Defensive player Alex Bruce, son of Steve, has joined the club on a two year deal, with the option of a further year.

He has signed for an undisclosed fee (rumoured to be between £200,000 and £300,000) from Ipswich Town.

Alex Bruce

Alex Bruce signs for Leeds United

He’s not the exciting signing we had all been hoping for and we are still awaiting a proper replacement for Jermaine Beckford but I think he’s a necessary signing.

With Paddy Kisnorbo out for some time and Naylor consistently questionable in defence, we definitely needed defensive cover. Hopefully Bruce will provide some good competition for places.

However, it worries me that in only his mid-twenties he has already made appearances for seven different clubs. We can only hope that Grayson has really looked at him and knows how he will fit into the team. He must be confident in Bruce’s ability to have persuaded Bates to dig out his cheque book.  From reading about Alex Bruce, one recurring theme is obvious; fans like him, mainly due to him have a good attitude and not giving up. This is great and if we do find ourselves struggling, which at one point in the season at least I’m sure we will, he could prove to be an inspired signing.

I don’t believe though that he’s a player who will be driving us towards the play-offs but more one who could keep us in the division. Maybe it’s naive of me but I was hoping for a real show of ambition in a league which looks set to be wide open and entirely unpredictable.

For now, however, we can only welcome him aboard and hope for the best (and maybe one or two more new players).

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  1. Dje

    You’ve got to wonder why Leicester took him on loan in the second half of last season – when they were pushing for promotion, not fighting relegation. Pearson obviously saw something in him and I reckon Pearson knows a thing or two.

    Well, tis my optimistic two-pence reading of Bruce.

  2. patrick o toole

    Saw him play for Ireland once or twice, good attitude but not very pacey. SG has been after him for a while has he not? I think we can forget about a permanent signing up front 4 5 1 looks like it’s gonna be our system this season, would love to see a defensive midfielder come in though.

  3. Christopher Gee

    Give him a break. If his reason for leaving Ipswich is that he can’t stand Roy Keane I reckon he’ll do well in Leeds.

  4. White to the core

    The sort of signing we are used to under old grey beard the financially restrained pirates regime im afraid. Underwhelming! I started off the close /pre season optimistic that we would bring in some real quality. Guess we are going to have to accept that Bates is bringing us down to earth with a bang and we are only a big club in memory/ history. Either that or Grayson has a problem working with the so called bigger stars. Its hard to see that Bruce is any better than marques for example. I just hope theres no truth in yesterdays Luci rumours or we are royally F**ked. Do you honestly see a step up in quality with our incomings tss?

  5. yorkwhite

    On Pravda (the official site) SG says he was a long time target and that he tried to sign him last year. I don’t know if that’s good or not. On the positive side we could think SG really rates him so he should be good but on the negative side you could argue that he was a league one target. Anyhow good luck to the guy I hope he’s this years Paddy K. And he’s better looking than his dad, ugly tw@t.

  6. Tim Wilsom

    League one target, not a league one signing. Seems pretty versatile

  7. love leeds

    With the exception of free transfers you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Bruce has been around long enough to prove his worth and that is around 300,000 really good defenders go for more.Also look at his carrer he played for Leicester 4 times in 4 months and Pearson was not interested in signing him.
    I do not see any quality apart from Sam in the signings we have made. Still snograss is the creative outlet (as you can see from pre-season) and no defender signed to kisnobo standard. We will finish btwn 8th and 15th no ambition by the owners.Lucky they have a good manager in Grayson and loyal patient fans

    • Dje

      @Love Leeds

      To be fiar to the lad he was injured in like the second game he played for Leicester and was then out for weeks with a knee injury. Came back and played in their semi-final match against Cardiff. You don’t really play a centre back for that sort of game unless you have some faith in his abilities. Sure, Pearson didn’t buy him in the summer but then Pearson jumped ship for Hull City and they have a self-imposed transfer ban to get the wage bill down before taking on board more new signings. Would Pearson have taken Bruce to Hull? We’ll never know I guess.

  8. Gryff

    I reckon this is another solid signing. From what i’ve seen of Bruce (granted only 4-5 games) he’s going to solidify the squad, but i’m not sure he’s polished enough to push the standard higher in defence.

    Leicester played him between defence and midfield, or as a holding midfielder a few times last season and it’s possible that this is where he’s impressed. After all, we don’t even have Micky Doyle anmorre.

    In terms of clubs, part of the reason for leaving Birmingham was because of whispers of nepotism. Since he was 21, he’s been at the same club. I can think of worse journeymen!

  9. love leeds

    agreed it is a solid squad signing just would have liked to have seen bruce fee and collins fee combined with another 300,000 (about 1 million) to buy one defender who is as good if not better then kisnobo.

  10. Benjamin Newsome

    I think our defence this season is gonna be pretty solid, looking forward to seeing who Graysons starts in the back, especially the centre halfs.

  11. trueyorxman

    24 years old & Leeds are his 8th club (8th!!). So not that good then…

    • Side Before Self

      To be fair, three of those clubs were emergency loans in the sane season when he was 20. He’s been at the same club for four years and from what I gather he impressed at leicester and only played a handfull of games due to injury. He’s not gonna set the world on fire but he’s a grafter and were gonna need grafters

  12. Craig 1919

    Personally I think it’s a great solid signing and as a CB he is only bettered by Kisborbo, I think that Grayson may very well play him DMF a role he is comfortable in this position and is solid he’s not a typical hoofball merchant like Naylor or Bromby so whilst he doesn’t exactly set the world alight he is a prudent if not unglamorous signing

    • Svein-Magne

      We need stronger defence, but I believe more in a strong defensive midfielder.

      If Bruce is the wright one, I doubt it but time will tell….

  13. trueyorxman

    Sick of hearing we need grafters, WE DON’T we need someone who can put a foot on the ball, play a pass and someone to get on the end of those passes. I don’t think the squad is alot stronger than last seasons to be honest. Hope I’m wrong!

  14. TheReaper08

    £200k on a player that Ipswich clearly couldn’t wait to get rid of. This guy is at the very best average.

    The Ipswich fans are wetting themselves at the prospect of him and Naylor playing together (it’s a possibility) at this level, me I’m just scared.

    Appears it’s not a war chest for transfers more of a small war box…..

    • Matt

      Schmeichel and Bruce in the same team seemed to work for the Scum for years so why can’t it again? Also, Grayson might be able to get the best out of Bruce as the pedigree must be there.

      • TheReaper08

        @Matt Because there offspring aren’t anywhere near as good, that would be my opinion as to why it can’t happen again.

      • Matt

        When schmeichel and Bruce senior were this age they too weren’t great, the didn’t become stars over night. Scum didn’t sign them up till they were 27 years old!

        Give the lad a chance, the ink isn’t dry on the contract yet and we’re moaning about him.

        I remember when we signed Beckford from Wealdstone that we complained about a lack of ambition with signings. MOT

      • TheReaper08

        @Matt Ummm Schmeichel was Brondby number 1 and already the Danish international keeper.

        Steve Bruce won the league cup on second division title with Norwich before joining the Mancs.

  15. Mark R

    Hello Reaper….., I think it’s more a biscuit tin ….with an old out of date custard cream in the bottom..without the cream !


    • TheReaper08

      @Mark R Evening Sir, hope all is well with you. I have tried to be optimistic but the window is closing soon and my patience is being tested with signings like this.

      • les irwin

        reaper you and me both i just don’t get it not 1 single player we have bought except lloyd sam has improved our team
        i thought it was me that was missing something ,i think some people are missing some valid points here, i may be one of them but i just can not be optimistic ,we won’t go down but in the bottom half of the bottom half for me .now im happy with that but its not about 2010 /2011 its about 2011/2012 is bates keeping us down so he doesnt have to give away another 5-6 million for admin

  16. jacko

    Reports from Ipswich fans do not sound good at all! I really hope this isn’t our holding midfielder. Look at how Forest performed in there first season back in the championship, then a year later they bring in a quality holding midfielder and they finished 3rd. We need a quality holding midfielder to bring the whole team together!

    • Gryff

      Since when have opposition said anything good about a player who leaves unless he’s a superstar?

      Beckford seems like if he hardens up mentally he’ll be a decent Premiership striker and half of the Leeds forums couldn’t wait to waive bye-bye.

  17. Dje

    Anyone hear anything about Snodgrass’s injury? I thought the first prognosis was supposed to be out this Friday?

  18. les irwin

    reading the comments on this doesn’t look like we are happy mr bruce is here ,i don’t think it will be a bruce, naylor partnership though i think reading between the lines he is a doyle replacement a holding midfielder .well when i say a doyle replacement i mean a midfielder??
    i have to agree to a degree we have shown no ambition this season i honestly do believe that as the season progresses if we are lurking down at the bottom end the turnstyles will stop spinning as quick , i don’t think we will go down but to have a meaningful contribution is something else
    why are we not spending money £ 800.000 plus wages for 7 players thats is a disgrace we need to be asking questions as to why we give bates our money every week what do we get from it ???

  19. pete

    Let’s at least give him a chance, he did well against Chopra and Bothroyd in the playoffs and there won’t be many better strike pairings in the Championship to come up against.

    He plays in a similar way to his dad, brave and strong but totally without pace. After some of Naylor’s efforts last season, I’d take that. Plus he (like seemingly many other players) couldn’t get along with Roy Keane’s style of mismanagement, so he got out before it got too bad.

    I’m worried that our next signing will be Brooklyn Beckham though…

  20. Ryan H

    Just the sort of underwhelming signing we’ve seen all summer, it just smacks of a lack of ambition, if it ain’t a freebie it someone else’s cast off’s!!, i hope im wrong but i don’t think any of the new additions will add any strength or depth to our squad.

    • TSS

      Yeah, we’re going to be working with a company called FootballMedia, which works with a lot of the biggest blogs on a commercial level. This will mean the introduction of a few adverts here and there, and in preparation, the site had to be altered to accommodate them.

    • TSS

      I was thinking exactly the same @mikelufc – People need more advertising to help them spend their money. It was an epiphany moment really.

  21. trueyorxman

    Setting off for Elland Road in 15mins. Expecting the atmosphere to be a bit quieter than on last visit!! I’m just hoping ‘Larry’ knows what he’s doing with all these seemingly underwhelming signings

  22. Graham Hugill

    Think he’ll be a decent signing – don’t actually know much about him but he always seems to have a number of clubs chasing him and this can’t always be a bad thing.

    We definitely needed to strengthen at CB so it is a good move but I think I would have preferred somebody with a bit of pace (everyone seems to be saying he has none). Pace is essential in todays game and we don’t really have any at the back at present which is a concern.

  23. Graham Hugill

    Also the thought of him being the answer to our defensive midfield crisis fills me with fear. Its a specialist position and one that can’t simply be filled by a centre back.

  24. Anthony Lewis

    I think he has been brought in to make up the numbers really. We are a bit short at the back as the boss said himself and i never really rated alex bruce as a quality defender. Don’t get me wrong he’s not bad but it’s the depth of the squad rather than the quality or experience that is benefiting here.


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