To tie in with the launch of TSS’ new YouTube channel, we’re going to be taking a look back at some of the greatest games in the history of Leeds United Football Club.

In 1972, Leeds were flying high and Don Revie was keen to rid the club of the ‘Dirty Leeds’ tag that had cast a black cloud over the most successful period in the clubs history.

Don was keen to prove that The Whites weren’t just a team of hard-tackling, fearless and uncompromising footballers, but also one that was bursting with skill, flair and talent.

The 4th of March 1972 will be a day Saints fans don’t want too many reminders of, but for Don Revie’s Leeds United, it was a day where the footballing world was forced to take notice as the Whites mercilessly destroyed Southampton by seven goals to nil.

Despite the masterclass in football that Bremner and the boys put on, the press were still critical of Leeds United for what they decided was “show-boating” and being unsportsmanlike in victory!

I guess you just can’t please some people? The Leeds fans were pretty happy though! Enjoy…

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  1. Guy

    Still good to watch. But for me, as I remember, sticking 5 past the red bastards a couple of weeks before was by far more enjoyable and significant. What an atmosphere!!! Is there any decent footage of this still knocking about?

    • Tim the White

      Yes I was on the open Kop that evening. Apart from the great win my other endearing memory of the game was when the play went up to the Elland Road end and Clarke was trotting back and came accross that clodder Ian Ure and kicked him hard on the back of the knee – wonderful retribution!!

  2. Mark R

    Great memories.
    Wasn’t at the match but saw it on MOTD, newspaper clippings on the bedroom wall, and walked tall at school on Monday.
    Would also like to see any of the 5-1 Man U footage if about.

    Super Leeds United !


  3. Arthur Graham

    I have it on dvd – taped off match o the day once upon a time – its a fine watch – and V Arsenal when Currie and Liam Brady scored two wonder goals – the brady one is often seen but until i got this game on dvd I hadnt see the Currie goal – its not available …he shoots a bullet from near the bloody corer flag – superb player superb goal

  4. henry vincent lewis

    I remember it well!!
    I thought when it got to 7-0 the Leeds players took pity on Southampton.
    If they had kept pressing hard it could have been 12!!
    I seem to remember us giving West ham a good pasting as well, and they had Bobby Moore, Hirst & Peters in their team.
    I suppose we took it all for granted then, thinking it would last forever.

  5. sveifors

    I had this game on VHS and I lost it. Is this possible to get on DVD. I would be extremly grateful if anyone could assist me

  6. Arthur Graham

    leeds 5 man u 0 mentioned above ..thats the game i have on unnoficial dvd – this saints 7.0 game highlights is readily available on various Leeds dvds dunno about 90 minutes – they dont exist – just TV MOTD highlights or ITV Big match highlights – (Bremner cover ) a great DVD i hear – havent seen it yet

  7. Paul Gittins

    Funny, I just watched this just last week ….. I was at the game too (the old West Stand Paddock – my father had a season ticket in there for donkeys years).

    Don’t remeber ever seeing any footage from the 5-1 thumping of the red lot …. love to see that …..

  8. Arthur Graham

    Leeds v manu .. 5.1 ? .. thought it was 5.0 must have missed their effort making a cuppa ! LOL

    will put it back in my player and watch it again see if i can see it in the white blur of legends shirts waltzing past them for 90 minutes !

    Best was in Reaneys pocket all game –

    Yes Tony Currie goal V Arsenal superb better than Bradys curler I thought and better than his own curler v Saints – who saw that Arsenal goal by Currie in the flesh – any veterens let me know …and who wants to see it ?

  9. Mark R

    Morning Arthur,

    Remember you scoring many goals and turning several defenders inside out.

    Some good posts yesterday bud.


  10. Bill Fox

    Can we get a TSS memebrs legends top five goals up on here-any of Curries will do me.

  11. Arthur Graham

    for the vintage years and In no particular order as the saying goes

    Currie V Southampton
    Currie V Arsenal

    Yeboah V Liverpool
    Yeboah V Wimbledon

    Cantona V ?
    Lorimer specials – several
    Eddie V Burnley ( second goal )

  12. Bill Fox

    And more recently but right up there emotionally Viduka at Highbury 3-2.


    we are Leeds, no-one likes us, …………………………AND WE DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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