Leeds fan, boss and prankster!

Leeds fans in the United Kingdom can see an exclusive interview with Simon Grayson on the BBC website. In it the gaffer answers fan submitted questions on everything from his relationship with Bates, the “Larry” nickname to those often tedious and cliché-heavy speeches we’re subjected to every week.

As always, Simon Grayson comes across as a really likeable guy and one of the first questions he’s asked is about leaving Blackpool for Leeds United. Grayson admits that returning to the club where his career began, and the one he’s supported all his life was an easy decision, but does add that he wouldn’t have left the seaside club for anyone else.

Larry also adds that he’s pleased to see Blackpool doing well, and praises their fans for the fantastic support they offer their team. Since Larry’s departure, Blackpool continued to impress and are now ruffling a few feathers in the Premier League where so far, they’ve shocked more than a few teams.

Inevitably, Ken Bates is mentioned too with the BBC interviewer asking about the relationship the pair have. Simon seems genuinely impressed with Ken Bates’ running of the club and is very complimentary of his boss (although, it’d be a bit daft not to be). He cheekily smiles when he explains Ken can only spend 90 days in the UK for tax reasons, but says the pair speak every day and insists the teams performance is the chairman’s number one priority.

Finally, kudos goes to whoever submitted the question on Grayson’s tedious, cliche-ridden interviews he subjects us to after every match. The speeches have become so predictable that I stopped listening to them a good 17 months ago, but the interviewer unintentionally reveals a prankster side of Larry that few of us will have been aware of.

Simon Grayson tells Football Focus that the backroom staff sometimes have bets with him to see if he can get specific clichés or phrases into an interview. Funnier still, is his admission that on another programme, the Gaffer was challenged to see how many fruits he could say in the interview. He proudly admits that he managed an impressive six in total, which included ‘tangerine’ and ‘pear’. I’ve always said you need a sense of humour to work for Leeds United (or indeed, support them!)

Readers in the United Kingdom can watch the full interview here.