Andy O'Brien with Leeds until January

Leeds have agreed a deal with Bolton Wanderers to extend defender Andy O’Brien’s stay at Elland Road.

The 31 year old defender has been in impressive form during his short time at Leeds and has definitely added some much needed experience to the back line. He is said to be enjoying his time in Yorkshire and is delighted to extend his stay through until January 4th.

Leeds are unbeaten in the five games O’Brien has played and he even managed to grab a goal in the draw against Hull City. Saturday’s game against Reading was to be the last of his initial loan deal but chairman Ken Bates has hinted at the possibility of keeping O’Brien beyond January.

Though I had doubts about the signing of a 31 year old when O’Brien arrived and despite lingering worries about the number of goals we’re still shipping there’s no doubt that the Bolton man has been a calming influence on our defence and I’m happy to see him extend his stay.

  • Gryff

    He’s been integral for us. Even though he’s shown limitations here & there, he’s infinitely better than the likes of Collins & Naylor.

  • paulg

    We lack experience – Naylor and Hughes apart (and neither of them are guaranteed places) it’s a pretty young squad – and O’Brien has certainly helped in that respect. 31 isn’t that old for a decent centre half, and I’d be happy to see him stay beyond Christmas ……

    • stotty

      I think he has been as influential as Kisnorbo when he came. I am not so sure Kisnorbo will ever be the same again with that injury at his age. For me if he returns fit and good it will be a real bonus I am not expecting.

  • henry vincent lewis

    Great news indeed!

  • Matt BB

    Now we want to see Mccartney stopping longer, and pssibly for both to be made permanent signings. It would be good to get that holding midfield role sorted as well.

  • Bill

    Good news re O’Brien, just fear Sunderland may want north of £1M at least for McCartney and that may be a problem?

  • trueyorxman


  • Mark R

    Good work SG. I think the first of several which will improve the team and squad come the end of January.


  • Anthony Lewis

    This is brilliant news! He has shown his experience and helped to shore up our back four somewhat now we just need that elusive clean sheet but this is a higher possibility with this guy in the team. I honestly think if he keeps this form going we should consider a permanent deal and he looks to be threatening at the other end of the pitch too.

  • les irwin

    obrien staying is fantastic .i hope it turns out to be a permanent deal same with mc cartney .some one has mentioned the transfer for mccartney being out of our reach .the answer get rid of naylor ,and some others ,
    if obrien stays full time i think he will be made captain ?????
    other good news that scumbag who has been on run for 10years in tukey has been caught ,as they say “DO NOT PASS GO ,DO NOT COLLECT £200 OF TO jail

  • Nasty Jim

    Thats brill news :-)

  • colin

    Extremely good news !! make him captain as from now. On the McCartney issue, as long as Bruce plays,I think McCartney will be allowed to stay on loan.

  • Paul South Wales

    Glad he’s staying. It’s a similar situation as when Naylor dropped down a league. He did a good job for us then, but when we returned to the league he came from he was dropped. The same will happen with O’Brian, he’s good for us where we are now. MOT

  • Matt BB

    in the name of all that is good and sacred why oh why is ridsdale allowed to wven talk to another football club?? he nearly destroys leeds, then barnsley, cardiff. now hes talking to plymouth, when will the football league put a stop to him?

  • trueyorxman

    Bolton interested in Johnson, we want O’Brien. Sounds like a fair swap to me

  • Hugh Fox

    He is what we need, he is very solid and a vital part of our defence

  • Mark R

    There’s a bizarre headline on the LUFC official site > Ramon Nunez …. but no news article … ?? Been there for the last hour or so. Anyone know anything ?


    • Dje

      @Mark R

      ‘Ramon Nunez… buys out Bates with immediate effect’.

      Would be good.

    • Craig

      I’ve just been wondering the same thing. I’m assuming the body of the article was withdrawn but as I was out when it first appeared I can’t be sure.

      • Craig

        The simple heading “Ramon Nunez” is normally the format used for a straightforward club statement – probably that he is leaving.

        • Dje


          That was my conclusion too. @weareleeds craftily suggested that it could have been a nothing story about Nunez’s first experience of snow – and they decided to pull the story for whatever reason.

          The LUFC has since posted some tat about the bonus features of LUTV membership so I presume they aren’t still in the process of writing up the club’s statement regarding Nunez.

          Guess it will have be added to that human dustbin that is commonly known as ‘One of Life’s Little Mysteries’.

  • Craig

    If it is the case I think it is sad. I thought that when he was brought on against Cardiff he looked sharp, confident and potentially dangerous.

    • Dje


      Not wanting to second guess the LUFC website story that never was, but I think Nunez wants to know what he is doing after January. If he aint getting games then he aint impressing other clubs who might be interested in him. So I could see him trying to negotiate an early release now – especially if Leeds have said it is unlikely they will extend his contract beyond January.

      Yes it would be a loss, IMHO. But considering we are on a good run of form and for once have a balanced looking team, it will be hard for Nunez to force his way into the starting XI. Having said this, it has been disappointing to see him not even get a place on the bench for the Norwich game. Kicking your heels in the reserves on a short term contract must feel like a waste of time.

  • Colin

    Worse still – a post like that could be also about an injury, but why pull that? Or also, and i hope not – something bad has happened to Nunez.

  • Matt BB

    Who woul Nunez supplant though in our current squad, we have effectively too many attacking midfielders and wingers (Howson, Snodgrass, Gradel, Sam, Snodgrass, Mccormack, White, Johnson, Watt) He had his chance to impress us, or as much as anoyone else and we havent seen a peep.

    I thought when i saw that on the website that they were going to release him, and i still think its a case of them pulling it as they had some issue to resolve.

  • les irwin

    had to have a laugh ian harte on reading website moaning
    firstly about obrien handling ball
    then quote of all quotes” hunt had a few chances their keeper was lucky to be in a place to save em ” does that mean that when he scores a free kick is he lucky that the keeper is not in a place to save them WHAT A CHUMP