Still got love for SG?

Following on from my article ‘The knives are out for Simon Grayson’ I’m going to open a poll to determine the fans current confidence level in the manager.

Regular readers may remember the same poll being run back in May when over 800 of you voted and the averaged out confidence level was 72.92%.  A couple of months into our Championship return and I want to see how much that confidence level has changed.

All you have to do to take part is select a percentage from the following poll that is closest to your current belief in Simon Grayson’s ability to do the job. I’ll leave the poll open for the next few days, then average out the votes to determine the result.

Where do you think Leeds United will finish 2013/14?

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53 Responses

  1. Clarkeonenil

    It rather depends on what the “confidence” is in…if its staying up it is going to be large, if its getting us top 6 this season its going to be middling, if its getting us up to the PL it should be low.

    The real problem with this poll is it asks the frigging blind to access the blind….

  2. Dirty Leeds Blog

    I’m still fully behind the manager, it’s the players I’m losing faith in. I realise that sounds a little bizarre but you can only achieve so much in football without a transfer budget. Especially in this league with the £48,000,000 parachute payments!

  3. chelpa

    short of putting on a pair of boots and playing us out of trouble i think Simon G is doing a good job, he has had very little to spend thus far and think given money he could put his own stamp on leeds’ style of play and create a team capable of winning games in this division but we wil never find out if he isn’t given that opportunity and from what i can see so long as pappa smurf is in charge NO ONE will get that oppurtunity to spend!!!!!!!! MOT come on Leeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mucker

    I agree entirely with Clarkeonenil’s comment. My expecations this season are for consolidation and a mid-table finish though and I feel we’re on course to achieve that. I’ve got enough faith in Grayson to be confident that he’ll then assemble a squad good enough to challenge for promotion next season – providing Master Bates gives him the necessary backing.

  5. Anthony Lewis

    I still have loads of faith in Larry! For starters he got us promoted back to the championship eventually! Also, we all knew that this season was going to be very difficult and i think we have done well so far and met our expectations. Obviously we have had a few defeats and some shockers but we have also had some good wins and picked up some vital points. It’s too early still to be doubting the manager or looking at our league position really as being finalised! With more players coming back from injury we will be strengthened although the defensive situation does worry me a tad! In Grayson we trust! MOT! We are Leeds!!

  6. Gryff

    I voted 40%. I’m not being fickle and I didn’t necessarily expect us to finish anywhere higher than about 10th (though no lower than 16th). My faith in Grayson was eroded last season. A handful of friends wanted Grayson out when it looked like we were going to miss out on promotion and while I thought there was nothing worse than doing that, i’m not sure I would have renewed his contract.

    By the end of the season our last 10 games or so would have seen us finish pretty low down the league. This is after Blackwell’s rot which saw us demoted when we really shouldn’t have been, and a very good and successful -15 season under Wise and Poyet. Before Poyet left we looked easily good enough to get promotion and yet it petered out as Gary Mac didn’t quite get going at Leeds.

    When Grayson’s management worked, it really worked. Possibly, people like me are getting frustrated because he looks so talented at times, and steered us to great performances against Liverpool, Tottenham and Man Utd, yet at the same time the team he’s built on is woefully inadequate when faced with even the smallest hurdles.

    I thought it might be what he inherited, yet half of the players he bought this summer are as inconsistent as the old ones. I’d give him to the end of the season at the very least – don’t get me wrong – but my confidence in him is fairly low.

  7. Christopher Gee

    We’re in a new league. Would I have more confidence if Jose Mourinho was manager? Well maybe, but the benchmarks should be from this level, so maybe we’d prefer Billy Davies, Darren Ferguson and Neil Warnock, or even our old friend Kevin Blackwell. I’m not backing Grayson at any price, and yes, watching Somma on the left wing did test the credibility, but he’s the one who got us promotion and I think he should be given a full season at least to find the winning formula.

  8. dylan

    Grr..some of the comments on here are ridiculous. I’ve got total faith in larry. Now kb is a different matter…

  9. Chicago White

    Total faith in Larry zero in Bates. If Larry had been given the funds that Strachan was given we’d be top of the division. People who complain about the quality of our players are directing there anger at the wrong source its Bates/Williams/Harvey that negotiate and agree contracts.

    • Richard

      Totally agree. On top of that who would want to work for Bates? I’m sure loads of managers would love a challenge like Leeds but not with him in charge. MOT

  10. Jonathan Oldroyd

    I am not calling for Grayson to go but he needs to improve and the question is whether he has the character, integrity, skill and insights required to be a top coach. Keeping in mind that Leeds only barely qualified for promotion last year with very few decisive victories and some terrible lost points to bottom teams. So many players were not good enough then and others only marginally good enough for the Championship.

    The manager is only as good as those he surrounds himself with and that includes coaches and players. Perhaps his stature doesn’t attract high quality Prem calibre players and some managers only like to sign players and coaches that they feel maintain the manager’s comfort level and that they can control hence less talented players which we have seen in the past many times.

    It is the manager fault when winning 4 to 1 and
    he doesn’t maintain team discipline and reinforce a shutdown defence (if that’s possible).

    It is his fault when he continues to play guys who can’t shoot but still think they can.

    It is his fault when he plays Sanchez when the guy is still injured and sacrifices a sub so soon.

    It is his fault that he plays Faye twice in 4 days.

    It is his fault and his staff that they buy so many forwards and no decent defenders and one of the only guys they spend money on isn’t even playing. That shows that money doesn’t necessarily answer the problem of talented personel.

    He waited so long to give Somma a decent try and still hasn’t tried Nunez. This reflects upon Grayson’s own level of confidence and understanding the balance of loyalty and strong decisionmaking and analysis.

    He needs to be a good communicator, yes, and players must respect him but personalize his role? No.

    A good 21st c top team starts with leading examples within the corporate structure. Starting with the executive and working its way down throughout the team, in all aspects from appearance, aptitude, and skill to a healthy lifestyle successful modern sports teams are complex entities. The question is whether Grayson and others are up to their role.

    • tim campbell

      I’m sorry but my conifedence in larry is dwindling by the day. I take the point that he had little or no money to spend over the summer but what bugs me most is this constant 4-5-1 formation which is disasterously so wrong. We have to play with 2 centre forwards there’s no getting round that. I perceive that larry is more scared in getting a tanking than playing positive football. That fear is sweeping through the squad at the minute and it seems as if we are starting out with the aim of damage limitation. The squad as everyone knows needs bolstered in both defence and midfield and this MUST be addressed in the transfer window. I would drop howson or Johnson and give nunez a run out, by all reports he’s done well and scored a few in reserve games. That crap that we witnessed at home must never be allowed to happen again – we must get the wingers involved again with the addition of nunez in the middle plus 2 strikers up front. Our defense, as its slow just needs to concentrate on defending and should’nt be that far up the pitch at all. O yeah lastly come back quickly Kasper

  11. miggy white

    he might as well drive a car that has bits falling off it, large shoes and a big red nose cos he’s a clown! How many chances does give Naylor – everyone knows we haven’t got a defence and he’s ignored the problem. SG should have been sacked last Feb. 0% faith in him.

  12. kev

    I think at the moment it’s how we are loseing the ridiculous game against Preston,being totally outplayed on tuesday night,White plays well against Doncaster then we don’t see him again,Nunez sitting on the bench,constantly playing Howson when he is clearly out of his depth and then all the shite summer signings,but the Bates is equally to blame giving him no money,not looking forward to monday night.

  13. saltburnwhite

    @ jolroydabove .
    its been proven time and again that when a side moves up a division , that if you don’t score goals you go straight back down , ala west brom last season , peterborough last season, peterborough had two strikers who mauled league one 2 years ago but they couldn’t cut it at championship level and went straight back down.
    This is why i fell larry has focused on the attacking areas predominently ….and hes been proved right, we have scored 19 goals in 12 games , i know its not the 24 goals QPR have scored or the 25 the free scoring watford have scored , but its up there with the best of them.
    I do feel however that the squad is too big, he didnt seek quality over quantity when it came to defenders , he should have signed another paddy kisnorbo quality player , but he can only do that if there is one available for very little money , or on a free transfer due to smurfs money issues, and there obviously wasnt one when he signed the turkeys he did sign.
    I have every faith is simon grayson , he has made some questionable descision , on tactics , players and trasfers , but hes young and hes leeds through give him time ! i read that don revie had a few problems in his first few years and a few fans wanted him out but look what happened after …same with wilko i think, who i compare larry to. SGT GRAYSON WILL KICK SOME BUTT AND PROVE ALL YOU DOUBTERS WRONG GIVEN TIME!

  14. Brian Shaw

    This is simons team, he brought in all these players which are just not good enougth for leeds united.

  15. Will S

    In terms of avoiding a relegation battle, I go for 20% confidence SG will keep the team out of such a fight.

    The reason for such optimism is that we do have decent strikers who should do enough to help us get to around 15 wins and close to the target 50 point mark.

    Would love to be higher than this and maybe after another 10 games that confidence will be improved.

  16. tim campbell

    Its patently obvious that the 4-5-1 formotion does not work for us and we should revert to 4-4-2 again. A lone striker up front just can’t do the business – what grayson hoped to acheive by playing Somma on the wing is beyond me. If the general idea is to play to your strengths then we need 2 strikers up front with our 2 specialist wingers employed again. Dropping johnson or howson in favour of nunez would be a positive step too. Its obvious to all that larry is scared of another tanking and that fear or lack of ambition is spreading like wildfire through the team. It was there to see the other night and if we lose I certainly don’t want to lose as ineptly as that. Of course we need strengthening in January but until then let the wingers loose with nunez through the middle – have faye or clayton in a holding role – hopefully have ben parker back and get bruce with collins in centre – AND please please kasper get well soon

    • TSS

      @Tim Campbell

      Can someone please explain this obsession with Nunez – a player none of us have ever seen play before, aside from a few clips on YouTube. To second guess Larry’s judgement with a player we know nothing about is obscene.

      • Dje

        To be fair @TSS, Nunez did play in the World Cup. He was about the only good player Honduras had too.

        We’ve just had an international break were Snodgrass can’t even get in the Scotland squad – let alone all the other players in our squad who had a nice weekend off instead – whereas Nunez was the only one deemed good enough to play for his country.

        I know it is a flawed argument in as much as Capello STILL hasn’t seen the international promise of Naylor and Hughes, but Honduras are a better international side than Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and probably Ireland too. It suggests a certain level of competence and footballing knowledge in the lad’s head.

        That and the fact that he bangs them in for fun in the reserves. What more does he have to do to replace a tired Becchio, Somma or Snodgrass in the 81st minute?

        Other than that, it does suggest a level of desperation in our fan basis when we are screaming out for the unknown to replace the ineffectualness of the known we have playing for us at the moment. Writing on the wall and all that.

      • Tim Campbell

        I personally think larry has wanted to show loyalty to a certain bunch of players in this side, but after listening to his most recent comments I think thats about to change. Sure you can take a few good clips from youtube and make a guy look good, but to begin with I doubt larry would have taken nunez past the trial stage if he did’nt see something in him that he did’nt think he could use. We all know with foreign players it can take time to adapt to the english game and indeed culture, but I believe the only reason we have’nt seen the guy yet is because of larrys loyalty, which has just about run out. I expect to see nunez play within the next couple of games and ultimately we have to ask the question could his potential performance be any more abject than those we have seen out there already

  17. Mark R

    Is faith in Simon Grayson dwindling ? A valid question and interesting poll.

    Everyone’s entitled to their say in a reasonable manner on sites such as this – that’s the nature of these things. If people want to air a view – go ahead.
    I wouldn’t call them blind just because opinions differ.


  18. TSS

    Hi Mark,

    Not entirely sure if your above comment was aimed at myself, but if so, I think you’re taking my previous comment out of context. I’m genuinely curious as to the reasons people think Ramon Nunez is the answer to our problems despite never seeing him play? I think it’s unfair to criticise the boss without any evidence with which to do so – Nunez could be absolutely dire!

    • TheReaper08

      @TSS It’s the same theory people use to judge transfer policy and Bates so why not use it with Nunez. It’s the I don’t really know the truth but I want to believe it so it must be true.

      • TSS

        @TheReaper08 Bates-bashing is an entirely different thing! Where would we be without our daily digs at the evil, narcissistic megalomaniac that’s destroying our club? Besides, Bates-bashing is based on a theory as accepted as the big bang and evolution – that football managers will ALWAYS spend money when it’s made available to them. (That and the fact that conference centres and bars are springing up everywhere around ER!)

        Incidentally, I’ll be featured on Clarke One Nil in the morning having my say on life after Bates. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well I held back.

      • TheReaper08

        @TSS That’s your opinion and you are entitled to it (especially as this is your site !) I prefer to deal in fact. Like the Nunez situation I don’t know all the facts so I remain neutral. The only way we will ever find out however is if we give him a game.

        I know your a smart fella but I will point it out anyway, based on theory still doesn’t mean based on fact.

    • Gryff

      @TSS I for one would like to see Nunez get a chance in the first team. I’m not overly hopeful of his succeeding because many other signings who looked decent have turned out to be poor. But Nunez has played at a high level (allbeit in foreign leagues) and has looked good at the reserves level when our central midfield has looked tired at times. I’m a fan of Howson personally, but i’d drop him for a game or two just to see how Nunez does at this level.

      That said, Grella was prolific at reserves level!

    • Mark R


      Your question @ poll are valid.

      Not sure why Clarke is apparently dismissing contributers to the discussion and poll as ‘blind’.

      Nunez – not followed this thread but don’t think he’s the answer as you say.


  19. Big T

    Why are so many feeling comfortable with mid table finish. It’s Leeds United…one of the biggest supported clubs in the country and it’s fans are saying their happy with a mid table finish in the championship….I don’t know!!!

  20. superhoops

    If you think Grayson is losing it then you either can’t use reason or you don’t know anything about football.

    We’re a few games in, riddled with injuries and we’re mid-table. The league isn’t won or lost for a star. How anyone can think that Grayson ought to go is beyond me – he got us promoted and if we finish in 10th then we’re a few places off the playoffs – what’s wrong with that?

    He’s got next to no money to spend, and our wage structure is the lowest in the League. If you think that Grayson’s lost it you either:

    a) Think we were going to waltz through this league with this squad – thus you are deluded and know nothing about football.


    b) Think we have lots of money that SG isn’t spending;


  21. Colin

    I can’t be sure but I’d be pretty confident that our wage bill is probably in the top third of the Championship. We certainly didn’t get Schmeichel or McCormack by offering them peanuts.

    I could easily see our top 20 players on an average £7,500 a week, which means £8m a year in wages. Add onto that agent’s fees for all the new players, wages for the remaining reserve/youth, staff and rent on ER and TA and you’re probably looking at £13m. Not much change left for buying new players at that rate.

    I can’t see too many other Champ teams having the income coming in to see £13m go out of the door and still stay in the black. If my numbers are close to right, then Leeds are doing well to stay on the financial straight and narrow, but then again, no-one bothers about the numbers because they’re boring and not important.

    Fact is, Leeds can’t go out and spend £5m on 3 or 4 top players and offer them £15,000 a week, because what that really means is that you’ve just spent an extra £10m in a year and added another £3m to the wage bill.

  22. Cookie

    I havnt checked the detailed results but fact is we have been pretty terrible since the scum game in January. Thats almost a whole year of inconsistent crap. We limped over the line to go up which saved Grayson his job for the time being. Seriously, the players he brought in cost something (at least in wages anyway) and most have been injured or average. Personally, I am running out of faith in SG. I simply dont think he is good enough – he keeps playing crap players and the wrong formation – end of story. I hope I am wrong.

  23. Cookie

    Since Scum game….the stats….
    L11 W9 D7 Last season
    L6 W5 D2 This season

    Total: L17 W14 D9 …. I think that speaks for itself no?

    • Mark R


      Some good research there Cookie.

      Says to me that concern expressed by the supporters is reasonable.

      @TSS – There’s a good post in this TSS – Comparing the W, D, L stats between Norwich , Millwall & Leeds since 3/4 January 2010. Also the investment on players between the 3 would be interesting.
      Norwich’s performance of course would have the caveat of being only in Lge 1 for one season, and retaining the majority of their Championship squad for that season.

      Millwall’s performance over this period would be an interesting comparison.


  24. mis

    i still feel that larry is a the man for Leeds United job..

    true enough players performed badly recently but shall we look at the bright side in life. changing manager now may not neccessary work.

  25. Matt BB

    we’re establishing at this stage that consistency is key. what i like about grayson is that he is aiming for promotion not survival. he has a limited budget but still has that belief. in that sense i have faith in him because a lot of npc managers are pleased to survive, and thats the limit of their ambitions. nunez? give him a try, but i’d rather a centre back on loan.

  26. Chareose

    most of you are missing the point….. HE HAS HAD NO BLOODY MONEY TO SPEND…………….. NO M.O.N.E.Y…………….. Money is the currency you buy things with…….. How in fecks name can you judge gim under the circumstances ?

    Lets discuss something else, how about Bates inability to spend ?

    • Dje


      No money? What about the £1m or so we know he has spent: McCormack (£200k), Bruce (£2-300k) and Collins (up to £500k). The better argument would be are these players really what he should have spent £1m on.

      Add to that the signing on fees and player agents fees for the other TWELVE lads he has brought in so far (with more coming, no doubt, in a few weeks).

  27. leedslad

    Grayson is doing a reasonable job within the resources he is given by Bates. Unless he is provided with a realistic transfer fund, Leeds will only ever attract free transfer “rejects” who could not get a game at other “lesser” clubs…….. The real poll that should be voted on is to question “faith in Ken Bates”. …… If the outcome proves to be negative, Leeds supporters need to take any necessary action to “remove” the problem !!

    • Dje


      Aside from a mafia hit, what is your answer to this problem? Seriously, if it was obvious then it would have been done.

  28. love leeds

    whats Grayson waiting for bruce,naylor and collins are rubbish Sven already signed loanees from the premiership who showed they a good, quick SG get one decent defender on loan from the premiership before there is none left.

    Hope Grayson has learnt, screw being loyal to players when it was so obvious in the last 12 games last season that naylor and collins were poor.

  29. Mike

    ” Bates-bashing is based on a theory as accepted as the big bang and evolution”
    This means you have seen some evidence for evolution!
    Pray tell as I am under the impression there is not a shred!
    It is fine to accept theories that are simply that, if you choose, personally I like evidence.

    As for Nunez you appear as determined as Larry that he should not play.
    How will we knowif he is good or not unless he is given chance?
    Why did Larry sign him?

  30. TSS


    You mean like carbon-dating for example? Or the analysis of a chimps DNA alongside that of our own? Or the changing fossils found in millions of years of rock? What more proof would you like? An extra eye to evolve whilst you’re looking in the mirror? :)

    • Mike

      “You mean like carbon-dating for example?
      Or the analysis of a chimps DNA alongside that of our own?
      It is the differences that count not the simiarities, if we came from apes, whey are there still apes and why cant we mate with them?
      We have DNA similarities to thousands of species, Lile only comes from like.
      Or the changing fossils found in millions of years of rock?
      In the entire fossil record, there is not a single unequivocal transition form proving a causal relationship between any two species.
      From the billions of fossils we have discovered, there should be thousands of clear examples if they existed.

      What more proof would you like?
      An extra eye to evolve whilst you’re looking in the mirror?

      I can easily destroy the “evidence” for all your statements above but it takes more than a few lines.

      You are the victim of a propoganda campaign that Darwin would not have agreed with, I can tell you why but it will piss off all the good folks who come here to support Larry and kill off Bates, :-0

  31. Dje

    Just curious, @TSS. When you ran your survey in May – where were we in the league? ie. was that post-promotion or when it looked like we had thrown it away?

  32. Roshan

    I am quite confident in him, we do have a lot of keys players missing,if we they were playing then we would be in a better position. Its a question of getting back to fitness and getting back onto the pitch

  33. Mark

    I have total faith in Grayson. I ask myself would he be a desireable manager for most clubs if he were to leave leeds today – the answer has to be a resounding yes! Hes just 41 and has taken 2 teams to promotion, both of them on a shoestring. I read, with a shaking head, that we have spent ‘maybe’ £1 million quid. Wow, that much!!! Give the bloke a chance, he’s trolling through frees and trialists, and the cheap end of the market. Look at who beat us Tuesday night! Look at their squad, and the money just spent on a manager, and they arent debt free, like we are! Bates has to back Grayson – with £2 million spent on some decent defenders we could still go up. Some people on here would still moan if he won 100% of games – its just hot air. I dont like to see Somma on the wing either, but SG tried to counter a rampant leicester side, AND keep his top scorer on the pitch, so i can at least see that. You could be ipswich who have wasted £5million through Keane and are only just above us, or have Dave Jones, perpetually failing to get promoted, or any manner of failures out there. Instead we have an intelligent, likeable, modest, real fan, who only wants the best for us, and who turned Leicester down a short while ago – who im sure would pay him far more than Bates is!

  34. Tim Campbell

    I’d be interested as to what tactics you guys best suits our team, 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 0-0-10? Personally I know the defence is dire, but the use of 2 wingers and 2 strikers has worked better in my mind. The 4-5-1 just does’nt seem to be able to cut it in this league

  35. West Stand Rebel

    I see the comments on here evolve in very mysterious ways. As an old fossil myself I find Bates bashing can be supported and at the moment Grayson bashing not so. We are only a few games into a season in a new league and so far 50% has been ok and 50% mediocre. The spend level on new players has been derirsory if the figure of £1m is accurate. That is equivalent to what Bates has wasted in legal fees in recent years chasing cases he never wins with our money.
    If a serious attempt is to be made at reaching the premier league again then we need to spend a little more on players…not go mad but the priority should be on the field not chasing world Cup dreams and a 50000 stadium which will end up less than half full. Will we have both an unused East Stand upper and North Stand upper in a few years ?

  36. love leeds

    100% i have confidence in him.

    I think SG has got half the job done(attacking/going forward part) and we have a good keeper (schmichael),all for less than a million. (evidence is nearly every game we score and are a threat).

    SG just has to sort the defensive side out,whether thats this season or next depends on bates dusty wallet.(got all the freebies we can).

  37. Ty_UK

    I Think Larry sums it up perfectly

    “I haven’t got a magic wand that makes that happen.

    “I’ve got an honest bunch of players. A lot of them were playing in League One last year and some have come in on free transfers. We haven’t gone out and spent millions of pounds.

    “I don’t see how people expect us to be walking clear at the top of the division.

    “We’re in a position where the club’s in a good state of health, the finances are all in place and we’re three or four points off the play-off situation.

    “I don’t see what more people can want at this moment in time.

    “If we were bottom of the division and miles adrift then people could complain.

    “We’re in a great position. People can talk about us winning championships, promotion and European Cups but that’s all in the past.

    “This club now are in a position where me, my chairman and my staff think we’re in the right place – but knowing that we can improve.”


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