When Nottingham Forest player, Chris Gunter stamped on Sanchez Watt’s foot on Sunday the travelling Leeds United faithful were outraged that the referee didn’t produce a red card. I saw things a little differently however, realising Gunter’s actions were in retaliation and knowing that the referee could quite easily have sent several players off for the altercation that followed.

Thankfully, it seemed that both Leeds United and Nottingham Forest had avoided costly suspensions as the referee remained lenient in what had been an extremely fiery encounter between the two fallen giants. The FA however, have decided to take a second look at the incident and will decide whether disciplinary action is necessary.

This is not good news for Leeds or Forest who are both struggling with numbers at the moment. Forest have a threadbare squad that Davies has failed to strengthen during the summer and the Whites are without several key players including Robert Snodgrass, Billy Paynter and Patrick Kisnorbo.

What’s particularly irritating about the whole thing is the hypocrisy of the FA. When a referee makes a bad decision and sends a player off unfairly, the FA rarely overturn the ban and usually tell us the referee’s decision is final. Why then, despite the assistance of two officials in coming to his decision, is the referee’s authority being undermined in this case? Simple – because it was on Sky.

These kinds of incidents happen season after season, and very rarely result in a FA investigation. Throw the Sky Sports cameras into the equation however, and the aftermath of the match continues for another week afterwards.

I’m not saying that both Sanchez Watt and Chris Gunter didn’t deserve sending off, because in truth, they probably did. But the referee spoke with his officials, heard the thoughts of the players and came to the decision to simply caution the two players – a decision that worked as both players kept out of trouble for the rest of the game.

I fear this could result in a 3-match ban for Sanchez Watt. Simon Grayson insists that Watt’s initial stamp was unintentional, but it’s hard to judge and the FA are unlikely to punish Gunter without dealing the same damage to Sanchez Watt and Leeds United too.

UPDATED: The FA have decided to fine both clubs for failing to control their players and have also “offered” Chris Gunter a three-match ban for his part in the incident.