Evans playing in a God-awful kit

With very few rumours circulating today, we have to resort back to yet another Betfair rumour. For those of you that haven’t been keeping count, this is number 793 of the summer. (None of which have yet to come true!)

The Betfair blog reads;

At last! It’s a Leeds rumour that doesn’t involve them being interested in a striker!

Quite. Although I notice they haven’t mentioned who the people responsible for the overwhelming majority of said rumours are!

Having been linked with enough forwards to cater for the whole of the Championship, Leeds are today reported to be lining up a loan move for Manchester United’s 20-year-old Corry Evans…

Those of you that haven’t got a clue who Corry Evans is aren’t alone. One TSS commentator (djedjedje) said “Never heard of Corry Evans, sounds like an american tweenage star of some god-awful TV programme; possibly a girl, possibly a boy.”

Well, for those of you wondering, I can confirm the subject in question is a boy. He’s no American either! In fact, Corry is a 20-year old Irish midfielder come centre-back who has made four appearances for his country despite failing to get into the Manchester United first team. He’s also the brother of another Salford Yanks player, Jonny Evans.

Since the rumour comes from Betfair, the believability factor is low. That said, many of us were expecting a few Premier League youngsters in on loan this season so he does fit the criteria. He’s also a defensive midfielder, which is a position many of us have been worrying about lately.

As much as we need cover in midfield, would any of us really be happy playing the part of Manchester United’s feeder team?

  • Brac73

    leave the prick where he is

  • Craig

    If he’s up to the task I’d welcome him. I’ve no time for bitter vendettas getting in the way of progress. I’d question whether he’s got the experience to fill that important gap for us.

    • TSS

      You sure you’re on the right site @craig? Since when did we let logic get in the way of emotion?

  • trueyorxman

    Last thing we need is a defensive midfielder, especially one of theirs. Bruce & Kilkenny can fill that role

  • fraz


    • TSS


      I’m trying to decide whether you’re one of those intellectually challenged Southerners, here on behalf of Man United, or a Leeds fan expressing your thoughts on Manu?

      • TheReaper08

        @TSS One of those intellectually challenged southerners ? As opposed to an intellectually challenged northerner I presume ? ;)

        • TSS

          @TheReaper08 No, the latter would simply be making an observation. The former would be a c*nt.

  • henry vincent lewis

    Could be true.
    Glynn Snodin must know him from his Northern Ireland job?

  • Max.

    Could make sense as backup for defensive midfield – he’s under 21 and would not count towards the squad total. I note Bruce wore the number 4 shirt when he came on on Saturday, which would imply he’s meant to be 1st team or thereabouts. The 5 man midfield of Sam/Howson/Johnson/Kilkenny/Gradel looked pretty impressive however (though I’m not sure that Becchio’s scoring rate is enough for the 1 in a 4-5-1; still, he deserves a chance).

    I wonder whether the mooted striker/attacker isn’t Sanchez Watt coming back – he’s only 19, so the same applies … and he could cover for Gradel/Snodgrass as well.

  • les irwin

    i wish that most of the leeds fans who are slagging of this manu player would quite frankly SHUT IT this hole manu thing is quite frankly riddiculous TSS I THOUGHT YOU WERE BETTER THAN THAT
    what we gonna do if he comes boo him every time he touches the ball
    i said once before leeds fans are 99.5%of the time the best fans there are, on times like this we are as a whole are numpties .grayson counts himself a leeds a fan so therefore shouldn’t be trying to get him . lets welcome this young lad if he comes no matter where from he doesn’t have to come im sure he will do his best and he might be our best player or we can sign only people from leeds who support leeds .CHRIS MOYLES AS A CENTRE FORWARD

    • TSS


      The last paragraph was written entirely in jest, I assure you.

      To be totally honest with you, I’ve already written this rumour off because it comes from Betfair, so didn’t really think of the implications of it actually going through. If he does join, while ever he’s in a Leeds shirt, the Elland Road crowd will back him 100%, before writing him off as a useless Scummer when he returns home.

      • TheReaper08

        @TSS Written off the rumour but still oh so quick to publish an article going on about it, I reckon you have got some decent web traffic thanks to our old friends betfair. Perhaps thanks is the word your looking for ?

        • TSS


          Nah, don’t be ridiculous. The difference between myself and Betfair is that I don’t publish totally nonsense rumours just to generate hits. Instead, I poke fun at those that do with the same eventual outcome.

          • TheReaper08

            @TSS ‘Since the rumour comes from Betfair, the believability factor is low’

            Remind me not to get on the wrong side of you, your ability to poke fun is frightening.

          • TSS

            OK, so you picked out the most slanderous line, but after dozens of links this summer, of which, none have come true, you can’t seriously expect me not to comment on their believability?

            I’ve actually started to look forward to their latest rumours. It’s better than your average LUFC forum “reliable source”.

          • TheReaper08

            Au contraire. Like I said I think betfair have been very good for you over the last few weeks so I am not surprised you are looking forward to the next rumour.

            Whilst I also think betfair are trawling I would like to thank them for at least keeping us entertained.

          • TSS


            Can you imagine if we’d signed half the players they’d linked? We’d be favourites for the title, and Ken Bates would be a hero! (well, maybe not…)

  • White to the core

    Gordon Strachan and Johnny Giles aside. I cant think of any one else we have got from the old trafford red skins that have exactly set Elland Rd alight. I guess we are safe in as much as betfair are yet to get it right so far. Then again the law of averages, no surely not?

  • les irwin

    sky and others are reporting sanchez watt is on his way back
    GOD I HATE ARSENAL don’t want him

    • Flynny

      He won us the 3 points against Milton Keynes and got us promoted.
      Plus with Gradel missing first four games and Somma missing first three we need someone to come in to give us some options- I’m worried our squad is too small at the moment.

  • White to the core

    Sarcasm the wit of the gods. Seems like a manure goon has been paying a visit to our tribal football links and making an idiot of himself with comments bout Turkey. Any wonder we have this mutual respect foundation, not. Didnt see enough of Watt last season to make my mind up about him.

  • Dje

    I noticed we are playing some more trialists against Wakefield tomorrow night. The way it was written on the Leeds site sounded as if they weren’t just the two Brazilian lads we’re currently grooming. Not sure who’d these be though.

  • Dje
    • TSS

      @djedjedje Thank f**k for that!

      • Dje

        Better than a new signing, I reckon.

  • Max.

    Re players from Man U – David Healy. Hardly in the same class as Giles and Strachan, but decent enough.

    Official website is saying weeks rather than months for Snodgrass – so that means Snodgrass, Paynter, Gradel, Somma, Parker, Kisnorbo, from squad of 26 (which includes 3 players we don’t want) not available for first 4+ games. That leaves 18 + 3 youth players, which is just about enough to make up a team + subs bench (you’re picking from 17 if you assume only 2 goalkeepers in the squad).

    I think Simon is going to have to either get 2 or 3 loan players in or sign some of these alleged trialists (there are more playing tonight – Koulibaly?)

  • Max.

    To the question on trialists, there are reportedly two Brazilians left – Gabriel Maia and Valdomiro Cantu Rodrigues – both midfielders and both aged 16. There is also apparently Paul Koulibaly, a left back, aged 24, from Burkina Faso – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Koulibaly. And Daniel Gebreezgiher, a defender, aged 20, from New Zealand (but born in Eritrea) – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Gebreezgiher, http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/3830358/Refugees-football-obsession-pays-off. Not sure if the latter two have actually completed their trials yet – don’t think they have played at this point.

  • Scott the Red

    He was the captain of the Reserves side who were crowned champions of England last season. Great player.

    • chelpa

      get out of here ya scummer!

      • TSS

        Leave Scott alone, he’s OK as far as those lot go. He featured on TSS last season before the FA Cup game (hasn’t been seen around these parts since funnily enough!)

  • chelpa

    that was aimed at scott the “salford scum yank” red, not the player in question, but i would definately like to judge him myself and not take the word of man u fan!!

    • Colin

      @chelpa I think Scott’s only trying to help. If you want to find out how good a player is, it’s better to get an opinion from one of their fans rather than Betfair.

    • TheReaper08

      @chelpa Unnecessary. I can only echo colin’s comments.

  • chelpa

    jesus guys im only trying to have a bit of banter i think im entitled to that the amount of abuse i take off them lot, dont get ya knickers in a twist, and as i said above colin i have no intention of taking the word of betfair i said i would like to judge myself.

  • macadamia_man