Evans playing in a God-awful kit

With very few rumours circulating today, we have to resort back to yet another Betfair rumour. For those of you that haven’t been keeping count, this is number 793 of the summer. (None of which have yet to come true!)

The Betfair blog reads;

At last! It’s a Leeds rumour that doesn’t involve them being interested in a striker!

Quite. Although I notice they haven’t mentioned who the people responsible for the overwhelming majority of said rumours are!

Having been linked with enough forwards to cater for the whole of the Championship, Leeds are today reported to be lining up a loan move for Manchester United’s 20-year-old Corry Evans…

Those of you that haven’t got a clue who Corry Evans is aren’t alone. One TSS commentator (djedjedje) said “Never heard of Corry Evans, sounds like an american tweenage star of some god-awful TV programme; possibly a girl, possibly a boy.”

Well, for those of you wondering, I can confirm the subject in question is a boy. He’s no American either! In fact, Corry is a 20-year old Irish midfielder come centre-back who has made four appearances for his country despite failing to get into the Manchester United first team. He’s also the brother of another Salford Yanks player, Jonny Evans.

Since the rumour comes from Betfair, the believability factor is low. That said, many of us were expecting a few Premier League youngsters in on loan this season so he does fit the criteria. He’s also a defensive midfielder, which is a position many of us have been worrying about lately.

As much as we need cover in midfield, would any of us really be happy playing the part of Manchester United’s feeder team?