Paynter nearly ready for action

RESERVES: Leeds 3-1 Bradford

The Leeds United reserves recorded a comfortable 3-1 victory over local suburb, Bradford last night with a mysterious trialist getting the first (Nunez?) Aidy White made it 2-0 and Davide Somma added a third before Park Avenue pulled one back at the death with a penalty.

League Cup second round draw

An unseeded Leeds United drew fellow Championship rivals, Leicester City in the second round of this years League Cup. Leeds United will once again be at home for the tie which will take place on the weekend commencing 23rd of August.

Not the most inspiring of draws, but being at home, it’s one we should be able to progress from. Perhaps we’ll set ourselves up for a re-match with Liverpool or Scum?

Billy Paynter to return in weeks

The mysterious Simon Grayson doesn’t like to give much away when it comes to injuries, but he has assured Leeds United fans that new signing Billy Paynter, will be fit to play in weeks rather than months;

“We know what’s wrong with him now. without putting a timescale on it, he should be back sooner rather than later.

“It’s not going to be months for him or anything close to that. He’s being judged on a daily basis but he’s got quite a bit of conditioning to do because he’s missed two or three weeks. He’ll need to catch up with the other lads.”

The loss of Billy Paynter was  a massive blow for the Whites, as he was the only player brought in this summer that resembled anything like a Jermaine Beckford replacement. The former Swindon man was prolific last season, and finished above Becks in the divisions top goalscorer charts.

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  1. Matt BB

    Yes we’re still waiting for the much discussed jermaine beckford `replacement’.. how many weeks left now?two and a half? just not happening in my opinion, or moreover its going to be a blooming loan, fine if it works i guess but we’re hardly sending out a message.

    • TSS


      The more I think about it, the harsher I think we’re being on Paynter. After all, he scored more than Becks last season!

      • Matt BB

        @TSS yes i tend to agree, i have re apprised some of the footage and he is probably a better finisher than Becks, though we all know he lacks Becks Pace, and is therefore very reliant on a nippy partner, which he had with Austin.. who also scored lots of goals. I’m interested to see how he fits into our set up and how he’ll deal with the stronger quicker centre halves in the championship.

      • Craig

        We’re going to be relying on speed on the wings rather than upfront this season. If Watt, Gradel + Sam can scare defences with their pace, forwards like Paynter and Becchio will get far better service than Becks got for most of last season.

      • Matt BB

        @craig yes have to agree there in terms of formation, but you cant beat a pacey striker for hitting on the break to actually be there to meet the cross! It would be good to get one of those, wouldnt it?

      • Ryan H

        Yes but before last season i don’t think he was as prolific and it’s a step up in league’s aswell.

  2. KN

    Interested to see what players become available after the Prem teams name their 25-man squads…could be some pretty good players looking for a team in the Championship to get some game time…any thoughts?

    • Matt BB

      @KN lots of thoughts on this definitely! but I suspect its going to revolve around youth players as opposed to a big ticket type player. Youd have thought Newcastle, West Brom and even Blackpool would be looking to offload some championship stadndard players however as they move up the hierarchy.

  3. paulg

    Don’t know if anyone else spotted Paynter on Tuesday night, still got a cast from knee to toe on his left leg ….. although he was walking without crutches! Didn’t look as though he was THAT close to being ready to play, though ……

  4. KN

    @mattbb very true on the newly promoted clubs but i reckon they won’t be too affected by the limits, plus the guys they want ot get rid of will probably be naff anyway…we might (touch wood) find that some of the established prem clubs have to send out players, all be it on loan ( and we know how much we love that at Leeds) as they have too many foreign players registered. If by youth you mean players like Watt then i’d be happy with a couple more…

  5. steve underwood

    saw sky sports news to day they said ipswich and 2 other unnamed championship clubs are in for scotland from wigan wonder if one is leeds

    • Matt BB

      scotland would be a good signing for us, good finisher. a little slow maybe?

  6. big bill


  7. TSS

    @big bill

    Hi Bill, no offence intended I assure you. What I meant by ‘uninspiring’ was that it wasn’t a local derby or a team we hold some animosity towards as we’d perhaps hoped.

    The League Cup fails to inspire at the best of times, so to draw a team we’re going to play twice in the league anyway doesn’t help to excite.

  8. Dje

    Must be a chip (or crisp?) on the shoulder about our ‘shit heap of a ground’ still being in the run-in for England’s 2018 World Cup bid stadia, whereas the ‘Walkers Stadium’ (surely there should be an apostrophe in there somewhere?) fell by the wayside in the selection process at the first round for being nice and tidy (no crisp packets blowing about etc (the re-accuring joke will become funny, I promise)) and everything, but all a bit, you know, dull.

    • Matt BB

      I have to say I am disappointe with Leicester a bit of an uninspiring draw as you say TSS, would have loved to go to Newcastle or Sunderland and showed that lot. I’m sure Leicester will no doubt park their bus in front of goal as usual.

  9. big bill

    KEN ( ive got a personality disorder) BATES, IS IN A POSITION TO TAKE THE PISS OUT OF ANYONE…
    ( you were left in out of pity, missionary work)…sorry..

  10. big bill

    if we do park the doubt our leeds friends
    will put bricks through the windows….as usual….

    • Matt BB

      yeah. well done, milan mandaric is slightly less insane than ken but not much..

  11. Max.

    Ramón Núñez – Sky Sports unaccountably had him (take another look at the name) as Hungarian. He’s a Honduran international, played for Dallas and then Chivas USA in MLS. Central midfielder.ón_Núñez

    I think a bunch of teams are waiting on the 25 man squad announcements, at which point it becomes a buyers’ market for the rejects.

    YP, by the way, reports that Jay Simpson’s pay demands are too high for Leeds to pursue.

  12. eddiegray

    I don’t know.., Leicester’s a good draw. What were you hoping for?
    A derby, Newc, Everton.. what.
    Leicester’s a good draw. (it’s pot luck)

  13. Colin

    I think Leicester is a good draw. I think being drawn at home is the most important point.

    Leicester must be in with a shout of the top 6 this season – if it was at Walkers, then they’d have to put a good team out in front of their own fans. Away from home, against Leeds – are they really that bothered about the league cup? Probably not – it wouldn’t be a disgrace to go out against Leeds at Elland Road and they only want to concentrate on the league anyway. Maybe they will put out a slightly weakened team?

    Possibility of us being on Sky? I presume Accrington v Newcastle will be on and maybe Millwall vs Boro, but apart from those two, we’re the next most exciting game. If it happens more £££ money to us that we can spend on players…oh, actually hold on a minute, probably we won’t.

  14. pete

    Mad Max will definitely be up for the Leicester game…shame Paddy is injured for it really, I reckon he (even more so than Gradel) has a particular point to prove.

    I used to go to the Walkers every so often when I was a student, I have to say that we are NOT the most popular team in the Midlands. Only Aston Villa got more abuse than Leeds in the games I ever went to (although I never saw them play Derby or Forest).

  15. les irwin

    funny you should have this chat about paynter and bradford living close to there i know loads of city fans who to a man say “he was crap when he was there on loan ”
    nunez was named everywhere on cyber space apart from at leeds website it was laughable .


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