Around The Grounds

Around The Grounds

Chris Nelson’s new book, Around The Grounds will serve as an ideal guide for away-day-loving football geeks like yours truly.

The main way Chris succeeds where many others have failed is by acknowledging that the fans of each football club know better than anyone, and in a bid to create the ultimate football fans survival guide, Chris approached hundreds of football bloggers and other anoraks like myself to really get a sense of matchday at any of the featured 92 league grounds.

What you’re left with is a comprehensive travel guide, with everything from directions, to the most important question of all – which pubs are away fan friendly? The book also includes plenty of trivia facts on the featured clubs and stadia so you can really out-geek your fellow fans on your travels.

Like every good educational book, the packed glossy pages of Around The Grounds keep delivering long after the essentials have been covered by pointing you in the direction of ‘further reading’ material in the form of fan-written blogs and websites (including TSS), so you’ll always be able to check the oppositions views before the games.

Immaculately well researched, beautifully put together and with a unique approach, Around The Grounds is the ultimate tool for seasoned away fans and available to purchase now from Footprint publications.

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