Day three of the 2010 FIFA World Cup saw the introduction of a German side that many pundits were once again writing off. Do they never learn? No matter how bad the German side appear to be, they usually come good just in time for the World Cup. It’s their most irritating quality, and this year was to be no exception.

An Australian team that were so far out of their depth you have to wonder why they bothered to turn up, were pulled apart with ease by a fluent German side. The Aussies were outplayed across the pitch. Although they had a couple of notable chances, the Germans dominated and passed the ball around them with ease.

Two goals either side of half-time for the Germans fails to tell the whole story. 4-0 may sound like a hammering, but it was no less than the Aussies deserved. If anything, it probably should have been more.

Whether this gives us an accurate read of how good the Germans are is debatable. The standard of opposition was clearly below that of your average World Cup team, and most of the 32 teams competing would have given Australia a similar hammering last night.

Elsewhere, Ghana beat Serbia 1-0 and in England’s group Slovenia got lucky against Algeria in what was a truly dismal display of football. Algeria had been the better team for much of the game, but after receiving a soft red card, Slovenia got lucky with a tame effort from range that ultimately decided the outcome of the game. Judging by the standard of football on display, England should have no problems advancing from this group.

2010 WC predictions update

Yesterday saw the final game in round one of TSS’ World Cup prediction league and the first ‘yellow cap’ which is awarded to the player who wins an individual round goes to MadFerret who finishes round one with 9 points.

Madferret narrowly beat Matt BB who finished second on 8.75 followed by TinyEight in third on 7.25 points.

A better day for yours truly, but I’m still way down the pecking order in 15th. I picked up points for both the Germany and Ghana victory, but had Algeria down to beat Slovenia so scored nothing for that match. TinyEight is the only Australian in our pool, but even he didn’t fancy his nations chances predicting a 2-1 defeat against the Germans.

Don’t forget that round two of the TSS World Cup prediction league starts today so members need to get their predictions in before the first game kicks off. Anyone wishing to join TSS’ World Cup prediction league can sign-up at now. During registration, the form asks for a Pool ID; Here you should enter ‘harmboxy‘ to join TSS’ league.

6 Responses

  1. TinyEight

    Loving the blog updates – the WC tipping also! Bad (early morning) for the Aussies. More embarrasing than I’ve felt in a long time. Offside trap ffs! Silly selections and too many dead weights in the squad. Lucky my dad’s from Yorkshire gives me claim to cheer on England!

  2. TinyEight

    Spewing. I’d not lodged my picks in time for the Dutch game. Horrible effort by me

  3. pete

    I’ve got German family, so I was pretty happy with the display.

    That Ozil for Germany looks like a very good player, the aussies didn’t pick him up for the 70 minutes he was on the pitch. Soft red card against Cahill kind of killed the game though.

    Did anyone else have 2-0 Holland in the picks? I want that whole bonus point….

  4. richard

    They were very good, unfortunately my son had 2 aussies in his fantasy league and got battered.

  5. Tyler

    Didn’t get Dutch pick as previous comment. Best pleased with my 1-1 Italy pick though, I think others may have had that though.

  6. Matt BB

    i really felt for the australians, i thought they played some good football in bits and pieces, but the germans as ussual were professional and put their chances away, i think they deliberately got cahill sent off and for me that spells the end of australias involvement.


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