After finally guiding Leeds United out of third tier hell, and despite ‘enticing offers from other clubs’ (Ken Bates’ words, not mine), Simon Grayson has finally put an end to speculation over his future by agreeing a new three year deal with the Whites.

Larry has experienced the same rollercoaster of ups and downs as every Leeds United manager must inevitably face, but in the 18 months he’s been here so far, he’s come out of it smelling like roses almost every time.

Save for a dodgy season end as Leeds United insisted on doing it the hard way, Simon Grayson has got pretty much everything right. Aside from a few ineffective loan signings, his often controversial dealings in the transfer market have plugged all the right holes, allowing Leeds United to finally move forward after almost a decade of demise. Signings like Patrick Kisnorbo and Max Gradel have brought much needed strength and excitement to a team previously void of ideas, with gaping holes in key areas.

Such is the affection Leeds United fans have for Simon Grayson, an ‘In Grayson We Trust’ brigade emerged last season, that firmly believe Larry has what it takes to get us back where we naturally belong. In the life of a football manager, you never know what’s going to happen next and a three year contract is rarely completed. In Simon Grayson however, we have someone that shares the same dreams, enthusiasm and beliefs as everyone on the terraces, and my only hope is, that he’s given the time to prove he can compete amongst the very best.

Simon will have little time to reflect on his achievements so far and celebrate his new contract, with Leeds United on tour in Slovakia at the minute and some more wheeling and dealing in the transfer market still to be completed.

If Bookmakers, Betfair are to be believed, those dealings won’t involve one Gary Hooper who has today been linked with a move to Preston North End. The busy bookmakers have “revealed” (made-up) several rumours regarding Leeds United over the last week or so, with none of them yet to come true, so I doubt Larry will be losing too much sleep.

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  • Colin

    Well this is intriguing – i was thinking that if Leeds hit a patchy spot in the Championship, then SG might be out. Well not now. Bates has firmly put his belief in Simon, so he is here for the long term.

    And I don’t think this was just a Bates decision. They’ve had quite a bit of time since being promoted to sign him. I think the money men from FSF are involved in this also and that suggests they have a plan for Leeds. Not sure what it is, but it suggests a plan for Leeds only becoming more successful and not just in the Champ to make up the numbers.

    I think it’s a big and brave (and right) decision for a big club to put faith in a young manager. Unless of course there’s something we don’t know and there were some other big clubs sniffing around Grayson? Hmmmm, interesting.

    I think the board’s message is clear – you got us promoted. Now do it again!!

    • superhoops

      @Colin I think I owe you an apology – just looking at the highlights, Somma looks like a class act, Grayson then echoed what you said about Somma being sent on loan to get used to English game, so beg your pardon mate. MOT

      • TheReaper08

        @superhoops I said the same thing, we should have done exactly the same with Grella who in my opinion hasn’t progressed, or at least no where near the rate that Somma has.

  • Dje

    Not sure how to read it really:

    i. Grayson has played hardball with Bates and Co over lack of funds in the transfer market, and wafted in front of their noses the newspaper speculation linking him with other jobs. Bates and Co have therefore arranged the funds and now Grayson is signing a three year deal to sure up the boat. Or…

    ii. Bates and Co have declared that there is no money available for transfers and taunted him with a like it or lump it stance for the last few weeks – the sweetener being that whoever you bring in (on a free) you’ll have time to develop because we are also coincidentally offering you a new and improved three year deal. After mulling it over for a while, Grayson has gone back to Bates and begrudgingly committed to life without the cash.

    I guess if we spend the dosh in the next week or two then all will be revealed.

  • Bill Fox

    Nicely put. Both arguments hold water, let’s hope…..

  • Dje

    I noticed that the Hamilton Academicals boss has been hawking that James McArthur again in the press – this time about no teams coming forward for the lad. They sound desperate to flog him, possibly for nay price. Could be a snip.

    I am delighted to see Grayson say that Somma is too good/useful to go out on loan again this season. I take it that means he wants to play the lad rather than sell him!

    • TheReaper08

      @Dje I agree about them hawking him around. It is this kind of behaviour that drives all the rumour sites that everyone complains about.

  • Dje

    *nay = any.

  • Craig

    I prefer to see Grayson’s contract as a reward for a task completed. I hope he and Bates have a better relationship than both the scenarios above suggest.

    • Craig

      Sorry, I meant ‘the second scenario suggests’.

  • les irwin

    do contracts in football mean anything any way if im honest im glad grayson has signed but does it mean any thing i suppose only that while he is there he will get more money .im pleased he is gonna give somma a go i think he deserves it as does grella to a degree although i do think sending grella out on loan til christmas might be a good idea too HOOPERS OF TO PRESTON AINT HE ??????????? , i wish we would make our mind up and get him if thats what they want and if it costs money then so be it according to mcarthy there is no truth in keogh ,sharps already gone .i hear we could put a bid into everton for beckford in january he loks a good player but cant get into their team ????

    just also like to say i feel a little for simon walton who i thought would of been a good player for leeds had he not left/ been sold when we left prem ,badly advised i suggest noone should get injured like that in a pre season

    • Craig

      I’m sure Walton didn’t get injured deliberately! Thoughtful suggestion to make though.

      • number1inyorkshire

        no im sure he didnt and if anything it would be his fault he is like that ,but iam just saying it shouldnt happen he was probably trying too hard after a bad couple of seasons thats what has cost him a full year

    • Craig

      The contract also means more compensation will be due if Grayson does ever jump ship.

    • TheReaper08

      Simon Walton was average as indicated by his slow slide down through the leagues. Sheff Utd signing him on loan smacked a little of desperation but then we are talking about Kevin Blackwell.

      Tough on the kind though, don’t wish injury on anyone.

  • Mike

    3 year contract – I remember blackwell taking his eye off the ball after he got his 3 year contract. I think Ken Bates used used gross misconduct to get him out!! or in other words up set me in any way and your out.

    Managers Contracts mean just as much as Players Contracts not worth the paper they are written on.

    Personally I am happy with the sitauation we have a manager that played for leeds, supports leeds comes from yorkshire, knows what it means to the fans…… you cant ask much more for starters.

    I think he’s ideal he can grow with leeds over the next two to three years, he will already realise some of his mistakes (the reasons why we wilted towards the end of last season) and that should put him on course for a decent season.

    I dont see why Leeds cannot get into the playoffs, but I can name three or four clubs who are way stronger.

    Mind if the next two or three signings include Hooper and McArthur it will significantly improve the situation.

    Decent cup run a crack at the playoffs and if we are still in the Championship for another year, no one will fuss too much. The year after though will be make or break for him, I dont think Ken Bates will give him 3 years to do it.

    Marching On – My lads is 6 and is going to his first game against Derby so thats 1 extra seat filled this season.

  • Craig

    The latest on LUFC is intriguing as it looks as if a move for James McArthur isn’t going to happen but Grayson’s comments elsewhere suggest that talks are ongoing for other targets.

    It puzzles me why a player that SG knows is attracting interest from PL clubs is of no interest to Leeds United.

    • TheReaper08

      @craig Or he could be downplaying it……

  • Mitch

    Achieveable or not I think the best person we could get for that holding role would be Smithy. Touch of quality and Leeds through and through.

    • louis finn

      Smudger? Could we ever forgive him? I suppose a trial wouldnt hurt, but where would he play? Holding midfielder? Hes a bit card-prone for that position really. Looking forward to the campaign MOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mitch

      I understand there are those out there who still hold a grudge. I think they would soon be won over by the guy’s work ethic. From what I saw of him at Newcastle last season he was quality in the holding role and would be a great captain for us! Worth an enquiry, but likely money would kill it depending on what contract he has left.

      • TheReaper08

        @Mitch Sorry mate not for me and it’s got nothing to do with who he played for when he left. If you want work ethic then I should get a contract, I am one of the hardest working people I know (modest as well). For me it’s about quality and he doesn’t have anywhere near enough of that.

  • Craig

    I honestly don’t think taking Alan Smith back would be a good move. This has absolutely nothing to do with bearing a grudge because I never held one in the first place. I simply think that time and people move on and if Smith were to return he (and the fans) would find it impossible to begin afresh. We tried it with David Batty and so have many other clubs in their time. There is only one Second Coming that will eclipse the First.

  • les irwin

    smith isnt and never was good enough to be a 20 goals a season player wether he played for manu or anyone else is irrelevant would we have had cantona back ???? who else though will be pissed if our spending is finished at £600.000 for collins and 5 frees i know for 1 i will be what the f–k is happening to the money going into the club its looking more and more like most of the team rebuilding is done iof thats the case all of you who had dreams of going up next season can dream let me tell you its a joke

  • TheReaper08

    @number1inyorkshire Count me in, I will be annoyed if this is it. I don’t want survival, I want to push on, that might not be this year but I certainly expected the foundations to be in place this summer.

    • Mitch

      I appreciate what people are saying on Smithy. He isn’t going to get 20+ goals, but he isn’t a forward anymore. What he would bring is the 110% work rate you need as holding midfielder and a bit of steel mixed with quality and a Leeds fan. If it was a different name I think that would sound the ideal player for us right now.

  • les irwin

    im not starry eyed enough to believe that we were going up this season and most people who have had a glimpse of owt i have said on here will see i want the opposite of that really i want consolidation top half will do nicely ,reaper hit the nail on the head ,its getting the players in this season with a view to building a team to push on next .a few tweeks if needed i dont believe you can go up bringing 7/8 players in at once i may be wrong, but if they are here a season getting to know each other playing etc with another 1/2 next season we can mount a challenge .im sorry to moan again about this bit there is no excuse with the money that went through the turnstiles last season not t o be spending some decent money at this level ,and i know that the players coming in have to be paid but we should and could be spending a a million or so .what has happened to the money that we all pay and dont forget there should be some money from delph now , if grayson is happy with his lot the new contract must be good one for him .there is no excuse now ,bates etc have had long enough to sort it out it seems all the money is going on building project etc.i made a conscious decision that im only gonna spend on a ticket for the game this season no banquetting suite pre match lunch ,no pints ,no merchandise for myself kids will get 1 shirt only .there is 4 of us go to every game at home and some away in my house .with tickets etc merchandise ,food ,programme i bet its £3000 or near a season i hoped that would contribute to the team clearly its not at the moment im hoping they will at least name the banquetting suite after me
    M O T sorry about the whinge but ehhh

    • Mitch

      The whinge seems just to me! Loyal fans paying high end premiership money in League 1 deserve to get a little in return. The premiership sides are still getting squads organised and that will filter down, you never know they might surprise us yet!

  • superhoops

    You never know but I’m going to be seriously annoyed if we don’t bring in some quality – admittedley it’s not about spending for spending’s sake – I’m happy with the signings we’ve made – but Larry and Ken are talking out of their backsides going on about promotion etc with this squad. If Bromby gets injured, then Lubo is in the starting lineup, I think that says it all.

  • Dean

    Anyone heard any rumours about Robert Koren? He’s available on a free, he’s not premier league quality but could be great for us in the Championship. I’m sure if we approached him he would be interested, provided no top flight clubs go in for him

    • TheReaper08

      @Dean Koren was mentioned before and yes I agree that he could do a good job at Championship level.

      It’s halfway through the window and we certainly could do with more quality in the squad.

  • superhoops

    @TheReaper08 @Dean The Koren rumour has been around since we were promoted, I agree Reaper, it would be a good signing, the sort of quality that will help us mount a challenge.

    I don’t really think we’re far off – what do you make of the signings so far as I’m pretty pleased. We’re short a quality midfielder (Koren would fit the bill), another centre back (though I think Collins will impress this season) and of course another striker – though I think this is lowest on the list, looks like we’re building to play a different sort of football. With the fullbacks and Sam, looks like we could play down the wing and knock balls in at Billy P whose a monster in the air, clearly the reason we signed him.

    Was a little more optimistic last night, went for a drink with a friend who works in football in performance analysis, has previously been on the coaching staff at a number of Prem and Championship clubs (most recently Derby), and he says that the talk is between people at that level that with the current squad Leeds are a shoe-in for top-half and that Notts Forest have been desperately trying to snatch Snodgrass.

  • Svein-Magne Forsgren

    Somma has done well at Lincoln, and achiveing 9 goals out of 14 games is good, bare in mind that they were a struggling team down in relegation zone.
    Grella should have been out on loan along time ago, because he may impress in training but in games he is too lightweight.

    I think we are in need of a strong midfielder and a class striker too strenghten our team further

    I would like Alan Smith back, but not as a striker, but a midfielder and captein he would be excellent for our team.