Grella celebrates brace against Kettering

Leeds United’s US “soccer” player, Mike Grella has told American website Yanks Abroad about his growing frustrations at the lack of first team football he’s getting at Elland Road;

“Leeds is a great club with great fans but I need to play and if it is with Leeds then fine, but getting one game a month just isn’t enough and is not helping me in my development as a soccer player.

“I’m not going to sit around this year. That’s unacceptable by my standards if I’m going to get better.”

Determined words from the American forward and ones that I’m sure most Leeds United fans will be sympathetic towards.

Talking of our promotion last season, Grella admits the final few games were “stressful and high-pressure” going on to talk of the bittersweet feelings he felt after not taking part;

“The Leeds fan base is very demanding so there was a lot of pressure going down in those last games. It was great to be a part of it and of course I really wanted to see the club go up especially for the fans, but at the same time it was bittersweet since I didn’t play that much.”

Seeing players complain about match-time in the press is one of my biggest pet-hates. Whilst I fully sympathise with Mike and feel he should have been loaned out last season, I think this is an internal matter and he should have taken it up with the Gaffer.

That said, at 23 Mike has good reason to be complaining. If Leeds United aren’t going to utilise what is clearly a talented individual capable of contributing towards the campaign, then he should be released or allowed to move out on loan. You don’t get long to make a name for yourself in football and Grella is in danger of slipping off the radar.