Leeds United aren’t the only club keeping the purse-strings tightly clenched this summer in the Championship. Statistics from transfermarkt.co.uk, show no fewer than half the clubs in England’s second tier have yet to spend in the transfer market.

Of those clubs that have invested in new players, only six have passed the £1,000,000 mark with Middlesbrough the ones to watch after spending more than £6,000,000 on new additions such as Kevin Thomson, Stephen McManus and Nick Bailey.

Following Middlesbrough in the highest spends league are fellow newcomers, Norwich City, who have already invested £4,000,000 on the likes of Simeone Jackson and Andrew Surman. One of last years Premier League relegation clubs, Burnley have also spent more than £4,000,000, but with a total income from transfers over £6m they’re also amongst the most profitable, behind Hull City and Scunthorpe United.

Whilst the statistics aren’t entirely accurate as they have no way of including the undisclosed fees some chairman are particularly fond of, they do give a good indication as to the cautionary path most clubs are taking in football at the minute.

Burnely’s £2m+ profit seems to be the common theme for the Championship as a whole, with the accumulative profit/loss statistics for the entire Championship standing at +£3.1m, no one is taking too many risks.

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  1. Grumpy Old Man

    Norwich have gone about their business quietily and effectivily and seem to me well ahead of us i terms of squad moulding and potential. By buying in january and over the summer and always players that are full of potential my respect fro Lambert grows.

  2. Tim Wilsom

    I’ll be glad when the window closes and we can get on with it. I think our squad is fine once the bans and injuries are settled

  3. TSS

    Don’t know much about Surman, but Jackson is a good signing at that price and is sure to knock a few in.

    Agree that Lambert has done an excellent job, but you also have to give credit to the board which has continued to reinvest money in the club year after year and lead it’s steady growth.

  4. Matt BB

    Norwich have not suffered as long as we did in league one remember they will have had a better access to cash, they have also not gone into administration so there will be a readiness to lend money to them, which we just ddont have.

    In my view finance houses tend to look athe track record of the individuals in charge as well irrespective of the business and Kens record isnt too good, neither is Shaun Harvey (Bradford City Administration)

    Lets give credit where its due (no pun intended) Simon Grayson has these obstacles to face that Lambert doesnt. Lambert manages a tema who have a far lesser wieght of expectation. For me that was one reason they snook in ahead of us last season.

    I think Jackson is a good signing and I was disappointed we didnt look at him ourselves, but if we get Sanchez Watt on a free whats the difference?

  5. Matt BB

    apologies for my typing once again, full explanation avaiable on request.

    Lambert manages a team for instance.

  6. Colin

    Where have Norwich got all their money from? Surely they haven’t got £4m in the bank – they must have borrowed it I guess?

    At the moment, If a club spent something like £7m on new players then that would probably guarantee them promotion.
    Strange how things change – in old money, £7m would have got you one Seth Johnson.

    • TSS

      @Colin It’d have probably got most teams two Seth Johnson’s, it was just Leeds that paid such ridiculous prices.

      I think it’s just clever cash management on Norwich’s part. Not hard to turn a £4m profit when you keep the finances in check and fill your ground every week.

  7. Max

    Interesting squad number announcements today, would imply (to me at any rate) a couple more to come (I’m still betting on them being largely loans though): of the first 20 slots, numbers 4, 15, 17 and 18 are unallocated.

    Three of the notWantedOnVoyage group have shirt numbers, but not Kandol.

    Becchio and Paynter are 10 and 9 respectively, which would imply any further strikers are reserves. Schmeichel has shirt number 1. Alan Sheehan is cast into the outer darkness at 34.

    • Dje


      Interesting point regarding Kandol. Either he has said something unforgivable and will never play for Leeds again – hence not even getting a squad number, or something definite is lined up (or failing this then a deal is in place for him to leave on a free with moderate compensation).

      Not interested in Kandol’s future really, but bearing in mind what Grayson was saying about clearing out the wage bill to free up new signings, I wonder if it could lead to another player coming in soon besides Bruce? Albeit more likely to be used on loanees wages come August. Interesting though.

  8. les irwin

    just going back i thought norwich were on the brink of admin recently i believe they are struggling but they are spending money
    they have a good manager i dont think they will have him at the end of the season he will move to premier league im sure or scotland

  9. Peter T

    Last season Newcastle and WBA were clear promotion favourites
    Sheff Wed were expected to be Ok
    No one would predict Blackpool to go up to Prem
    Middlesbrough look favourites to me
    after that a lot of teams are fairly similiar

    Mid Table on little spend would be OK
    Just need to avoid relegation dog fight

  10. Roger the Dodger

    No the transfer market shows those with ambition are investing in their squads, most of which already had better ones than us.

    Seth Johnson seems to be on everyones lips at the moment. I think people forget that seth johnson had just received and england call up and was one of the brightest prospects in english football unfortunately a combination of injuries and the pressure of the spotlight at leeds meant he didnt make it. I dont think that 7m would get you a tom huddlestone or james milner would it. Lee cattermole whos nowhere near the england team went for £6m. the only scandal with johnson was the amateurish wage negotiations.

  11. Paul Solk

    Anyone noticed the pattern in Grayson’s oufield purchases?

    Collins, age 26: games 154
    Bessone, age 26, games 151
    Connolly, age 26: games 231
    Bruce, age 25: games 153
    Sam, age 26: games 134
    Paynter, age 26: games 311

    • Paul Solk

      True, about 1/2 a mill between them, but they’re also all 25/26, with best 3 years of their careers ahead (and SG has stated he has a three year plan) and with a vast experience of playing in the Championship, so no unknowns.

      Soild/reliable players. Not going to get you promoted, but won’t get you relegated either. Over the next few years, if some quality is gradually added, then this group of first signings will be the foundation.

  12. Tim Wilsom

    None of this team knows relegation. Mid table at the very worst. Paynter is 9, accept it, who is Dilph?…. Let’s get this thing started, we are Leeds United, be afraid, be very afraid :)

  13. Colin

    I guess no-one’s got any money. Okay Boro, Leicester, Forest, Sheff Utd., Burnley may do well, but apart from that it’s a dogfight between equally cash strapped teams (and we’re one of them).

    I really can’t see Hull or Portsmouth doing anything great this year. I can see one of Portsmouth or Palace getting -15.

    Which must give us a sniff of the playoffs? I hope so.


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