One that didn't get away - Ramon Nunez

Simon Grayson has today revealed how Leeds United were close to adding one more signing on transfer deadline day, but the deal fell through at the last minute.

The Leeds United manager had teased Whites fans on deadline day afternoon when he revealed there may be one additional signing to come, describing the unnamed individual as the ‘icing on the cake’ for his squad.

Leeds fans waited anxiously for news, but the revelation never came as the transfer window closed with only Ramon Nunez and Adam Clayton added to the squad.

Grayson today revealed that;

“We were close, very close, to bringing in another player, but the deal fell at the last hurdle, which was unfortunate because I thought he would have been a good signing for us.

“But at the last minute he decided he wanted to stay where he was, which of course he was entitled to do.

“We’re looking all the time. We’re looking at players for the January transfer window so it’s an ongoing thing.”

Grayson stops short of revealing who the player in question was leaving Leeds United fans to ponder who it might have been?

The Elland Road mysteries continue…

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  1. Loki

    I literally don’t know who this would be, although Simon does reveal it was a “he”. The little tease!

    I would have thought that it’s a Defender though, on the basis that it’s the only place in the Squad that isn’t full. At a stretch I’d say it might be a DM.

    At a guess I’ll say Sergio Ramos…

  2. Dje

    … Alan Smith

    Come on, would be funny just to see Grayson’s bemused face when the only icing half the Leeds fans saw coming from this transfer was was on Hell freezing over.

    • Matt BB

      @djedjedje I’m with you there, i had a feeling it was Smith.

      @TSS now leave the caketastic metaphors be! I’ve never seen Leeds as anything slightly resembling a cake, more like something like a steak bake.

  3. Paul South Wales

    Well the sponge is still visible (no icing on cake), but i’m pretty happy with the squad we’ve got. We have enough to put a dent on this league!!

  4. Mike

    I would be very happy really if Larry hadn’t set his stall out and made it clear Naylor is his Captain.
    I dont wish the bloke any harm but a broken leg would probably to Leeds United advantage, I see no other way of dislodging him.

    • Craig


      I guess Naylor will be heaving a sigh of relief that you are only wishing a broken leg on him. It rather renders the ‘not wishing him any harm’ somewhat null and void though.

  5. Arthur Graham

    i think it was the Cardiff Scottish midfielder – yawn ?

    so dont shed too many tears

    it could have been Lansbury choosing to stay at gunners – wenger did say hed given him the choice

    but then again surely Caulker and Lansbury would be loan deals next week if they were to happen ?
    … and so could still join – or one of them

  6. richard

    Soddit, thats yesterdays news to me, lets concentrate on what we`ve got and see what they can do.

  7. WheelsV1

    Am wiv mojoluafc who cares about a crazy fool Tht didnt what join the mighty leeds we got a good squad wiv good players plus if woz a premiership player we problely leaved to loan in the window so he find out what he missed out on. great signing made by larry in window where up to challenge up top MOT

  8. Sijinho

    Steven caulker from spurs. Young quick with quality. Would have been perfect, but hey. He may come in Jan

  9. henry vincent lewis

    Simon is still looking at Davenport but that is long term, of course.
    I would love to know how we are going to keep all our forwards happy?
    At least in attack we should always be able to field a strong forward line.

  10. James Morris

    The Yorkshire Evening Post is reporting that Leeds have ended their interest in the player, but it is thought that Cardiff and Nottingham Forest are both considering looking at Davenport.

    Can’t say I am fussed !

  11. henry vincent lewis

    LUTV said that Davenport had gone home for 2 weeks, for family reasons, and then he would return to Leeds.

  12. Mersey Whites

    As suspected the player was indeed J Beckford. You could tell that his body language and Moyes was suspect after he was substituted after just 56min of Everton defeat at Villa,. Moyes had agreed with Grayson a loan until January if we would agree to start him in over 10- 15 games between now and the New Year. Grayson . All had been agreed , but Becks wants to try and prove Moyes wrong. Dont be surprised to see Beckford joining Leeds in Jan

  13. tim campbell

    On a short term basis the Stoke boy Amdy Faye would be a good signing, loads of premiership experience and very solid

  14. Remis (South Africa)

    I think Alan Smith would be the midfielder we need right now he also isnt afraid to go back and defend and gives his all on the field. Who cares about the past, those bad times of the club are behind us now.He would have been a great summer signing

    • Craig

      Why would Alan Smith want to leave Newcastle and risk running the gauntlet with Leeds fans who can’t forgive and won’t forget? He’s not that mad!

  15. henry vincent lewis

    I cannot see how we would be interested in Jermaine Beckford.
    Another forward would really be overkill!
    I have watched Becks both on TV highlights and the televise game and he was out of his depth.
    As we suspected his poor touch and the way he gives up the ball too easily were there for all to see.
    It is only a few games so he has time to adapt but…….

  16. Raph

    Interesting from merseywhite but i think henry could be on it, another forward?! We have too many really. I would welcome becks back but, what would that say to our other strikers?

  17. anon

    Smudger had talks with Bates earlier in the summer but nothing came of it as Newcastle wanted him off the wage bill and Leeds weren’t (quite rightly) going to cough up for him any more than £1m. However, a loan move in January may be possible as Smuth has made it clear he’s unhappy that Tiote has been signed and Nolan getting captaincy signalled that Hughton wasn’t banking on Smudge playing regularly.
    It was thought that Smith was more than willing to take a significant wage cut to rejoin Leeds and Grayson was keen but Bates and Newcastle were the fly in the ointment.
    Don’t rule out a shock loan move in January.

  18. Arthur Graham

    Thanks but No Thanks ….. backwards move ….. home grown or not !
    why not sign up Viduka Dudsbury, and Kewell and the other lot who decided on mass not to play for the manager or shirt and that the only way to engineer a move away from our club and make their personal fortunes even greater was to not perform and to let the club lose – oh yes and Fowler and Keane and Johnson … thoses days and those wages were a disgrace

  19. jacko

    I’ve said this b4, but Smithy would be a great signing for us. Yes he has played for Leeds Utd before, but if it was a random guy from Leeds with the quality he would bring I think we would all be very happy. Personally I always liked him and would welcome him back anyway!


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