It never ceases to amaze me, that no matter where I travel, I always bump into other Leeds United fans happy to offer their hospitality and show me the lay of the land.

During a recent trip to New York, TSS members Foxy101 and CaptainCrash emailed me to ask if I knew of any bars in the Big Apple that would be showing Leeds United’s opening game against Derby County. Unsure, I put a shout out on Twitter asking for information. Within minutes, I was overwhelmed by replies from fellow Leeds United fans that pointed me in the direction of @leedsunited_nyc – the twitter account of the New York Whites.

The New York Whites informed me that they had their own bar, the Three Steps on 2nd Avenue which would be showing the game and that TSS’ holidaying members would be more than welcome. Happy that I was able to assist, I replied to a delighted Foxy and Crash with the details.

After returning to England, the lads emailed me again with a couple of snaps and an overview of the days events. They said the bar was full of around 50-60 New York Leeds United fans, all of whom made them feel very welcome. With the bar dressed up in Leeds United flags and the majority of the NY Whites wearing their shirts, this little corner of New York City was transformed into a Leeds United paradise.

The lads both highly recommend getting in touch with the New York Whites if you’re planning to holiday there this year. Already, they have another five games confirmed to be broadcast in the US and the Three Steps will be showing them on two giant screens above the bar with a wide range of bottled beers available for the fans.

Further proof then, that no matter where you travel in the world, there’ll always be someone from this enormous Leeds United family of ours ready to look after you and show you the ropes. Many thanks to Foxy and Crash for the pictures, and to the New York Whites for looking after our travelling friends. Marching on together!

New York Whites Facebook page
New York Whites on Twitter

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  1. Doug Gisby

    Great piece LUFC has a very strong following in the Americas, LUA has branches across the US, Canada, Caribbean and a new and expanding membership in South America including Argentina and Brazil. We have regular branch meets and last years main meet was in NY, where the membership presented a donation to Leeds Remembrance, Leeds fans may have also seen the LUA wreath outside ER also and the LUA flag at various games last season. LUA membership is free, check the program as we sponsor Mike Grella and have previously sponsored Eddie Lewis and Dave Prutton. LUA is an independent and unaffiliated supporters group we used to be part of LUSC but left amicably last season to become independent. LUA has representation at every game and offers ticket services to the membership, a very active virtual community via the website and a very well attended match day chat room during games. Our next group meet is in Atlanta the weekend of Oct 16th at Fado’s pub, and any Leeds fan are most welcome. Any Leeds fans visiting the Americas looking to meet up with other Leeds fans or to find a venue to check out a game please contact from NY in the East to Hawaii in the West, Vancouver in the North and Argentina in the South we’ll be able to put you in touch with Leeds fans. Keep up the great work on TSS from the New World Whites.

    • sheard

      I used to know a Doug Gisby who was a Leeds fan & went to Outwood Grange, I think he went to the states, is it you?

      • Doug Gisby

        Way to go Pete, I’ve been in the US since 89 now married and with two boys. Still have my season tickets and try to get back for as many games as I can, I made it back for the scum game (sat in the Stretford End because LUFC screwed me), Bristol promotion game and Orient away. Our kid and his son use my tickets when I can’t. I can’t believe I turned 50 last Saturday, I still keep in touch with Nigel Dews, Ian Owen, John Delaney & Anthony Parkin. How are you what you up to?

      • sheard

        nice to hear from you, saw your Mark at a few games last year, same daft grin all over his face, used to see John Delaney and his gang on a regular basis in Wakey don’t get in too much (loud music, queues etc)
        Gave up my season ticket after last season but will still hit the games i want to watch, I still bought my 16 year old son Jack one & he goes with his own crowd
        Living in Normanton since 2001 married with 2 kids ( other one is Katie 18 years going on 30)
        Still working left the pit in 2004 after 28 years and now a sales engineer for a Rotherham firm trawling around the UK

  2. TSS

    Hi Doug and Simon,

    If any of the other branches are interested in appearing on the site enjoying a Leeds United game overseas, please email me using the contact form above. I’m planning to do a few features like this and the Dubai one this season, so it would be great if you can help out.

    • Doug Gisby

      I’ve pic’s from the NY Meet last season and also the LA meet last year. I’ll send pic’s and a brief writeup of the ATL meet in Oct, plus others as they occur, also we’ll notify TSS about upcoming meets so anyone in town can meet up. Simon and I are both in the Chicago area and we have meets in The Globe pub for televised games, trying to get them out against the Shrubs Sunday.

  3. yorkwhite

    Wow from Old York to New York. Leeds fans here, leeds fans there, Leeds fans…………………..

  4. Sparkeface

    Great Stuff -I aim to be there one day.
    Honeymooning in Hawaii and Vegas in a few weeks – any news of whites over there?!

  5. Simon

    Sparkeface, do you really want Leeds fans to crash your honeymoon? If so I’m happy to take in either Hawaii or Vegas :)

  6. Sean

    Next time you take a pic can you give me a warning so I can hold me beer gut in…Cheers

    It was a great turn out in NYC, there was even a young couple on their honeymoon. I told the bride she had already figured out the secret to a happy marriage, let your hubby watch the Whites!

  7. Jim Barnett

    Never ceases to amaze me how ‘famous’ Leeds are worldwide. I went travelling in South America and although I didn’t meet many fans, everyone knew who we were and could name a couple of our players from our recent past. MOT

  8. Karl

    In toronto myself and found a few leeds fans to enjoy the matches with and have a chat 2 some1 that nos wat ur talkin about. Great little bar called the football factory thats opening at 8 on sunday 4 the forest game. Never really say much on this so like to take the time to thank TSS for the respect he showed to the family of the exeter player that died sadly and the respect thats given to the away fans that our interview on the site by the people in general. Makes me proud to be a Leeds fan.

  9. White to the core

    This should clearly show the old coffin dodger Bates with the laser eyes the potential our great club has and how a little ambition /investment could lead to greater riches with the following worldwide we have!

  10. timm

    Fantastic thread! TSS goes global! The site’s going from strength to strength & deservedly so. I always enjoy the debates & really feel part of it, even though im based in NY myself (North Yorkshire!!!).

  11. Matt BB

    well for my part i know precisely zero leeds fans in brum, where i am based, no one in kings heath reading this is there?..

    @TSS BTW I am falling into line with your conspiracy theory as regards SOmma now, they have finally updated the website today, and even Adam Clayton has a profile – still no Somma, whats going on?

  12. Tim Wilsom

    Maybe his green card isn’t sorted and he’s an illegal immigrant, so it’s not official ;)


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