is reporting that Sanchez Watt may be set for a return to Elland Road as Arsene Wenger looks to find the 19-year-old winger some match experience away from the Emirates.

Watt joined Leeds United on loan on the 25th of March last season and went on to make six appearances for the Whites, which included a late introduction in the 2-1 promotion clinching win over Bristol Rovers. His pace, skill and flair made him an instant hit with the Elland Road faithful and there’s been much speculation about his possible return all summer.

Sanchez Watt celebrates promotion to the Championship with Beckford and Johnson

With the flexibility to play on both wings and as a striker, Sanchez Watt could go straight in to the starting line-up for our opening game against Derby County with both Robert Snodgrass and Billy Paynter out injured.

Simon Grayson has remained tight-lipped about the possibility of a return for the Arsenal youngster, but has made no secrets of his desire to bring some more quality players in.

Elsewhere, Leeds United have announced that Robert Snodgrass’ injury isn’t as bad as we feared and that the winger will be out for a matter of weeks, not months.

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  1. Gryff

    The cynic in me can’t help but think that Skysports’ researchers simply scoured the fan-sites and noticed we liked him.

    Hope they’re right!

  2. Arthur Graham and Alex Sabella fan club

    some FLAIR … yes ! very good news – was expecting and hoping it was always on the cards and im also hoping that the boy from Villa / England U19s striker will come also – and that SG has been waiting for the England U19s to get back and have their few days rest to then be able to conclude matters with Martin O Neil – unless hes impressed MON enough with those England performances to get a a seat on the bench every week – I think 6 months with us is what is required for both party’s ?
    Be great news if we get them both ( but yes Watt wll do nicely for starters …. but both would be excellent options for the front line with Robert and Paytner out

  3. Arthur Graham and Alex Sabella fan club

    the unsaid rule is i believe that you loan your best young talent to a friendly championship club with huge crowds and ability – who else can compete with us ? Boro ? – do me a favour …also Leeds and Villa have some amicable ‘previous’ ( with the Delph deal they owe us one or indeed two ! and SG and MON get along very well – always good for business – watch this space but I predict we may get the Villa boy – hope so – Delph will have spoken glowingly Im sure – i guess it rests on what Villa have up front this year and If his England games have done enough for him to be in the squad of 14 each week – if he wants a weekly game though we should offer him that – with no pride about feeder club etc – he will do a good job as will Watt – and if we go up – and get new ownership then these kind of players may well be signed up for keeps

  4. Loki

    Sky Sports don’t tend to comment on rumours until they’re next to confirmed, I’d imagine the ink is drying on the contract as we speak. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is on the Leeds website by the end of the day.

  5. Arthur Graham and Alex Sabella fan club

    totally agree with Stevie – the deal has been ‘coming’ and i just hope Im also right about Nathan Delfouneso
    Be a great competition for Paytner to get the best out of the front line – and a more obvious replacement for Beckford

    then with Sam, Snoddy, and Watt out wide

    Paynter on the bench for (and Bechio deeper ? and we also have the suspended duo also

    it all starts to look a lot more in depth – with a positive and attack minded – keep it on the deck mentality for this division

  6. Colin

    Surely Watt is only a squad player – not a first team starter – he was hardly prolific when he was at Leeds.

    That said – I don’t know who our starting midfield will be against Derby? If we do go with 4-5-1, which would make sense as Paynter looks to be out.

    Bradley Johnson, Lloyd Sam, Kilkenny, Howson, but who’s the 5th?

    No Somma, Snodgrass, Gradel. Surely Andy Hughes won’t be the 5th will he?

    And 4-3-3 would come unstuck for the same reasons unless you brought in Grella. And 4-3-3 would be very risky against Derby.

    • Dje


      I think he’d play White as the fifth on the left, rather than Hughes in midfield, and bring Sam over to the right (were apparently he can play). Not ideal, but if needs must.

      • Colin

        I forgot about Aidy White – that’s a good call – that sounds an okay midfield to me.

      • TSS

        @djedjedje @colin

        I’d be extremely surprised if Simon Grayson opted for Aidy White as a regular starter. His faith in the Leeds United youth system is what brought the legendary Tony Capaldi and Sam Vokes to Elland Road.

      • Dje


        Agreed. I think he’ll go with Watt on loan rather than White as starting XI – but I could see White coming off the bench to sure up the result if we are in front. It’d be a shame to have to play Sam on the right wing for those first couple of games too, as he as proven and won all his accolades on the left in pre-season and you should play to that strength. Having said that he might still be better on the right than bringing Bruce into defensive midfield and pushing out Howson onto the right – which Grayson had a fetish for too often IMHO last season.

      • Colin

        Sorry I meant that White would be okay for this weekend with Snodders/Gradel out. Agree he won’t be starting 11 when everyone’s fit.

      • TheReaper08

        @djedjedje @colin @TSS

        The problem with Aidy White is he is very very fragile. Even when he was fit he could only do about 60 minutes.

  7. Arthur Graham and Alex Sabella fan club

    for 4 5 1 formation play the new man BRUCE in holding midfield – he likes it there

    Howson and Kilkenny Johnson in front

    Watt and Sam out wide is possible and Bechio doing his thing in the middle

    or 4 4 2 with Bechio and Watt up front

    lets trust in SG he will do the right thing

  8. Arthur Graham and Alex Sabella fan club

    meant Sam ( OR ) Watt as the fifth man in 4 5 1
    I am getting ahead of myself with the Watt idea as hes not even signed ! LOL ( yet ? )

  9. Colin

    Bruce has only played 30 mins with the new look Leeds team and that was in defence and if Watt comes then he won’t have played with them at all.

    So let’s say that Watt does play wide right in the first game – he’ll become a sub as soon as Snodgrass is back. And I don’t think he’ll get picked up front ahead of Becchio or Paynter.

    • TSS

      Not sure @Colin – think a dip in form from Johnson, Gradel or Snoddy and he’s a good man to have in the team. His pace is electrifying and he has much better ball control than anyone else in our team.

      • Colin

        @TSS – drop in form from Bradley Johnson? Surely not. He’s never had a drop in form before :)

      • Dje

        I’d be tempted to start with Watt when we’re away from home and try and catch them on the break with his pace or at least have a good mazy run against some unskillful thuggish Championship defending – it being a thin line of course between reaping the rewards of dozens of free kicks and a shattered leg and the end of a young lad’s career, of course!

        I doubt many teams will be going all guns blazing and pushing up too far at Elland Road so there’ll not be as much room for him to get in behind. Therefore at home I’d probably bring him on for the final half hour when the opposition is tiring.

        All theoretical mind until he signs.

    • Arthur Graham and Alex Sabella fan club

      yes I agree about Watt needing games but he is good as an inside right not just wide

      but but Delfouneso would be in my first eleven IF we got him and I would play him with Bechio – and Billy P to fight it out with diferent style opposition – we need those ‘squad’ Options – all good competiton – I can feel it in my bones about the Villa lad coming be a hell of a scoop if he did – he played a blinder in the euros last month

  10. Arthur Graham and Alex Sabella fan club

    could try and field it anyway …and hope no one notices !!

  11. paul wilde

    Have I missed something? Why is Sommer not involveD on Saturday? As for Watt, you Watt! You Watt! You Watt!. Hope he signs.

  12. Kevin O'Connor

    Nah to be fair to Sky, they put out news of our interest in Connolly, Collins and Bessone not long before we actually signed them. I reckon this has substance, and I’m not complaining about it :)

  13. les irwin

    sanchez watt and evans from manu will be great players to have at leeds but are they better than the youth already at leeds.i remember watt being man of the match against mk dons last season then he disappeared of the face of the earth .lets be right about it based on last season only graysons loans asside from watt and gradel were a disaster .
    if they are worth getting they should be played

  14. TheReaper08

    @number1inyorkshire We are going to need strength in depth though. Even if he significantly improves the bench and play’s a few games, comes on as sub etc. he will be worth it. If the last few weeks have taught us anything (Snodders, Paynter) then you need good back up and a plan B.

    • les irwin

      i like sanchez watt and to be fair he could be a massive player for us if he gets pitch time i would prefer him to get a game to paynter if i was honest but play him week in week out as a striker there was too many changes last season in players changing places ive seen us put a left back on the bench and play a right back in his place .
      if we get watt i will suggest it would come with a play him or loose him every piece iv’e read so far has said wenger is hoping to get his promising starlet out to get him first team experience well if he is worth putting on bench he is worth playing to start . he is a good player of a good age play him

  15. Loki

    A tad off topic but with Tres supposedly leaving for Swindon and their previous interest in Alan Sheehan, am I the only one who’s thinking a Charlie Austin deal might be in the making? I think he’s every but the player Billy Paynter is, he got 19 goals last season. And a pre-existing partnership with Paynter.

    Completely off topic know I think about it…

    • les irwin

      swindon have said that sheehan is not going back there or he would be there already i like sheehan personally and he will not be worse than bessone ,tres could be a good player at a place he is wanted

      • timm

        Sheehan’s a liability with his poor discipline & that’s why Grayson wants rid. I saw a bit of Bessone last season on TV games & i was impressed with him. Im wondering if Aidy White coming into left midfield v Wolves means Grayson’s given up on him as a left back? White needs to make the step up this season or he’ll be out. If he can’t make 90 mins in L1 because he’s so nervous he’s physically sick, what’s he going to be like in all the local derbies?

  16. TheReaper08

    @stevie Good point actually although not sure we are pushing for a deal as far as Tres is concerned, more of a please take him approach.

    Agree about Austin though, as a Swindon resident I can tell you the locals here think we took the wrong striker.

    • les irwin

      we should of had both but i agree austin was awesome against us at E R last season

      • jacko

        Sounds like good news regarding Snoddy, but will definately be out for a couple of games I suspect and if Watt signs that could give him a chance to impress. Like him and clearly seemed at home last year. Wide right for me with Sam on the left. Aidy can come on and make an impact if needed. I think if we get Watt and the lad from Villa we look pretty good attack wise. Still think a more obvious holding midfielder would have helped and some pace at centre back.

  17. Dje

    @The Reaper

    In the commentary for one of our pre-season games in Slovakia or Norway – I think it was Eddie Grey (but might have been Lorimer) who said that he’d been spending a lot of time at Thorp Arch over the summer and reckoned that White was looking physically stronger than last season. Hopefully White is just a ‘late developer’ and weakness and injuries have been the result of playing competitive football whilst trying to accommodate ‘growing pains’ etc.

    I think as a kid when you are growing up everyone has a nervousness regarding something or other that verges on being a debilitating mental block – exams, speaking in public, avoiding the schoolyard bully, talking to good-looking lasses – but somehow with hindsight they fall away somewhere along the line, so hopefully this season is a walk in the park for White. At least what he has going for him is a great domestic set-up at Elland Road and 95% of the stadium rooting for him …

    … and has pace to lose.

    • TheReaper08

      @djedjedje I hope so. I am not being down on the kid as I hope he has a bright future with us but he certainly needs to toughen up a bit.

  18. Dje


    Without wanting to sound like a heartless b*****d, I reckon a period out on loan at Farsley Celtic or Tadcaster Albion after he seemed to have his confidence utterly shattered by that calamitous mix-up with Casper Ankergren during the Dennis Wise epoch (or possibly McAllistair?) might have helped him out a few years back; somewhere where he’d still get knocked about a bit, could learn his trade, and step out of the limelight temporarily.

    • Jacko

      Sometimes it doesn’t take much to get that confidence. Dance round 3 defenders and lash 1 in the top corner should do it! Could easily be a quality player if we can get that confidence flowing.

      • Jacko

        Off subject, but seen a couple of sites suggesting rumours of Smithy returning. Any ideas where these rumours are coming from because I haven’t seen any. As previous I think that would be a fantastic signing, especially looking at our defence, a good holding mid would make me far more confident as protection.

  19. Scot Harlow

    @Jacko – seen a few rumuors myself regarding smithy but to be honest i think they are just simply rumuours. i too think he would be a great signing as we need a holding mid (as much as i am a big fan of kilkenny – he’s better on the ball).

    any news on what striker could be coming in? i’m hoping it will be somebody othe rthan Watt – he’s a gd player but can’t see him being our answer to a ’20 goal a season striker’!?!

    Bates flash some cash NOW and get Chopra in for me!

  20. Dje

    Can’t see us paying the wages for Smith, and considering the role he plays for Newcastle I reckon they will see him as a useful squad player and not have any urgency to loan him out.

    Definitely can’t see us paying the transfer fee for Chopra!

    • Matt BB

      lets not forget the financial mess newcastle oare in, although the words `financial’ and `propriety’ are never close to the Newcastle United end of year accounts, theres always a chanve theyd let someone off their wage bill, didnt they release Nicky Butt by the way he could do a job for us in the championship.

      • Dje

        Are Newcastle in that much of a financial mess? Rich enough owner, just been promoted to the riches of the Premiership and haven’t blown out on ridiculously over-rated and priced players – which is very unlike those Geordie boys – so they can’t be that hard up.

        It boils down to if Hughton thinks Smith is up to the Premiership level or not. I reckon if he thought that he aint then he’d have sold him for a reasonable at the start of the summer and moved to bring in a replacement. At best there could be a move for him at Christmas if he isn’t making the grade in the top-flight, possibly on loan.

        Butt’s retired.

  21. Scot Harlow

    I can’t Smithy being a leeds player next season either it just doesn’t seem likely.

    the reason i am hoping for a chopra deal is partly down to the fact that thanks to Mr Risdale, Cardiff are in money trouble of their own – maybe a cut price for their players is on the cards. Whittingham was rumuored at £5m last season when he was scoring for fun…that’s now cut to apparently £2m!

    although i’m also a fan of the Paynter/Austin parternship up top – especially if either Tres or Sheehan are heading the other way…

  22. Dje


    Agree with you on an asset-stripping move for Chopra – and couldn’t happen to a nicer club and chairman! But I think we’d be outbid by a Preston or Burnley the second the transfer fee bobs above £850k. I think he could be bought for a cut-price £1.25-1.5m – but still too much for us.

    Yep, Austin would be a steal too – especially if we give them Tres ( and pay his wages for the year) and Sheehan as part-exchange – but I cant see what’s in it for Swindon. Unless they are crumbling under an excessive wage bill that I’m otherwise unaware off, why would they move Austin on? Still, wishful thinking and all that!

    The Yorkshire Post sounded pretty sure that we’ll be bringing in our 8th signing to-day. I wonder who?

  23. Matt BB

    I’d love to see Austin in a Leeds shirt, and he would be a steal for £1M with Sheehan and kandol moving out. I just havent seen much about that in the press it all seems to be about getting (another) winger in for Saturday most liklely on loan, if its only for 3 games why arent we using Robiinson, he might actually turn out pretty well.

    • Jacko

      Austin would be a good signing, but can’t see us signing another striker. I think it is more likely a loanee upfront, which I do think can work ok! Agreed Smithy is unlikely, but can’t help but feel if we asked the question we might have a chance. It would certainly interest him.

  24. Paul Cranswick

    A couple of games without Snoddy, Gradel and Somma is not to me the end of the world – Aidy White or a change in formation to play Jonny Howson on the right with Mike Grella up front would work. Why not pitch in Robinson if you want to keep the formation and worry White wont last the game. As last chance saloons go it would be worthwhile. He did get an important goal for us while he was with Tranmere last season and wouldnt let us down over three games. Im more worried about the midfield if we keep (with the personnel rightly so) the flexible 4-5-1 / 4-3-3 formations so effective recently. After the three who played who comes in Hughes or Bruce are definitely not good enough to occupy places in midfield in this league and young Lees (can play holding midfield) and Hatfield are completely untried and seemingly not rated highly enough by SG and his team. We need another body in there desperately (Darel Russell/Gavin McCann/or one of the premiership youngsters). Sanchez Watt would be a good addition as back up to Lloyd Sam on the left but we also need a goalscorer. Agree that Chopra (too expensive), Delfouneso (MON would be crazy to let go) or Austin (also surely GBP2M) would all fit the bill but are all unlikely. Marlon Harewood and Erik Nevland are available for nowt and are more possible whilst I like the look of the yound Hungarian Nemeth at Liverpool. He is unlikely to feature given the new squad rules as he is listed as 22 and is a full international who scores for fun. The other reasonable option south of a million would be Derek Riordan at Hibs. Last year of contract, proven goalscorer and Scottish international. Hope Grayson/Bates do something soon but they may be waiting for the premiership squad announcements to fill up the remaining spots in their squad.

  25. les irwin

    just read a report on a derby site claiming that we have no strike power for saturday ,although the same piece also said that derby are struggleing for defenders ,listed them and their injuries but then said they would be all playing LOL???? the point is there are that many rumours and stories BETFAIR being the enid blyton of leeds stories this year that it is quite frankly riddiculous some one must just make up stories ,
    by the way iv’e just seen ,MESSI ,WALCOTT .AND SEVERAL OTHERS AT THORPE ARCH

  26. Max.

    Smith – Newcastle might let him go to get rid of his salary; Smith himself has admitted he is too slow these days for the Premiership; free signings suit Leeds as they can pay wages out of income rather than have to find up front sums. Leeds could do a deal on image rights, shirt sales, etc, where Smith would probably make a lot of money … All this is “on one hand”; on the other, Smith was Newcastle’s effective captain during their promotion season and it’s probably early for them to let him go, even if we could afford him.

    I think the rumour started as one of those wishful thinking ones on 606, and involved Smith & Hulse. I think if Hulse were coming it would have been sorted by now.

    Lees, btw, has gone on loan to Bury, so that is only two of the senior youth players (Hatfield and Darville) available for bench duty, and I think the latter looks likely to go to York.

    There’s a stronger rumour going round about Keogh coming to us. Guess we’ll know within a day or so.

    And I’m suspicious at Somma being wilfully left off both the squad entries AND the short number listing on the website. Feels like he may be going if we sign an over-21 attacking player.

  27. Dje


    (More) good experience for Lees I guess, although it’d have been nice to see one of the youngsters make the ‘break through’ this year. I guess if they aren’t ready or the quality isn’t there, then there’s nothing to be done – but with our restrained/tight-fisted transfer policy, kids coming through the ranks is the cheapest way to getting new squad players.

    After an impressive (early) pre-season wouldn’t there be an outcry if Somma was let to go now? Or is it just me?

    Not sure which I’d least prefer to see in a Leeds shirt, Hulse or Keogh – but I’d be furious is Somma was sold to make space for either of these.


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