#01 – Betfair love The Scratching Shed

After a summer of fruitless transfer speculation and some heavy criticism from The Scratching Shed, Betfair retorted with a plea of love to Leeds fans. The less than subtle response to some of TSS’ criticism didn’t go unnoticed and TSS responded via Twitter, with Betfair explaining that they’re “very sensitive to criticism from [their] favourite Leeds United blog”.

Bless ‘em! We love you too Betfair!

#02 – Our away support is second to none

4,000 Whites fans out-sang 21,000 Forest fans on Sunday as the Leeds faithful enjoyed their first away trip of the season. According to this guide on a Nottingham Forest fans site, it wasn’t because our support is simply immense, but because we had the “best acoustics!”

Or maybe it was the fact that only 17 of their fans actually made any noise. Were they only there to watch the Leeds?

#03 – Clough and Revie deadlocked

Neither the ghost of Brian Clough or Don Revie could claim bragging rights as the battle between their former clubs remained deadlocked. Revie’s fans were sure to inform Clough’s lot that they thought he was a bit of “w**ker”, so at least we can claim victory there!

#04 – Becchio needs a new contract!

Fresh rumours – Betfair, again! – linking Becchio with a £750k move to Celtic had the Leeds fans a little panicked this week as his contract talks remained unresolved. With Darius Vassell being linked as a replacement, Kenneth better start digging deep.

#05 – Grayson bottled defensive decision.

No surprise to see Richard Naylor starting in the centre of defence as Larry bottled it and decided not to hand Alex Bruce his full debut. This risky decision looked like it was going to backfire horribly as Forest cut through our static defence with terrifying ease for twenty minutes. Luckily, they started lumping the ball up at our back line, and we started playing football, allowing us to claim a point.

#06 – You Watt? You Watt?

Stamped on, and investigated? Conspiracy theories abounded – would we be docked points? Would Watt get banned too? In the end Gunter received a fair 3 match ban, and Watt escaped further punishment. Rightly too. Wouldn’t be down to the fact he’s on loan from the Gooners would it? Or maybe, just maybe, we’re not quite as picked on by the Football League as some fans would have you think! Still, with the club potentially facing charges, our dear leader Bates, ever fighting for the Peacock’s cause, says ‘Well fight our corner!’

#07 – Grella is Premier League player…

As long as it’s the Blue Square Premier. He is outstanding at reserve or conference level – last season’s cup exploits when he was our extra time saviour or banging in two midweek for the reserves v Gateshead… but is he up to the rigours of the Championship? Perhaps he should stick to (alleged) online liaisons with strangers.

#08 – Sons of Scum are OK by us!

Kasper Schmeichel is already a fan favourite, after two outstanding displays. His reflexes and distribution have won us all over. That and his lovely blond hair. Alex Bruce seems remarkably popular for a man whose old fella played for that lot and has only made one appearance for us… maybe it’s the fact that he looks like he can run that has swayed the Leeds faithful?

#09 – Are we Arsenal in disguise?

First Sanchez Watt, now Henri Lansbury (allegedly). Does this mean we will start playing scintillating football, entertaining the neutrals, and failing gloriously? As long as we don’t swap Schmeichel for Almunia…

#10 – We don’t spend a huge amount on agents?

Compared to Premiership clubs, or Newcastle, or West Brom. But compared to Dagenham and Redbridge who spent a sum total of zero on fees for these parasites, we spend a fair whack. £335,723 last on agents last year made us the third highest spenders in League One. Seems like we spent less than that on transfer fees…

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  1. Tim Campbell

    After reading the article in the yorkshire evening post it appears now more than ever that larry is holding fire till the big boys sort out their 25 man squads which will be finalised on September 1st. I agree with him that we won’t be spending silly money on fees, but I’m sure there would still be a few well known names who are going to be frozen out at their clubs who would be prepared to drop a division for this season anyway. An interesting couple of weeks ahead methinks! :O

  2. nffc

    That’s a bit mean – and exaggerated.
    Home fans are pursing by away fans around the country week in week out. And singling out a comment in a generic guide that was nothing to do with Leeds’ visit is a bit silly. The Leeds fans were bloody loud, I believe I said as much in the report for the game.
    The observations on acoustics are valid, and as in any ground you have a silent majority with pockets of atmosphere – that’s not making excuses, that’s just the way it is. I think those pockets comprises more than 17 people though.

  3. James D

    @nfffc sorry if I’ve upset you… Meant to be humorous, not taken too seriously! Tone of the whole article etc etc? Sounds like a nerve has been hit! ;-)

      • TSS


        Glad to hear it mate. As James says, the above is a weekly tongue-in-cheek look at the fortunes (or more commonly, misfortunes) of LUFC

      • nffc

        Fair do’s.. I should’ve paid more attention to the section that turned up in my referrer logs :D

        Enjoyable reading, will keep an eye over the course of the season! Cheers lads. Good luck for the rest of the season aside from our visit, of course!

      • TSS


        Ahh, so I aren’t the only one slightly obsessed with checking out referring sites! Haha

        Good luck to you guys too. I’m sure you’ll be there or there abouts come May!

  4. kev cressey

    Yeah i think Larry is waiting till the prem league clubs get sorted with their 25 man squads,I see Man City are paying half of Bellamy’s salary while Cardiff are coughing up the other 45 grand a week!!! where are they getting their money from,do you think Somma will be in starting 11 on saturday?

    • Yorkwhite

      The wages that top players are earning are a disgrace. When I was a lad I remember Eddie Gray, one of my favourite players getting a new contract. When I took the programme home my dad read it and was shocked to see that Eddie was earning five times his wage. My dad was a tradesman so I guess in today’s terms that would be around 30k. So if top flight footballers were doing the same it would equate to around 150k per year.
      I know that there is a lot more money in football now, the stadia are much better and it’s a short career but when I started going to ER I could afford to get in the Gelderd end on my paper round money. The players deserve a good wage, each week they know that with a bad injury it could all be over but when I read about 90k to 120k per week it just seems wrong.
      Football used to be the working mans game, even the paper boys. But huge hikes in real terms of ticket prices are changing the games nature. Dads can no longer afford to take their kids and I know a lot of kids who live around me have never even been to a match. Meanwhile many clubs are in financial crisis thanks to the pure greed of many of the so called top players.
      I really think that the time is fast approaching when wage caps should be re introduced. Our poor showing at the recent world cup proved that the English game is not benefiting from the current situation and we need to think about the next generation of fans. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for players earning a good living, even enough to retire when their playing days are over but when you think about not only our club but so many others change is rapidly becoming a necessity.

  5. Colin

    The clubs are the problem – the reason players are on huge wages is because that’s what the clubs pay them. Cardiff are in financial difficulty but find a way to pay one player £45k a week.

    Just to make you even more annoyed – here are the yearly sums that are paid to the Top 10 highest paid footballers in the world.


    1 Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid, £11.3million)
    2 Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Barcelona, £10.4million)
    3 Lionel Messi (Barcelona, £9.1million)
    4 Samuel Eto’o (Internazionale, £9.1million)
    5 Kaka (Real Madrid, £8.7million)
    6 Emmanuel Adebayor (Manchester City, £7.4million)
    7 Karim Benzema (Real Madrid, £7.4million)
    8 Carlos Tevez (Manchester City, £7million)
    9 John Terry (Chelsea, £6.5million)
    10 Frank Lampard (Chelsea, £6.5million)

    • Yorkwhite

      I’m not annoyed I just think it’s sad that so many decent clubs are so close to going under whilst the likes of Man City, Chelsea etc are just buying their success!

    • Matt BB

      @colin but like a sideshow attration the cardiff chairman’s saying he has sold sufficient additional seats to cover the outlay (well I’m gueesing for a couple of weeks!)

      Palace have done the same, perhaps (as long as here’s value in it in football terms) we could do something similar?

  6. nffc

    @TSS No, I was wondering why the Away Fan Guide on the site was getting so many hits all of a sudden!! I should really update that page some time…


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