Leeds United 2010/12 away kit

Fresh off the back of the positive new home shirt reviews, Macron have got adventurous with the new away kit and gone with a blue and yellow number as modelled right, by Bradley Johnson, and a slightly chubby-looking Billy Paynter.

The new kit features the giant, happy Macron man with outstretched arms on both sleeves that looks like it may have been drawn by children.

Despite the over-the-top logos of sportswear providers that most of us have now become accustomed to, I don’t think the new shirt looks all that bad.

It goes on sale this Saturday from the Elland Road superstore priced at £40 for adults, and an extortionate £35 for those of you with kids to buy for.

Does selling Sam Byram make sense?

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  1. Kevin O'Connor

    I like it, didn’t realise we were getting a new away kit. Always liked the blue

    • Jacko

      After years of poor kits, we get to good ones in 1 year. Like it!! Love the home kit though. All White, should have been like that a long time b4 now!

  2. Ryan

    Doh! I just got bought the (now old) yellow one as a leaving pressie from work. Gutted…

  3. josh grainger

    I think its nice, but i always think of yellow as our away kit,

  4. Dje

    Looks cheap to me – more Conference gloss than Premiership class.

    Got to be yellow all the way.

  5. Ryan

    So this’ll replace the yellow one then eh? What about the stripey 3rd?

  6. richard

    If it didnt have the collars it`d be great, probably still buy it like.

  7. White to the core

    Have to admit im a traditionalist and prefer our away strip to be yellow. Wasnt our away kit the same blue when we reached the champions league semis mind. May be a good omen?

    • TSS

      Traditionally, the home kit should be blue and white. It then changed to blue and yellow, before Revie made it all white. Hard to be a traditionalist with this club, as we’ve ignored our own history in favour of a Real Madrid look-a-like shirt.

      Shamefully, even the original blue and white shirts we wore were copied from Huddersfield.

  8. Raph

    Not bad, i liked the mainly yellow away kits, didnt like the blue striped 3rd last season too much. I remember having the yellow and blue away shirt (opposite colours each corner) about 10/11 years ago, that was great

  9. Matt BB

    the yellow ones now called third away kit pn the cub website. i like the blue kut. its our original kit colours as well.

  10. TSS

    @mattbb You realise what the third kit is all about I take it?

    There was a rule brought in about how long a shirt should last. By having a third kit, you can release an away kit every year and move the previous second kit to the third spot. Quite clever and scheming. Not like Leeds at all…?

  11. Shez

    Leeds Rhiiiinooooos!!! Liking the look of it and without sounding like Gwok Wan there seems to be a shiny hoop effect on the shirt. I wonder if it’s blue shorts and socks or white shorts, or yellow shorts?! Eiter way it’s a good effort for macron considering how awful the kits have been since thy they tool over from whoever we had before, was it admiral? The new home kit is the best kit we’ve had since the champions league semi season 9 years ago!!

  12. White to the core

    @TSS i grew up like many of us with the white home and yellow away. Thats what i meant by traditional as i assumed we had worn these colours longer on and off since Revie introduced them.Though im not sure Real wore yellow away? I do remember various away colours in last couple decades. The worst being that green and blue we had when sgt wilko was at the helm. Im sure we had a similar coloured blue (to the ‘new’ strip) during our more successful years under O’leary with the strongbow sponsorship.

    • TSS

      @white to the core

      I know what you mean. I’ve only ever known Leeds as all white, but as we should be blue and yellow, the home kit should be one of those colours and the away kit the other. I wouldn’t change all white for anything though. Everyone knows that’s Leeds United’s colour these days. Even though other clubs wear it (Spurs for example) there’s only one club known as ‘The Whites’.

  13. smiffy-the-white(not Alan)

    Love it can’t wait to see Alex Bruce and Raul parrading around in it

  14. Colin

    @TSS Spurs wear black shorts though don’t they? I think we’re the only all white strip in England?? Not sure?

    You’re right on the Yellow Away shirt, which is now 2010/11 ‘2nd Away Shirt’ – a bit naughty really. Still we can use our 3rd kit in European competition – oh, okay.

    Have to say though, we’ve got another good strip here. I like.

    • TSS

      @colin Indeed they do (as do Bolton), but my point was that teams are inevitably going to share colours.

      The third option in the poll was meant to be a joke, but I’ve spoken to quite a few people who actually despise it for no other reason than it’s a Chelsea colour. It’s an away kit at the end of the day – ours will probably always be blue or yellow, but I don’t think most teams particularly care. Look at the history of Chelsea’s for example;


  15. Colin

    I showed my my wife the image above and asked her what she thought of the kit. She said it looked like a scene from America’s Hardest Criminals, where they cover such topics as what contraband or merchandise have they smuggled in by storing it in their bottoms.

    It looks like Paynter’s smuggled in a mobile phone and Bradley’s about to take the call. :)

  16. les irwin

    like the kit in fact both HOWEVER i agree with tss its time and for little time or effort it would be nice to drop the white of real madrid and go back to our own original colour of leeds united to have our own identity with a decent badge the yorkshire rose or even the owl but for now this will do, in fact i like it ,now in the recession white ? or blue?

    • Colin

      No no no – we keep the white shirt!!

      Too many heroes played in that white shirt. We were the best team in the world in our white shirt (Yes, better than Real Madrid!).

      White rose, white shirt – so simple, so effective, so unique-ish, so brilliant.

      When we beat Man Utd last year in white, they knew they were up for a battle – red vs white. That white shirt scares teams.

      White shirt, white shorts, white socks every day of the year for me.

  17. Mike

    Woth ylu all the way Colin.
    Its just marketing.
    Let the club supply the kit, white for home and yellow away, let each seasons kit be embroidered with the season eg: 2010/11 then we get to be free of sponsors and the club gets all the profit and we keep the proper colours.
    All the ones who absolutely must have the latest kit are so happy.

  18. Chuffinnora21

    I like the kits, but when they gonna change the badge back to the rose? Wasn’t the sheild brought in for the continental feel? We ain’t continental, we are Leeds!!


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