19-year-old, Nile Ranger

Newcastle United’s 19-year-old striker, Nile Ranger could be called in to ease our strikers worries with Billy Paynter expected to miss the start of the season, Tribal Football reports.

The Geordies are expected to loan Ranger out this season so he can get some first team experience elsewhere, and after promotion to the Championship, Leeds United could be the ideal choice.

Newcastle will be in no hurry to make a decision however, with more than one Championship club interested, they’ll want to consider their options first and ensure he gets as much first team action as possible. Crystal Palace boss, George Burley confirmed he’d like to take the youngster on loan earlier this week;

“I have spoken to Newcastle about Ranger and he is one we’re looking at”

Whilst Nile Ranger is clearly a talented youngster who would be a good player to have on loan at Elland Road, you have to wonder what this means for the likes of Mike Grella and Davide Somma.

Mike Grella has already found himself lacking in first team options, with Simon Grayson electing to bring in ineffective loan signings rather than give the American youngster a chance last season. It seems a shame that injury to one of our main strikers doesn’t present an opportunity to one of the youngsters waiting on the sidelines.

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  1. Side Before Self

    I think Grayson should consider using grella in midfield. In a scholes-esque role. Bit of pace, quick feet, trickery, decent short passing game. He could be moulded into a decent midfielder

  2. les irwin

    nile ranger is more believable than us bidding 3 million for micheal chopra as mentioned on some sites this morning ,i think somma will be fine as a squad player as will grella but he does need a loan out for regular football til christmas .
    i do like grella but to be fair i think someone needs to be honest with him and tell him if he has or hasn’t got a real future at leeds moving forward for the lad he will not realistically get in a prem side ok we are a long way from there but will they just dump him if we do get there probably to a degree the same for somma ,i think if a bid came in for grella for a decent loan or a permanent move they would let him go

    • TSS

      @number1inyorkshire If we do pay £3m for Chopra (which we won’t) I’ll be fuming that we didn’t put a decent bid in for Hooper, who in my humble opinion, has much more to offer us – especially long-term.

      • les irwin

        couldnt agree more we won’t bid and hooper would have been a better player seems chopra has a bit of an attitude
        do you know i would have not had anyone else sign this year if we had used all our money on hooper he will be a fantastic player to be fair you can see why he went to celtic but i believe he would have been better at scunny for the football

      • TSS

        @number1inyorkshire Biggest mistake of his career going to Celtic. Guaranteed European football it may be, but it’s in a non-competitive league that no one cares about. Leeds messed up and missed the boat which is disappointing, but I’m disappointed in Hooper too for not moving to a club where he’ll be properly tested.

      • Dje


        Not much European football this season!

        I think he is using Celtic as a stepping stone to the Premiership as he’s still young enough to do it. He’s shown his mark in the Championship, he can excel in the Scottish Premier League and then some mid-table Premiership team will come in for him like Fulham, Blackburn or Birmingham in a year or two. It is quite a sad indictment of the English Premier League that they are so full-of-themselves that they wont take on the ‘risk’ involved with a league leading scorer from the English second tier (despite playing for a poorer club like Scunthorpe) that the lad has to do the triangle route of playing in arguably a lesser league in the Scottish Premier League.

        I just don’t think he was that impressed with the clubs coming in for him and their prospects over the next two seasons either. Wigan? Would you want to play for Wigan? And there’s no guarantee that Middlesbrough or Leeds will be in the Premier League in two years time – we’ll probably be still huffing and puffing in the Championship, and I reckon will have gone up and just come back down by then.

  3. kev cressey

    never liked Grella,good player but not for english football,too lightweight for a striker maybe better as a winger,quick get some crosses in,still think Somma is gonna be a gamble in this league,just hope it works out!

  4. smiffy-the-white(not Alan)

    Chopra would be a great signing, always finds the onion bag in this league. Having said that he’s not available for free so can’t see any truth in that rumour, our forward line is pretty flimsy looking at the moment. Could be tempted to take a pair of boot for the Derby game.

  5. paul steel

    If we play SG’s current favourite 4-5-1, would this make him the Lone Ranger or even the Loan Ranger?

  6. Brac73

    Is that what it’s come to? Scratching round the bar codes reserves for an answer to our shortage of strikers!

  7. Dje

    I can see us moving for Nile Ranger on loan if Paynter’s injury gets revealed to be as bad as the rumours are saying (I noticed that Grayson seems to have back tracked a bit over this possibility of Paynter being out a while too).

    • TSS


      I think you’re probably right mate. It does sound as though he held out for Leeds, but Scunny wouldn’t accept the bid, so he’s definitely thinking Premier League. Of all the teams in the Championship, Leeds are probably your best bet for sustainable Premier League football in the next few years.

      PS. You really should register and get a decent avatar. The shocked pink man looks extremely camp.

      • Dje

        Lol. The shocked pink camp look is growing on me!

        I’ll sign up before the league predictor starts. Meanwhile your recent adjustments to the TSS site is playing havoc with my browser (Safari). The page is so wide that I can barely see the last few letters of the recent thread and comments lists on the left hand side. Not sure if there’s anything supposed to be on the right hand side – but if there is I can’t see it!

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