Alex Bruce is believed to be having a medical at Elland Road this morning, before he completes the switch from Ipswich Town. The defender/midfielder, will become Simon Grayson’s seventh signing of the summer after a last second bid snatched him from the grasp of Sheffield United.

The news of Bruce’s departure drew mixed comments from Ipswich fans on their fan-site, Of the more positive comments, Ipswich fans said that;

“Losing a good defender here, leeds are going to be strong next season.”

“Knows how to put in a challenge unlike the rest of our defence, think he will be missed!”

It seems there are just as many people happy to see him leave however. From the more negative comments, there’s also these;

“Leeds with a CB pairing of Bruce & Naylor! This is all part of RKs master plan – weaken enough other teams with our cast off that there might be on or two that we can beat. Here’s one defence that we might, just might be able to score against with our sweet pea forward line – Pablo and Priskin.”

“Who cares where he goes, as long as he goes.”

Always hard to determine whether it’s sour grapes that leads to such comments when players are leaving a club, so we’re probably just going to have to wait and see. What is interested to see is that other teams are already questioning the strength of our defence, like most of us have been all Summer.

On a lighter note, what will amuse fellow Leeds United fans is the Town fan’s comments on manager and former Manchester United thug, Roy Keane. My personal favourite is below;

“It’s all falling into place now, Keane’s new assistant was brought in secretly, her last position was scriptwriter for Coronation Street.”

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  1. MinusAction

    Hopefully when Bruce signs we won’t have to see anything of Naylor this season.

  2. TSS


    You thinking Connolly and Bruce will be the back-line until Kis is back in action?

    • MinusAction

      Yeah i can see Bruce and Collins doing the job, and in my opinion Bromby is better than Naylor as well.

  3. B10G

    There is always a ‘mixed reaction’ when players move at this level. The Championship is full of journeymen players who can fail at one club and be a huge success at the next…usually down to differing styles of play.

    For instance, DJ Campbell couldnt get a look in at Birmingham or Leicester, but goes to Blackpool and becomes a goal machine.

    I’d ignore anything that other fans say and make our our judgement.

  4. hedgehoguk

    back line of connoley, collins, bruce, bessone looks ok to me til paddy is back. unlece bruce plays the holding role in midfield and bromby is at the back

  5. paulg

    We built a Championship winning defence (in the days when the Championship WAS the Championship) around other clubs cast-offs. Anyone else remember Whyte and Fairclough …..???

  6. Matt BB

    I’m not unhappy at all about Bruce signing for us, by the looks of it Keane either doesnt get on with him or soesnt rate him, his loss, as Bruce did well for Leicester last season, and Grayson spoke to pearson a lot towards the end of last season from what I understand. I’d rather take note from Pearson than Keane on how to manage a football team.

    Kisnorbo is absolutely our first choice central defender and we now have three pretty good options to partner with him.

    The fullback positions worry me a little though I have to admit and I dont think we ever replaced Frazer Richardson properly. Or indeed the left back position which is well covered but until Ben Parker is playing there again I will continue to be nervous.

  7. Matt BB

    this is usually the point when we get a surprise though so I am looking forward to the announcement of a new striker signing before Saturday. Sadly I’ll be in Poland so I will have to rely on my phone!

  8. TommyL

    I thought bruce looked ok for leicester at the end of the season. we will just have to wait and judge him on how he does at leeds. I know several leicester fans and they told me kisnorbo was a “crocked donkey” when we got him off them. Now hes proved to be our best defender. We would do with another striker tho because if paynter isnt fit we will only have grella and becchio available. MOT MOT

  9. Colin

    just went on that ipswich website they seem to think they are getting becchio in a swap deal, haha never going to happen, soft southern B******* haha!!

  10. SouperJim

    Ipswich fan here, mixed feelings on Bruce is about right. He’s not a bad defender at this level, but his positional sense is lacking. He often ends up out of position and has to dive in to recover. This means he makes some fantastic looking tackles and last-ditch stuff, but it papers over the cracks. Bruce is a centre half you notice and thats often not a good thing. Tends to become a fan favourite as he seems so commited and he will certainly give 100% when he’s on the pitch, but off it he looks out for number one. If he’s unhappy or not getting in the team expect him to shout his mouth off to the press and when his contract is up he’ll try and use his popularity with the fans as leverage to get the deal he wants.

    I’m sad to see him go in so much as he’s a decent defender to have in the squad and useful cover in the centre and at right back.

    • yorkwhite

      Thanks for that Souperjim. Two questions for you 1, How do you think Ipswich are going to do this year? 2, Is Roy Keane a super motivated genius or a temperamental bully?

      • SouperJim

        Very mixed feelings on Keane too. He’s certainly far from done the business for us so far. Most fans can see what he is trying to achieve, but he has failed to get performances out of too many players. He also raised fans expectations with wild abandon when he came to the club and basically promised promotion in year 1, then delivered flirtation with relegation and a 15th place finish.

        We had the most shots in the division last year, but our conversion rate was awful. If Keane can find the man to put the ball in the net we could easily finish top 6. If not, chances are he’ll be gone by xmas and few fans will be sad to see the back of him.

    • TSS

      Hi Jim, thanks for that. I think he’s drawing similarly mixed feelings from Leeds fans too, but then, we’re a hard bunch to please at the best of times.

      @yorkwhite I think we both know the answer to question 2!

      • yorkwhite

        I know I can’t stand the guy for so many reasons but mainly because of who he played for. I think my point though is that although he was petulant and even arrogant as a player he was also a damn good defensive midfielder. So I was wondering despite the obvious difficulty he has at communicating with the media etc. is he in fact a clever tactician as a manager or does he just bully his players into a performance?

  11. positivity

    you’re not getting a great deal here, bruce is a bit like naylor, but with much less pace and without the ability to go and play centre forward. on the plus side, he is (like naylor), whole-hearted, will give his all, but he’s liable to get carded or sent off and get caught out of position. amazed we’ve got a fee for him (we got him on a free), but with our current injury woes, we might yet regret him going!
    good luck next season (just not against us!)

  12. kev cressey

    as a Leeds fan i feel a bit sorry for Ipswich always been a decent club but with Roy Keane in charge who i think is the worst coach in the championship your gona go nowhere i hope i’m wrong good luck,Bruce will be a good signing you watch !

  13. positivity

    he’s not that bad, 2 seasons in the championship, one brilliant, one poor, we’ll see how this one goes!

  14. les irwin

    i think bruce will be ok ,if he signs .dont read too much into what other fans say about departing players preston fans hated collins ,he did alright for us its all opinions
    dont really rate keane as a manager bit of a bully type is my opinion
    i would like to think that the defence is complete we are surely covered in that dept
    weare a little light in midfield and STRIKERS



  15. Adolfo

    seems to me Simon has a plan… these signings are not at all random! he is building a team based on the offsprings of former Manure players! Schmeichel and Bruce! ring any bells?? i reckon we will see Brooklyn Beckham holding the Nr 4 shirt in front of the cameras at Elland Road some time next week!
    not that i’m complaining though! if the lad is anything like his father then we have got ourselves one hard tackling midfielder!(sarcasm?)

  16. trueyorxman

    No official word from Leeds themselves on any signing of Bruce, fingers crossed it falls thru’. New striker in before weekend according to Glyn Williams, technical director, no idea who though as yet.

  17. trueyorxman

    We desperately need a defender in Paddys class (Andy O’Brien??), a midfielder with similar ability to Gary Mac (Allister NOT Sheffery!!) & a striker as selfish as a certain Mr Beckford, otherwise this is going to be a long season. This squad could be so much better just by spending a million or two

  18. richard

    A good read on their forum, seems a tough no nonsense tackler which is just what we need.

  19. TSS

    The worst kept secret in football. Bruce talks about his Leeds United ambitions;

    “Having had a taste of the Championship play-offs last season while on loan at Leicester City this is what I am after again.

    “Leeds – like Sheffield United – are a club that can provide that and although automatic promotion is the aim, reaching the Premier League via a final at Wembley Stadium would be fantastic.

    “I have had a taste and now I want more.

    “Ipswich could have given the opportunity as well but it doesn’t look as though it is going to happen.

    “Looking back perhaps the writing was on the wall for me when I was relieved of the captaincy, allowed to go on loan and then lost my number five squad shirt.

    “I’ve loved my time at Ipswich and can’t speak highly enough about their fans, and if the Leeds move comes off I will leave wishing Ipswich Town all the best for the future.”

  20. trueyorxman

    If you watched football nowadays you would know that a ‘tough-tackling, no-nonsense’ defender is the last thing any team needs. Kisnorbo is class without being either of them. Bruce is a journeyman at the age of 24, we don’t need him

  21. Chareose

    To Reaper, i saw your comments the other day regarding the anti bates stuff…… Like i said on dirty leeds – for a long time i have tried to keep an open mind but when you really look at whats been going on….Bates pushing the council to buy the training ground back for him (inevitibly to attract a better price for a more attractive club package when he sells it) and you look at his investment in leeds united you have to accept hes at Leeds to make money in the short term and thats it !
    If you follow that line you can say he even took us into administration regardless of points deduction in order to avoid dishing out his own cash…… Negative i know but possably true. I dont think you can even say hes running the club on its own finances because the longer this goes on the harder it is to argue that we are still skint. We are paying premiership prices for godsakes…….

    The longer we stay with ZERO investment the harder it will become to attract talent and to keep it.

  22. trueyorxman

    Premiership prices for what will be average footy (we scraped out of league one at the third attempt remember) & the new away shirt, made by Nike…no, sorry Adidas…no sorry Macron(who?), costs £35!! for.the.shirt…FOR KIDS! Heaven forbid we ever make it back to the Premier League


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