In writing the match report for the 4-0 defeat at home to Cardiff last night I paid little attention to the dreadful challenge Jay Bothroyd put in on Luciano Becchio, partly because I’d not had chance to watch the replay on Sky+ but mainly because even at ten men, we wouldn’t have beaten them.

The challenge (posted on WACCOE by Rowley Birkin QC)

My initial thoughts inside Elland Road were that it was definitely late, definitely dangerous and unquestionably a red card, but Luciano got up and soldiered on (albeit, with a limp) so I just wrote it off as one of those unfortunate decisions the referee misses and moved on.

However, after seeing Jay Bothroyd’s dismissive reaction I was left enraged at the indifference he expressed towards nearly breaking an opposing players leg. When asked about the challenge, he excused it by saying he was pushed first so everything was OK, noticeably amused by his own actions.

His reaction is akin to primary school children telling the teacher ‘he started it’ after getting caught bullying another child.

There’s been a lot of talk about reckless challenges in football over the last few weeks, and last night we saw another example of this dangerous phenomena. Whilst I tend to agree with the masses that football is a contact sport, so you have to accept there will be some hairy moments, Jay Bothroyd’s reaction doesn’t suggest he sees it as an unfortunate accident, but more a case of vengeance on another player – and that’s worrying!

Whether Jay Bothroyd will receive any punishment for his actions is a question of debate on WACCOE at the minute (where you can also see a video of the challenge). Many point to the suspension Jermaine Beckford received a couple of seasons ago that was a decision made after the fact by the FA as a precedent they should stick to with Bothroyd.

However, some users are suggesting Cardiff are answerable only to the Welsh FA, who are notoriously biased towards their own teams. If this is true, why on earth are the Welsh FA governing their own teams? That’s like Leeds City Council determining punishments for Leeds United FC!