Gradel leaves the field after Bristol red card

The press were out in force today at Elland Road to put their questions to Simon Grayson and the lads before the new season gets under way, so there’s plenty of interviews and statements from the playing and coaching staff doing the rounds.

One of the biggest areas of discussion was Max Gradel, who is set to miss the first four games after receiving a four match ban for his sending off against Bristol Rovers. Both he and the gaffer have exchanged niceties and it seems Gradel is really fired up and ready to pay the fans and club back for the mess he got himself into.

Speaking to Radio Leeds, Simon Grayson was first to comment on Max;

“He’s going to suffer by having a four game ban and he’s been fined by the club.

“He knows he’s let himself down, me down and the fans down.

“When you do make mistakes you have got to learn from them. And I like to think that he’s learnt from it and that other players should learn from that experience too.

“He’s disappointed in what happened as it could have had a major influence on how our season finished.”

Max Gradel later responded to the managers positive comments via the Official Leeds United website;

“You have to come back stronger and don’t do stuff like that again.

“The boss helped me. He’s given me pre-season games when he didn’t have to.

“I’m looking forward to the start of the season. I’ll have an extended running session and I hope I’ll be ready for when I come back. I hope when I get back I will get in the team,”

Nothing short of his own stupidity got Max Gradel in this situation – a situation that could quite easily have cost us promotion. However, Max obviously regrets his actions and his pre-season performances show a player that’s determined to right his wrongs.

The Leeds United fans will give the youngster nothing but their full support. Fortunately for Max, the incident didn’t cost us the game, but it won’t be forgotten over night. The fans understand and admire his desire to win, but learning to control his anger is essential for the team and I can only hope we won’t be discussing another incident like this any time soon.

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  1. Colin

    If you were an opposition player against Leeds, you’d go straight away to try and wind up Gradel.
    I don’t think that’s something he’ll just lose overnight. The reaction to the challenge was bad. But worse was trying to push Beckford away when he was trying to get him off the pitch. Gradel seriously lost it. Can he lose that anger overnight? I think the jury’s still out. But I guess we’ll find out soon as I reckon Simon will put straight back in the team as soon as he can select him.

  2. kev cressey

    I think Max has had many hours to reflect what he did back in May,he was niave and stupid,but i think his enthusiasm and his passion for Leeds is formidable and I think he’s gona have a great season once he can play i’m so glad he’s got the no 7 shirt!

  3. Sean

    All the lads at Leeds love Gradel, he does lose it sometimes, but hes good in the dressing room!

  4. tim campbell

    Strangely enough I can see Max being as much of a handful in the Championship as he was in league one

  5. TheReaper08

    I hope he learns, like everyone in life he deserves the chance to atone for his ways.

    Defenders are always scared of pace so he will have a key role to play this year in terrorising Championship defences.

    • Colin

      @TheReapero8 – thoughts on Grella’s comments? – I know you’re not so keen on him, but you know I like him a lot.

  6. TheReaper08

    @colin Just posted on the other article. I do like him I’m just not sure he is good enough.

    The problem is until he gets a run of games somewhere neither of us will now !

  7. Graham Hugill

    I’ve a feeling that this is going to be Max Gradel’s season. The new formation suits him and his pace and workrate is sure to worry most fullbacks in this division.

    His temperament is a little suspect but I think its one of those cases where if you take away his competitive streak you take away the man. I’d like to think though that he can learn from his mistakes (fingers crossed anyway)

  8. Acid

    let the lad off.. he’s made his error, we didn’t suffer thankfully, he’s learnt.
    I really wouldn’t want him to change too much, his inner passion is part of his game, and what’s wrong with a little viciousness from a player… remember the days of Billy and Norman (-;
    Can’t phookin wait for the start of the season!!!!!


  9. halifax white

    1 word for max gradel!! “class” the passion that lad shows is what we have been looking for in ages!! he sums up what we need!! passion/commitment/energy!! give the lad a chance he could get us promoted next season!!!

  10. Tim Wilsom

    Getting pissed off isn’t loyalty to a football team, it’s just getting pissed off. Hopefully some of the lads told him what a twat he was and he’s taken it to heart. Another Rodney Wallace in the making, but pulling that shit in the penultimate game of the season was (almost) unforgivable.

  11. Dave Smith

    1st post so please be gentle. Fire, passion and will to win, not bad attributes but they must be controlled. He’s already out for almost 10% of the league season, can’t afford another one of them but definitely deserves another chance.

  12. pete

    Max Gradel…exceptionally talented, as long as he’s on the pitch.

    To paraphrase the words of Brian Clough (as portrayed by Michael Sheen), He’s our player, and a bloody good one, but he’s no good to us if he’s suspended.

    Once he has served his ban, I’d expect to see him played how he was at the end of last season, alongside Paynter/Becchio as a striker. If he does, I’d expect 15 goals from him. He’s certainly capable.


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