Less than two weeks until the season starts and the squad is still in need of some strengthening. Neill Collins’ “undisclosed fee” remains the only money Leeds United have spent so far, despite desperately needing players in several key positions.

On previous occasions, our complaints about the lack of spending have been countered by Ken Bates’ claim of an illusive “war chest” that will come to our rescue once we reach the Championship. Two months on since our promotion was secured in spectaculor fashion, and Ken Bates’ war chest has still yet to appear.

So what did happen to Ken Bates’ war chest? Vote away…

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  1. DirtyLeeds

    Clarkeonenil.co.uk will have a full written response to your rantings about the lack of spending within the next 24 hours…

  2. TSS

    @DirtyLeeds Haha, I reckon I’m safe. The author hates Bates more than I do.

  3. Shez

    You missed an abvious one: Ken lied through his back teeth in order to milk more money from his now debt free club and wants to treat Susannah to a new home (retirement variety)

  4. coxie

    All said remember that without Bates there would be no Leeds united hate him or not he saved owe club yes no money but nor do we owe money and how many clubs can say that !!

    • yorkwhite

      I can’t believe that some people still think that without Bates Leeds would have gone under. The guy has milked the club for every penny he could get. I guess the war chest of OUR money is propping up the mattress at Bates island Motel. Don’t worry He’ll have a great list of excuses and people to blame if the team don’t perform on the pitch. Can anyone be surprised that no other investors have come forward? I wouldn’t sink a bent penny into any business that Bates is involved in. MOT

  5. Craig 1919

    It’s sitting on the port side of his yacht with his caviar and £1000 bottle of champagne! I feel robbed by Bates, we’ve only purchased only a handful of people since his arrival, God knows where the £4m profit from 2008/9 season went or the Delph sale, the cup run money, this seasons tv rights or season ticket money, for a club so well supported financially and so well supported it is criminal that all the trust, faith and money put into it by every loyal fan is not been repaid. Whilst I’ll be first to adamant Ken saved the club and his penny pinching effectively made us profitable again his lack of vision will certainly not promote us to the Premier League. I’m not saying lets go spend silly money but surely there must be £2-3m available? If he wants a money ship of a club he’ll need to invest first we can’t get promoted in freebies

  6. Mark R

    What’s the most SG has spent on a player :
    a) while at Leeds ?
    b) When at Blackpool ?

    Some are comfortable spending money , some aren’t.
    SG is a comes across as a steady bloke – steely determination.
    I think it’s proabley more that there’s not been the quality of player worth the investment. £2 million plus for Hooper is a big amount for a team just up from League 1 – and he never showed any intent to come to us. Better off without.

    We’ve seen a lot of transfer activity previously when in the top division, & our expectations are still at a level where we hope there is a certain level of investment on players.

    Over the past few seasons and with the economy now on a low, the market has changed for teams outside the Premier League and the days of a couple of marquee signings per summer seem to have long gone. Loans, free transfers appear to be the order of the day and the odd low priced signing.

    Our own recent history, Portsmouth, Southampton are there as warnings for all.

    It’s a more cautious approach and perhaps long term gives us more solid foundations.

    Building a team with spirit and bonding takes time and we’re on the right track. We’ll see a couple of new signings before the end of the transfer window.


    • Craig 1919

      Have you been reading the Bates spiel loaded season ticket letter? Regardless of economy and and histrionics the facts are there should be cash available for SG, we are stable and have good money coming in, Bares holding on to it and not buying beckford replacement is galling plus we are desperate for a DMF, whilst we have some good freebies the bottom of the barell has well and truly been scraped. Maybe SG is waiting to see what prem players are released etc but it’s not looking good, it’s time to put up or shut up for Bates

      • Mark R

        I haven’t seen a letter Craig.

        As you can see from my cartoon face I’ve turned orange and am writing with gritted teeth.

        I agree .. show us the money !

  7. les irwin

    for all those who voted the money is still there and he is waiting “dont hold your breath” you are kidding yourselves there should be money available and to be honest i would say upto 5 million quid not unreasonable based on the money spent not just last season but a couple of seasons if not 3 who was, i cant remember the last one we spent decent money on ,and we have been taking some money in i would guess .last season was a massive season financially for lufc lets not kid ourselves how much does harvey get paid ,

    its doing my head in now ,there is nothing to say we have bid for any players we have been linked with and to be honest im glad about some, but hooper said he waited ??thats his word i believe him otherwise he would of said “when celtic came in there was only 1 “etc

    this was our time to build for next season to push on for a promo crack we have not bought 1 player who will improve our team this season not 1, i will be surprised if any of them become num ber 1 in their position ,they are not bad players ,but no quality

  8. White to the core

    All the while grey beard the spending spree challenged pirate is at the helm of the good ship Leeds he will keep the ‘war chest’ firmly locked with multiple padlocks and buried about 30feet under. Basically its going to be many years before we advance any further unless someone knows a way to get to his chef/caterer he he he

  9. Paul C

    I had to go for the legal fees for Bates’ libellous comments made towards a former director.

    The legal fees are still unpaid as far as I am aware and amount to around £1.5m which works out at about 3300 season tickets holders money (based on an average of £450 per ticket). Good job Ken ;-)

  10. TheReaper08

    I think old Kenneth would be peeing his strides if he read some of the articles and posts on here, far from shutting TSS down I reckon he might even be interested in a sponsorship deal.

    Every single article slowly morphs it’s way into some kind of factless tirade, I am beginning to think timm was right as to why he hasn’t been on here for a while.

    • TSS

      Christ @TheReaper08 surely you saw the humour in that?

      Note to self: No more attempts at humorous posts.

  11. TheReaper08

    @TSS I have been trying to see the humour I promise but it’s getting tiring now. If I wanted to post on Clarkeonenil I would.

    • TSS

      @TheReaper08 Ahh Reaps, you can only post with what you’ve got.

      I sincerely doubt Bates is all bad. I don’t like the guy, but over time, I’ve grown to see it as more of a 1970’s cops and robbers sketch, with me the blind-eyed Police officer and Bates the cheeky cockney robber that gets away with it all.

      You can only write with what you’ve got, and the image of Bates is such that it’d be stupid to ignore that stereotype. Half of my comments should be followed by a emote with rolling eyes to signify the sarcasm or in-jest comment.

      People can choose to take it however they feel. The majority of the comments that follow these posts are usually as light-hearted as my own, but of course there’ll be those that truly despise the man and are praying he drops dead at any moment.

  12. TheReaper08

    @TSS It’s not the light hearted stuff that I have a problem with it’s all the so called fact that follows it. I don’t like the way he conducts business either but I am not on here spouting off how he eat my dog because he didn’t.

    Just out of interest you really feel most of the stuff written is light hearted ? I would say your misguided at best and if I didn’t respect you it would have been a lot worse.

    • TSS

      You mean what i write or what other commentators write? I dunno, I kind of take everything with a pinch of salt, so I wouldn’t describe either as overly angry. Posts I’ve made in the past have been written with sheer venom, but I guess I’ve kinda accepted the idea of him being here to stay now.

      • TheReaper08

        @TSS I mean some of my fellow posters. I now view you as the Ken Bates equivalent of Betfairs transfer updates, stand back throw in ‘light hearted’ hand grenade and stand back.

      • Matt BB

        @TheReaper08 come on, that’s what debate is about surely? who hasnt thrown something deliberately contentious into a debate – for god’s sake thats all you hear on Five Live! – just to get something going.

        I have to say that if we didnt have that element behind discussions then this would be a rather dull place. For me for example i had a shocking day in London with my gaffer in a fould mood, and this article actually shook me out of it and i enjoyed a bit of nonsense.

        This isnt a symposium! its a web forum, and sometimes some of the points that evolve in the discussions are actually pretty good.

      • TheReaper08

        @mattbb It’s hardly a debate.

        It is of course a personal opinion, I would prefer to stretch myself intellectually by actually debating football matters and don’t think that would be dull at all. If I wanted to invent stuff about people I would probably take up story telling or writing articles for Mills & Boon.

        It’s totally different when you hear it on Five Live because quite frankly it makes it much easier to mock the caller when you can cleary hear they are a moron.

        Some of us it would appear are more easily pleased than others.

      • TSS

        @TheReaper08 So long as we understand it’s only a “light-hearted” hand grenade!

  13. Lee B

    If memory serves me correctly, one of the terms of the exit from administration was that if we reached the Prem in 5 years or less, then we would have to pay back a lot more to the creditors. I reckon Uncle Ken has done his sums and decided it’s best to not go up until those 5 years have elapsed – hence the lack of serious spending money for SG.

  14. TheReaper08

    @Lee B I think it would cost us around £5 million in additional payments if we went up, give or take a couple of million. Your first season back in the Prem nets you an estimated £48million in additional revenue. Presuming you come staright back down you then get a guaranteed £48 million in parachute payments.

    Pair the above with the fact that the value of the club goes through the roof and an owner that would clearly sell at the right price I think Ken would love to be back in the PL. Sadly I think he lives in a far away place where achieving this dream can be done on a budget of around £2.50.

    • Lee B

      I don’t doubt that you’re right, but Kenneth is not the kind of guy to spend money on the hope that it’ll all go right. He’ll see that as a gamble, and good money men don’t gamble (not that I’m saying he’s good…).

  15. TheReaper08

    @Lee B I think we can all agree on the fact that he isn’t what most of us would normally associate with being a good man.

    I am still dreaming that because the transfer window isn’t shut yet we are poised to pounce with a couple of good money signings. Who am I kidding hey !

  16. White to the core

    Have never liked the fella. Not that you can tell. Hearing him talk after the death of matthew harding showed what an obnoxious excuse for a human being he is. Ive seen nowt to convince me otherwise since then. As far as him being the saviour of our beloved club thats debatable. We assume he is the mystery owner and certainly his takeover of us the second time we were in admin hardly helped our plight in div 1 (a 25 point deduction in total over the 4months and 2 divisions). Also why would he want to invest in prem ready players or decent ccc players, when he would have to pay the appropriate wages? He must be chuckling all the way to his war chest. Leeds united in ccc with div1 players on div1 wages and decent crowds + merch sales. A no brainer really!

  17. Teeth

    Has anyone forgotten the £5.4 m we recieved in compensation from chelsea, man city and everton for poaching our youngsters?


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