would be completely impartial but now I am rooting for the Swans :-)

  • peter

    On the Bothroyd tackle..ask fifa and Blatter why it’s not a red card offence and/or why it’s a Welsh decision on punishment.


  • les irwin

    posted on this on the grella thread bothroyd is a twat and should have been banned for life alright over reaction but he has got his desserts moaning about getting all that bad press for getting him booked maybe the welsh fa should read the papers and subscribe to sky