Mike Grella

Mike Grella marked his full debut for Carlisle United with a goal against Charlton Athletic in a 4-3 thriller at Brunton Park.

Charlton had led the game 3-0, but Mike Grella’s 58th minute goal inspired a heroic comeback from the Cumbrians who scored three in less than twenty minutes to level the tie.

Despite the impressive comeback from Carlisle, Charlton still managed to take all three points when Paul Benson headed home a winner deep into injury time leaving Carlisle 8th in the table – a win would have put them level on points with Bournemouth who currently sit second in League One.

It was Mike Grella’s second game for Carlisle after making his debut from the bench in the 2-1 defeat to Exeter earlier in the week.

Grella’s vanishing act!

Meanwhile, back in Leeds, Mike Grella has disappeared from Leeds United’s squad list which could mean the writing is on the wall for the American, who has had little chance to impress since Simon Grayson took charge at Elland Road.

Leeds fans previously grew concerned about Davide Somma’s future when the editor of the official site failed to add his name to the list. With Mike Grella however, it’s an entirely different scenario as the American was already on the list so must have been removed by the editor. If it was just a case of him being on-loan, you’d expect Tom Elliot and Tom Lees to have been removed too, but the duo are still listed.


Tom Elliot’s loan at Rotherham United appears to be on the rocks after manager Ronnie Moore was less than complimentary about the striker’s ability;

“It’s a major problem for him and it’s one we’ve really got to look at. If he’s not going to contribute to us then we may as well send him back to Leeds. We need someone here that’s going to contribute to the team.

“Paul Warne came on last weekend and was magnificent and he’s 37 but runs round like a 2 year old while Tom’s 19 and runs around like a 40 year old. It drives me crackers really.”

The outburst which was broadcast live on Radio Sheffield appears to have been in response to Elliot’s failure to hit the back of the net in four appearances.

Elsewhere, defender Tom Lees appears to be having a much better time of things at Bury where he’s already scored for The Shakers and also picked up a couple of man of the match awards from his fourteen appearances to date.

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    • TSS


      To be fair, I never claimed the quotes were recent. It was a round-up of what has been going on since the start of the season. I was also several weeks late with Tom Lees goal too!

  1. Dje

    Ah, bet Carlisle would have won three nothing though if Michalik had been fit enough to play for them.

    Well, actually I doubt it. But on all accounts he has looked good for them when not injured.

  2. Colin

    @TSS good spot on Grella – as you say, not only his picture, but he’s lost his number as well. Doesn’t look good for Grella’s Leeds career which is a shame, as I quite rate him.

  3. Christopher Gee

    Hope he gets a decent run in the Carlisle first team. Not strong enough for the Championship, but surely has some value in the transfer market.

  4. les irwin

    grella needs to do himself a favour and stay there permanently .he has no future at leeds .i like grella but its the trurth scoring in L1 is a lot diffrent to our league as ours is diffrent to champs “ask one mr jermaine beckford”that is our problem right now at leeds .too many league 1 players not enough championship players and ABSOLUTELY ,DEFINATELY NO QUALITY except kasper

  5. kohsamuiwhites

    I really rate Mike Grella,he,s a clever player and if Grayson let,s him leave as appears to be the case,he,s making a bad error of judgement,he,s never been given a real run of games in the 1st team,Grayson has his favourites who get picked regardless of how they perform.Graysons cheap and does as he,s told by Bates not sure about his ability to get us promoted in the next couple of seasons,he seems unable to learn from his mistakes,i know a lot of Leeds fans think a Championship mid table finish is a good result,personally i don,t,The writings been on the wall regarding our defensive and midfield frailties for quite some time and has not been addressed.I know a lot of Leeds fans think the sun shines out of Simons arse,i,m not one of them.

  6. White to the core

    You never know he might score a few and put himself in the shop window. Giving Grayson more spondulics to squander on strikers, wingers or a sackless defender or three. Im sure he’s probably seen a great defender at the local park (with gammy feet and good for the odd own goal) on a Sunday morning whilst walking the dog, worth throwing £600000 at. Or he could make him captain.

  7. md

    SG was very reluctant to play Somma but a good loan spell at Lincoln and injuries forced his hand eventually. Better scoring record so far than Beckford.

    Could be a big mistake letting Grella go without giving him a real chance to prove himself. We could also lose Somma end of season when his contract runs out.

  8. White to the core

    Looks like most of our more desireable players are out of contract next summer. Very good management, NOT!

  9. Dje

    @white to the core

    Lol. They are probably doing a Rooney. About to go public about our lack of ambition.

    Not sure any are worth £25k let alone £250k though.

  10. kohsamuiwhites

    I watched Grella last season on a few of his many substitute appearances and his movement and timing of his runs was quality,unfortunately our midfielders weren,t smart enough to read his play.I reckon he,ll score a lot of goals on his loan spell and be snapped up pretty quickly by a championship team who see the obvious potential he has to be a real goal poacher.

  11. Big T

    Grella is a good player…unfortunately wasn’t given much of a chance by Larry.
    It appears Larry needed a push to give a Somma a chance and look how well he has contributed…it’s the midfield and defence that’s been a let down.
    If players don’t make the effort…give someone else the opportunity.

  12. Dje

    Mike Grella at Leeds United:

    League: 3 (+27 as sub) = 1 goal
    FA Cup: 1 (+3 as sub) = 3 goals
    League Cup: 2 (+2 as sub) = 0 goals
    JPT: 3 (+1 as sub) = 1 goal

    Total: 9 (+33 as sub) = 5 goals

    Regardless of good or bad service from midfield, that is one hell of an average goal return for a striker.

    On loan is the best for all concerned.

  13. TheReaper08

    @djedjedje And let’s not forget two of those goals were against an absolutely knackered non league team in extra time.

    All that so called potential that Larry can’t spot. Well apparently neither can anyone else as the offers to laon the player extended to L2 Oxford and L1 Carlisle.

  14. les irwin

    to be fair to grella who i like but don’t rate as a champ player there are plenty of others noone wanted .robbo .kandol.lubo, ,we have 1 or 2 or more that none would want now more like 6-7 really ,grayson is happy enough with the start to be honest point wise we should be maybe asside from we should have 3 more as if you are winning 4-1 at home !!!well the rest has been said ,its not the points ,wins ,draws or even the losses its about the team i know many have said it but we got promoted with a league 1 team ,the team we have now is no better than last year infact arguably it is less equipped to deal with champs so is worse we signed many a player but is it me or every team i watch on sky etc look better than us .we don’t shoot from distance ,go past players pass from defence ,through midfield .pass comfortably ,make teams play to our strenghths at home ,play the ball on the floor our corners and crosses are at best poor and the manager continues to pick players ,who just are not good enough asside from snodders and kasper i actually don’t know who someone else would pay money for ,so we are stuck with em we won’t go down this season we may well without investment in proper players , quality ones for money go down next season this surely was the right time to consolidate with a view to push on next season

  15. TheReaper08

    @number1inyorkshire No one is saying Robbo, Kandol & Lubo are the next great thing though, that’s what people are saying about Grella.

    Anyway Lubo was snapped up on loan and big Tres joined Albacete long before anyone declared any interest in Grella.

  16. Bill Fox

    Am I right in thinking Becchio’s contract is running down and Somma was a 1 year deal……?

    As for Grella, not good enough for us last year or this.

  17. Matt BB

    So another Striker to fill the bench, we need to get at least two of our attacking line moved on to make way for a centre back.

    Really dreading tonight as we’re coming up against a side who know the championship and play good football, this will be a real test.

    He’s the scapegoat for all that is wrong but I feel sorry for Richard Naylor, in a decent side he would be as exposed as he is, and he has the pedigree from playing for Ipswich at this level to prove that although he has never had a good deal of pace that he is someone who when others are playing well he can too.

    We have missed Kisnorbo, but that is no excuse, we need players to cover our good ones and push them. Our options this evening are Alex Bruce and Leigh Bromby, to partner Neill Collins, and to be honest that worries me.

    We need to get Lees back from Accrington and start using him, and probably one more central defender on a loan.

  18. kurt

    I feel sorry for Grella, i liked him, and i think he had something to offer Leeds United.!


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