The new Football League chairman, Greg Clarke has began his quest for transparency in football by issuing a ballot to the leagues 72 member clubs, which could see every team forced to be as transparent about ownership as the Premier League.

Speaking to the YEP, Clarke told how important he believed football clubs were to the local community, and how he believed every fan has the right to know who their owners are;

“I believe transparency is important for one major reason, and to illustrate that reason I like to compare a local football club with a pit in a mining village.

“If the village loses the pit, it leaves the villagers devastated. It is the same with the local football club and the impact it would have on that town or city.

“People, therefore, need to know who is running the pit and where they have come from. Every fan wants to know their club is in good hands and we are trying to put that information in place.”

If the vote is passed, it will come into effect for the start of the 2011-12 season. For Leeds United, Forward Sports Fund and Ken Bates, it’s unclear as to what the possible implications may be with such mystery surrounding our ownership.

Since Leeds United’s owners have already been declared ‘fit and proper’ Leeds fans shouldn’t have too much to worry about. That said, I can’t help but think there’s a good reason the true beneficiaries of Leeds United FC are hiding their identity. Let’s hope they’re just camera-shy!